Svaśaktipracayo'sya viśvam स्वशक्तिप्रचयोऽस्य विश्वम्॥

sva asya – his own; śakti – power; pracaya – unfoldment; viśvam – the universe.

For the yogi, whom we are discussing about, the universe is the unfoldment of his own power.

The yogi has attained this power by gradually transforming himself. Fist he has conquered his senses, then he acquired knowledge about the true nature of Reality and ultimately found out that limitless consciousness is the Ultimate. He calls this Ultimate as Śiva. He knows this Ultimate Reality is the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. He also knows that the Ultimate Reality does not act on His own, but acts through His independent Power of Autonomy given to Śakti by means of power of attorney. He also knows that whatever exists in this universe is nothing but the reflection of Śiva. Without Śiva, illumination is not possible, as He alone is the source of illumination.

Śakti is the tool through which Śiva acts. The yogi also knows that unless he is able to realise the potentiality of Śakti, who is nothing but the Supreme effectuality of Śiva, he cannot proceed further to realise Śiva. He is aware of the fact that Śakti alone is capable of unravelling Śiva. This can be explained by a typical example. River originates from a spring in a mountain. When the river flows through valleys and terrains, the water gets transformed as maelstrom and the river becomes very powerful with high level of water current. The fact is that the source of the river is calm, whereas the same water gets endowed with immense force while it traverses through the land. Without the source of the water, the river itself cannot exist. If someone asks which is powerful, one can say without hesitation that the river is powerful. The source of the river is Śiva and the water is Śakti. Anyone can know the river but only a select few try to know the source of this river. Knowing the river is mundane knowledge and knowing its origin is the ultimate knowledge. A true yogi has to posses this true knowledge that is beyond perception. This kind of Absolute of knowledge can be attained only by analysis.

A yogi makes every attempt to metamorphose himself to become Śakti. He knows that ultimately it is only Śakti who can merge with Śiva. He becomes aware of this fact by internal search and exploration and though his personal experience. One undergoes joyful experiences during internal exploration. By continued practice, perseverance and the intensity of his will, he continues to remain in the state of bliss. As he has now realised the potency of the highest and purest form of consciousness, he is able to affirm that universe is nothing but a product of this purest form of consciousness. He understands that his power is not different from the Divine power. He has already conquered his ego, and his power also becomes divine.