Bhedatiraskāre sargāntarakarmatvam भेदतिरस्कारे सर्गान्तरकर्मत्वम्॥ (sūtra III.36)

bheda – difference; tiraskāre – concealment; sarga – creation; antara – another; karmatvam – capacity to act.

Even for such a materialistic person, as discussed in the previous aphorism, there is a solution for his miseries. When such an ignorant person purifies his antaḥkaraṇa (mind, intellect, consciousness and ego), and begins to establish himself with the Lord all the time, there appears a ray of hope for him to get liberated. Spirituality is not something that dwells only externally. All the physical bodies function due to efficaciousness of the soul embedded in the subtle body. This is the reason for repeated affirmations that one should look within, for God realisation. The soul phenomenon is universal in nature. A soul engenders a gross form depending upon its karmic quality. A yogi understands that this soul is nothing but a mirror image of God. The only perceptible difference between self and Self is karma. Even in the case of a soul, Self acts a witness to karmic manifestations of the soul. This again goes to prove the theory of omnipresent nature of the Lord.

In order to counterbalance the karmic manifestations, a yogi always stands connected to God consciousness. It is important to understand that one has to undergo the effects of karma at any cost, as it is the Law of the Lord. Lord alone does not break His own laws. By staying connected with the Lord perpetually, the pains of karmic manifestations are not felt. This situation can be compared to a mosquito bite during deep sleep.

Through this aphorism, the Lord says that there are avenues available for an ignorant person to transform himself to finally get liberated. It is ultimately in the mind, where the Lord unravels His effulgence. Hence it is of paramount importance to keep one’s mind pure. There are dual benefits of a pure mind. The primary factor is that a pure mind does not cause additions to one’s karmic account. Secondly, when the mind is pure, the Lord unveils His true Self-illuminating form, the logical end to the path of spirituality. These two benefits do not happen concurrently, but successively.