Karaaśakti svato'nubhavāt करणशक्तिः स्वतोऽनुभवात्॥ (sūtra III.37)

karaṇa – creating; śaktiḥ - power; svataḥ - from his self; anubhavāt – experience.

Every person has creative power. What matters is that at what state one is able to use his creative power. For example, if his creative power gets manifested only during his state of dream, then his creative power merely remains as illusory in nature. On the contrary, a yogi experiences his creative power during all states of his consciousness. As we have seen earlier, the difference between a yogi and a quotidian person is the level of consciousness. When individual consciousness and the Cosmic Consciousness are united, the individual consciousness gets the entire inherent nature of Cosmic Consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness operates at different levels when it conjoins with different energy fields that exist in different places. This is one of the major reasons for existence of a particular race at a particular geographical location. The acts of the Lord unfold at a specified sequence, the intricacies of which remain unknown to humanity. When the yogi, by means of his perseverance and practice is able to merge his individual consciousness with that of the Lord, he naturally gets endowed with the powers of the Lord. Lord is not someone different from us. He is the personification of the universe, of which we are only a miniscule part. The one, who understands this, becomes a yogi and as a consequence of which he also derives the powers of the Lord. He continues to appear like the Lord.

This aphorism says that when individual consciousness enters into the field of God consciousness, the yogi naturally educes the power of the Lord. It is like the state of a man living in a cave for years, comes out of the cave, and feels the grandeur of light.