Tadārūhapramitestatkayājjīvasakaya तदारूढप्रमितेस्तत्क्षयाज्जीवसङ्क्षयः॥ (sūtra III.41)

tad – that (turya state); ārūḍha – established; pramiteḥ - the awareness of the yogi; tad – that (the desire, discussed in the previous aphorism); kṣayāt – removal; jīva – the limited being; saṅkṣayaḥ - total removal.

 This sūtra says that when the yogi continues to prevail in that turya state that has been discussed in many of the previous aphorisms, his further transmigration ceases when he transforms himself devoid of desires. Desires are the root cause of experience. The spiritual ascension happens purely out of the will power of the aspirant. Beyond a certain stage in spirituality, it is like walking on a razor’s edge. Any small deviation from the ultimate goal leads to irreparable trouncing. The yogi at this stage will be subjected to all sorts of tests by the divine to evaluate his unfeigned spiritual aspiration. It is not that someone will appear in person and evaluate him. It is an inbuilt divine mechanism of the Nature. One will certainly understand, when he undergoes these tests. He will have before him too many temptations that are too hard to resist. If the yogi happens to slip for a moment, as discussed in the earlier aphorism, his mind gets totally corrupt and his doomsday happens one after another, leading to further cycles of transmigration.

 If the yogi is able to resist all the pestiferous temptations, he is then able to attain his much sought after goal. The state of jīva comes to a close as the yogi has realised that I, my and mind are literally meaningless. My body, my mind, my ego and that kind of self identification tools are no more with him. All that he knows is only the Lord, the Self. He walks, dreams and sleeps as the Self. His individual identity is completely lost and merged with Self. He does not exist as an empirical individual but exists as Self, the Lord. He is going to have no more transmigrations. His soul is now under preparation for the final liberation. He cannot be singled out in a crowd, as he behaves like any other person. This happens till he is associated with his body. When the body falls down, his soul goes straight into the cosmos to merge with the Lord, the process of which is beyond human comprehension.