Bhūyaḥ syātpratimīlanam भूयः स्यात्प्रतिमीलनम्॥ (sūtra III.45)

bhūyas – again and again; syāt – there is; pratimīlanam – awareness of the Lord, both inwardly and outwardly.

With this sūtra, the Lord completes His elucidations of a perfect yogi.

The universe arises from the Supreme Consciousness which is also known as the Lord. The state of the Lord cannot be explained in a unified voice. The diversity of thought processes leads to different kinds of experiences for different persons. At the most, the concept of the Lord can be explained as a source from infinity, for everything that happens in the universe. The system on which the universe sustains itself is totally automated. The typical automated systems that we are aware are computers. But the chips for these computers are manmade. Computers cannot function by themselves, unless necessary parts are assembled to make the computers take over automated systems. For effective functioning of computers, men are behind. In the same way, for the automated system of the universe, the Lord is behind. The one who uses a computer does not know the person who made that computer. Similarly, we are not aware of That Person, who is behind the making of the universe. Since That is incomprehensible for human minds, we call Him as He, She or That and this is how we have so many forms of Lord. A true yogi overcomes this ignorance and fully understands this concept. He is fully aware of That and the he makes, all out efforts, to refine his mind to be with That always. A true yogi lives with That all the time. Whether he looks internally or externally, he understands that That pervades everywhere. If That does not exist in a single location, the annihilation of the universe happens. Sacred scriptures elaborately discuss this phenomenon and conclude that the Lord is beyond human perception.

When we watch a movie in a theatre, we never move our awareness from the screen. The concept of consciousness is very simple. When we concentrate on something, we acquire the qualities of that object. When we continuously move with a sage, we acquire the qualities of that sage. Similarly, when we fix our awareness with the One, who is the cause of the universe, we transform ourselves as That. That is the Supreme Energy that pervades the entire universe. There is not a single point where That Energy is not diffused in this universe. This energy appears in different forms and shapes. The forms and shapes merely form as coverings to the subtle That. The ignorance of not realising That is māyā, the illusion.

The enlightened yogi moves his awareness from internal to external. He realises the Lord within and when he moves his consciousness externally, there also the enlightened yogi realises the Lord. The whole universe appears to Him as the manifestation of the Lord, which is the Ultimate Truth. When this yogi continues to exist in this stage, all his karma-s are burnt to ashes leaving no impressions whatsoever. This ultimate process enables him to merge with the Lord. The yogi till now appeared like Śiva, becomes Śiva Himself. That enlightened yogi does not exist any longer. It is like a river that confluents into a sea, not to be separated again.

 Śiva Sūtra-s concluded.