Mohāvaraāt siddhi मोहावरणात्सिद्धिः॥ (sūtra III.6) 

Moha – illusion; āvaraṇāt – concealment or obstruction; siddhiḥ - superhuman powers.

When one is able to route his prāṇa through his suṣumna nādi, he attains superhuman powers known as siddhiḥ. Attainment of superhuman powers or supernatural powers does not mean that the practitioner is absolved from the effects of māyā. Superhuman powers are attained as a result of perfect visualization of activating suṣumna, as activating suṣumna implies the commencement of purification process as discussed in the previous aphorism. Attainment of superhuman powers does not mean Realization. In fact, such powers are conferred on the aspirant to test his eligibility for final liberation. These powers are only and indication of the spiritual progress of the aspirant. The Self is concealed or obstructed by such siddhiḥ-s. Siddhiḥ-s are highly addictive in nature and if one continues to indulge in such siddhiḥ-s, he continues to be deluded by the influence of māyā, resulting in further transmigrations. Siddhiḥ-s are one among the many such obstructions that segregate Self and self.

This sūtra says that such superhuman powers attained as a result of purification process are to be ignored to realize the Supreme Self.