Solar/Lunar  Eclipse and Mantra Japa

This year an annular Solar Eclipse will occur on 21st June 2020 03:46am UTC/GMT and it is Rahu grasta Surya grahana. As the timings and the duration of the eclipse will vary from one region to another, one can search on internet to get the exact details.

Traditionally both Solar and Lunar Eclipses ie when the sun, moon and the earth fall in a line, are considered as inauspicious and in-general people avoid starting/doing of any major work, visit to religious places etc. and prefer to stay at home in silent prayer or inactivity. Even food and drink are avoided during this time, due to the inauspiciousness surrounding the cosmic event.

Conversely on the tantric side, the eclipses are favored as very powerful cosmic events, that can bestow immense benefit and enhance one’s prayers. Especially when mantra japa is done during eclipse, the effect of the mantra increases multi fold. Hence, it is beneficial to do mantra japa during the entire eclipse period. The benefit is said to be thousand fold or higher.

The Sun is the source of all energy to the entire solar system and all planets emanate from it and also revolve around it, due to the gravitational pull. It is viewed as a segment of the manifested Super-consciousness that also provides light for our vision to function and recognize objects around us. Sun is also the source of energy and heat that sustains the health of all beings (all Living Beings run on  Solar Energy). Sun is seen as the Divine Father, who guides us in our karmic duties.

The Moon is viewed as the Divine Mother who cools the Earth and provides light that delights our minds and changes our moods. Therefore Moon is seen as the controller of mind and the various phases of the moon, have a direct impact on our psychic faculties.

The Earth, is a repository of the natural elements called pañcabhūta-s, namely ether, air, fire, water and earth. These five elements are present in all living beings and non-living objects and are subject to the gravitational influence of both the sun and moon, as well as all other heavenly objects around us, that have a significant impact on our karmic footprint.

When all the three heavenly objects are aligned in a perfect line during an eclipse, there is a high flow of energy from the sun and moon to us and this can be harnessed by deep meditation and mantra japa.

Lord Bhairava and Solar Eclipse: From the Bhairava standpoint, we can see that during an eclipse, one of the heavenly bodies is covered up and appears to be under the influence of the other heavenly object and its force is weakened. Both the Sun and Moon are essential for life on Earth and we cannot function in the absence of either of these objects. Although the objects themselves have not disappeared during the eclipse, it does create a mirage of confusion. During this time, the protective force of Lord Śiva as Bhairava, comes into the full view. During this phase, Lord Bhairava takes full control of all the nine grahas or heavenly objects near to us, as well as the pañcabhūta-s and aṣṭadikpālakas (eight directional lords). Whenever Lord Bhairava is incharge, tasks/things are done at super speed and hence the same is related to sādhana that is performed during this time. Mantra japa during the eclipse interval, comes under the full lens of Lord Bhairava and results are also very fetching and quick. Same applies to meditation and any prayers performed during this time with utmost concentration.From a Śrī Vidya standpoint, Moon is represented by the iḍa nāḍi (left spiritual channel flanking the spinal cord) and Sun is the piṅgala nāḍi. Śrī Mātaṅgi devi is the iḍa nāḍi, linked to the left nostril and right hemisphere of the brain, associated with creativity and Śrī Vārāhī devi is the piṅgala nāḍi, linked to the right nostril and the left hemisphere of the brain, associated with activity. The ātma or individual consciousness deposited in the pineal gland or the third-eye ājñā cakra, is linked to Śrī Bāla devi. Sun is represented as Śrī Kāmeśvara and the moon is the Divine Mother Mahāṣoḍaśi as Kuṇḍalini. When the breath is aligned to the mantra and both nostrils are active during inhalation and exhalation, the nāḍi-s are balanced and the rise of the Kuṇḍalini through the Suṣumna becomes possible. This alignment of the breath, is linked to the straight alignment of the cosmic bodies during the eclipse and their deep influence upon us. The individual consciousness along with the Kuṇḍalini, will rise up to the crown Sahasrāra cakra to merge into the Divine Father Śrī Kāmeśvara. For most of us, we will not see any spiritual awakening during the eclipse time period, but for those who are on the cusp of self-realization, the experience would be completely different.

On 21st June December 03:46am UTC/GMT, The Rahu grastha Surya grahana will be manifested. The following video describes some mantras and procedures that can be adopted during this time. Permission has been obtained by the content provider Sri Krishna Kumar of Medhayoga. We have provided a link to the video posted on youtube.

The Mantras described are -

oṃ hrīm̐ śrīm̐ rām̐ rāhave namaḥ । (rāhu grasta surya grahaṇa)

ॐ ह्रीँ श्रीँ राँ राहवे नमः ।

oṃ hrīm̐ śrīm̐ kem̐ ketave namaḥ । (ketu grasta surya grahaṇa)

ॐ ह्रीँ श्रीँ केँ केतवे नमः ।

oṃ hrīm̐ hamsaḥ śrī suryāya namaḥ । (surya grahaṇa)

ॐ ह्रीँ हम्सः श्री सुर्याय नमः ।

oṃ hrīm̐ saum̐ śrī somāya namaḥ । (candra grahaṇa)

ॐ ह्रीँ सौँ श्री सोमाय नमः ।

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