This is Tamil song composed by famous lyricist Vairamuthu, who composed innumerable songs. This song is one of his master pieces, which speaks about death and birth. To the possible extent, this song is translated into English. The original YouTube video in Tamil is also presented here.


Life has ended; long live those who departed.

Those who arrived with a bewildered brain; let them also live!

Let the eyes flooded with tears, dry up.  

Let peace and peace alone surround this place! (1)


Birth is not something new on earth and

Nothing is older here than Death

Without these two, there is no Nature

The order of Nature is the limit of spiritual knowledge. (2)


Where are the eyes that darted with passion?

And pray, where are the hands that spread and searched?

And where are the legs that measured a Nation?

And here lies the heap of ash, after being engulfed by fire. (3)


What the eyes saw, let it merge with thin air.

And let what is born on the soil of earth, become one with dirt.

 Let the beings with bones and flesh, perish forever.

With what is left, let this sweet soul live forever. (4)


No day passes without births on Earth.

And there is no day without a death somewhere.

Memories ushered in by attachment, cause untold suffering.

And no medicine is greater than the ability to forget! (5)


The rivers that flow into the ocean do not become murky.

The streams that hurtle along the earth never shed a tear.

Knowing the destiny of rain and river,

Why is the intelligent human race baffled? (6)


Moments of rage disappear along with death.

And with the finality of death, some curses too come to an end!

Death unravels what is not revealed by the Vedas.

When a seed falls, a plant joins the earth anew. (7)


We came to the earth on a journey.

And before the journey could end we entered a state of eternal sleep!

Even though to sleep is a Law of Nature,

The journey of Life is a continuing story. (8)


When the tender hands of gentle breeze caress,

And when the brilliant rays of the Sun appear at dawn,

And when we hear the sweet prattle of a child,

The departed souls can live with me! (9)


Let the breath of the departed souls merge with the Wind.

May the light of the eyes of the pure become one with the Sun!

Let your body confluence with the five elements.

Let the good karmas of the dead blend with me! (10)

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