किरन्तिमङ्गेभ्यः किरणनिकुर्म्बामृतरसं
हृदि त्वामाधते हिमकरशिलामूर्तिमिव यः।
स सर्पाणां दर्पं शमयति शुकुन्ताधिप इव
ज्वरप्लुष्टान् दृष्ट्या सुखयति सुधाधारसिरया॥

kirantimaṅgebhyaḥ kiraṇanikurmbāmṛtarasaṁ
hṛdi tvāmādhate himakaraśilāmūrtimiva yaḥ |
sa sarpāṇāṁ darpaṁ śamayati śukuntādhipa iva
jvarapluṣṭān dṛṣṭyā sukhayati sudhādhārasirayā ||

kirantim aṅgebhyaḥ - radiating from the body; kiraṇa nikurumhba amṛta rasaṁ - ambrosia formed out of the rays; hṛdi – heart; tvām ādhate – who meditates on You; himakara śilāmūrtim iva – an idol made out of moonstone; yaḥ - the aspirant; sa – he, the aspirant; sarpāṇāṁ darpaṁ śamayati – destroying the ego of snakes; śukunta ādhipa iva – like Garuḍa; jvarapluṣṭān – the one who suffers from fever; dṛṣṭyā – looks; sukhayati – cures; sudhā dhāra sirayā – flow of nectar like a stream.

“The one who meditates on Your form as sculptured in moonstone, visualising the flow of ambrosia like a stream, radiating from the rays emanating from Your body, his mere looks alone will cure the ailments, like the mere sight of the King of Birds Garuḍa destroying the ego of snakes.”

Moonstone is known as candrakānta. “It is cool and cooling ...transparent, very much liked by Śiva, and when worn removes ‘chill poverty’ and baneful astral influences (source: Maṇimāla – Vol II).” Since this stone is the favourite of Śiva, Śaṁkarācārya asks to meditate on Her form, as the one sculptured in candrakānta stone. This stone appears like the crystal complexion of Śiva and is radiating.  Candrakānta stone generates nectar in moon light and the nectar gets solidified when the moon light disappears. It is like Śakti becoming happy on seeing Śiva. When an aspirant meditates Her form made out of candrakānta stone, radiating powerful rays and from these rays visualising the secretion of ambrosia, his mere looks on someone who suffers from fever and other ailments will instantaneously cure. There is a specific reference to fever in this verse because, the candrakānta stone is a coolant. This is based on the fact that on what form one meditates, he/she becomes the subject of meditation. There are three aspects in a perfect meditation – the one who meditates, the form on which on meditates and the process of meditation itself. When all the three become one, objects are dissolved and there exists only the subject. When an aspirant meditates on Her cool form, radiating cool rays and from which ambrosia is secreted, the one who meditates becomes one with Her and attains all Her qualities. When such a person merely glances on someone who suffers from fever (also other ailments), he immediately gets cured. This is compared to the fear caused in the minds of snakes, subduing their ego, on seeing Garuḍa. Snakes have higher degree of ego, not in literal sense, but on poetic parlance. Ego can exist only when the mind exists. Garuḍa is the dreadful enemy of snakes.

It is to be understood that She is lustrous by Herself, not only because of being the Consort of Śiva, but Her very nature is radiating as per Lalitā Sahasranāma 452 tejovati, which says that from Her illumination, other luminaries such as sun derive their light. This verse subtly conveys that Her sincere devotees attain the power to heal ailments. Devotees here refers to those who visualize and contemplate Her in deep meditative stages and not those who are yet to advance to the higher levels of spiritual path. When such devotees become one with Her in deep trance, they attain all Her qualities. In the state of deep trance, there takes place subtle commune between the meditator and Parāśakti (at this point, there exists no dualities, hence there is no subject or object; both become one) where She endows certain powers to the meditator. This is because, his mind at this stage becomes totally inactive, and as result his consciousness is entirely focussed on Her. Thus he becomes one with Her. This happens only in the state of turya and beyond. This is how Vedas were revealed to sages and saints.

This verse also conveys the secretion of ambrosia during kuṇḍalinī meditation at sahasrāra that drips down to the throat where it is processed and sent to the nervous system. This secretion should not be swallowed. When this ambrosia is processed at the throat chakra, the processed ambrosia is sent to the various parts of the body to keep the body in good shape. This ambrosia acts as a vaccine to prevent any types of disease to the body. Such a person, who is known as yogī, can cure majority of the ailments by his mere glance. However, the cure depends upon one’s karmic imprints.  

By reciting this verse, it is said that one can eradicate the evil influence of ill placed Rahu in one’s horoscope. This verse can also give relief to snakebites.