गते कर्णाभ्यर्णं गरुत इव पक्ष्माणि दधती
पुरां भेत्तुश्चित्तप्रशमरसविद्रावणफले।
इमे नेत्रे गोत्राधरपतिकुलोत्तंसकलिके
तवाकर्णाकृष्टस्मरशरविलासं कलयतः॥

gate karṇābhyarṇaṁ garuta iva pakṣmāṇi dadhatī
purāṁ bhettuścittapraśamarasavidrāvaṇaphale |
ime netre gotrādharapatikulottaṁsakalike
tavākarṇākṛṣṭasmaraśaravilāsaṁ kalayataḥ ||

gate karṇābhyarṇaṁ - approaching Your ears; garuta iva – like feathers of a bird; pakṣmāṇi – eye lashes; dadhatī – wearing; purāṁ bhettuḥ - destroyer of three worlds, viz. Śiva; citta praśama rasa vidrāvaṇa phale – disturbing mental peace; ime netre – these eyes; gotrā dharapati kulottaṁsa kalike – O! The excellent one in the lineage of Haimavān, the king of snow clad mountains; tava – Yours; ākarṇākṛṣṭa smara śara vilāsaṁ - extended up to Your ears like the shining arrow of Manmatha; kalayata – make.

“O! Parāśakti! The excellent one in the lineage of Haimavān (Her father), the king of snow clad mountains! Your eyes extend up to Your ears and Your eyelashes appear like feathers of a bird. Your eyes disturb tranquillity of Śiva, as they appear (as they are extended up to the ears) like a shining arrow of Manmatha.”

Parāśakti’s eyes are lustrous and beautiful to look at, as they are elongated and almost nearing Her ears. Elongated portion appears like an arrow of Manmatha. Her eye lashes are so soft and appear like feathers of a bird. Such beautiful eyes distract the mind of Śiva. The significant aspect of this verse is about the disturbance in the placid mind of Śiva, the cause of which is Her eyes, which are compared the arrows of Manmatha, the god of love. This verse does not say that Śiva looks into Her eyes nor She looks at Him. Therefore, this verse does not speak about physical attraction to cause any distraction in the mind of Śiva.

The verse mentions about Parāśakti’s lineage, which is widely present in Mount Himalayas, which is full of greenery and streams. There are a number caves in Himalayas in which a number of sages and saints meditate perpetually. Śaṁkarācārya says that She is the most beautiful woman in the entire lineage of Haimavān.

Another point subtly conveyed through this verse is a message for spiritual aspirants. Even the best of sages and saints had been lured by divine damsels and as a result of which they had lost the connection with Divinity, which they could only re-establish after a long time. The acts of Cupid are always very powerful and he has the power to enter into a placid mind and make it susceptible to amorous thoughts and actions. Divine Grace attained by meditating for several years could be lost in no time. Advancing in spiritual path is very difficult and falling from the heights of spiritual path is easy and happens in no time. The verse points out that if normal aspirants are affected by the influence of Manmatha, it is difficult to come over the resultant urge. Mind has to be strong to overcome this influence. Hence, it is said that one should have a strong base while pursuing spiritual path.

Subtle information conveyed is that eyes are the most important organs that play vital role in attracting people. Eyes are also used to pass energy between Guru and his disciple. It is called netradīkṣā, initiation through eyes. Only the best of Gurus can do this. Some Gurus do not establish eye contract with everyone. If they establish eye contact, it means initiation into spiritual path. Initiation into mantra path is different from initiation into spiritual path. The former should lead to the latter to attain perfection in spiritual path.