अरालं ते पालीयुगलमगराजन्यतनये
न केषामाधते  कुसुमशरकोदण्डकुतुकम्।
तिरश्चीनो यत्र श्रवणपथमुल्ल्ङ्घ्य विलासन्
अपाङ्गव्यासङ्गो दिशति शरसन्धानधिषणाम्॥

arālaṁ te pālīyugalamagarājanyatanaye
na keṣāmādhate  kusumaśarakodaṇḍakutukam |
tiraścīno yatra śravaṇapathamullṅghya vilāsan
apāṅgavyāsaṅgo diśati śarasandhānadhiṣaṇām ||

arālaṁ - curved; te – Your; pālī yugalam – space between eyes and the lower lobe of the ears; agarāja nyatanaye – O! Daughter of King of Mountains; na keṣām ādhate – will it not cause in everyone; kusuma śara kodaṇḍa kutukam – beauty of Manmatha’s bow; tiraścīnaḥ yatra – wherein placed horizontally; śravaṇapatham ullṅghya – beyond ears; vilāsan – gleaming; apāṅga vyāsaṅga – seeing with outer corner of the eyes (side glance); diśati – giving; śara sandhāna dhiṣaṇām – appearing like fixing an arrow.

“O! Daughter of King of Mountains! Curved space between Your eyes and outer ear lobes (probably referring to the place where sphenoid bone is placed) cause curiousness in everyone as they mistake it for Manmatha’s bow. When You see through the outer corner of Your eyes, it causes radiance and appears like fixing an (flower) arrow to the bow.”

This verse describes the place between outer corner of Her eyes and earlobes. This place appears curved and hence compared to the bow of Manmatha. A comparison is drawn to Manmatha’s bow because, it is made of soft flowers and when the bow is in the hands of Manmatha, who is a symbol of handsomeness, enhances the beauty of the bow. Everyone mistakes the place between Her eyes and ears as Manmatha’s bow. When there is a bow, there has to be an arrow. Here, Her side-glance is described as flower arrow.

It is also said that when She glances sideward, Her looks cause mental disturbance in the mind of Śiva, who had burnt Manmatha to ashes. Couple of points can be argued on this. One, it talks about love between Śiva and Śakti and therefore subtly conveys creative aspect of Divine.  The possible second argument is that love forms part of life, where love does not merely get restricted to amorous feelings. Going by the saying that Love is God where love can be interpreted to mean love and compassion for others. When anger and hatred sprout in one’s mind, the mind becomes fully corrupted and Divine manifestation is not possible in afflicted minds. Positive thoughts lead to positive mental attitude, which includes love and compassion for others. Only in this state of mind, She begins to manifest.

Here is a quick meditation involving eyes and ears. By focussing both the eyes on the ears, one can feel the vibrations in ājñā cakra and these vibrations attain potency after a few minutes. If the attention is paid on this vibration, one can enter into bouts of trances lasting for a few seconds to a minute or two.