The highest level of consciousness is bright and pure and hence it shines. This light is not drawn from any external sources like sun or moon as no other object exists apart from this consciousness. It is all alone. At this stage it has no parentage. Nobody created it. Nobody has infused light into this. It shines on its own and does not depend upon anything else for its existence. That is why it is called aadhi (the first) and anadhi (without parentage). It has no counterparts. This is the original Creator. That is why God is said to be omnipresent. He existed before, He exists now and He is going to exist forever. Even during the great dissolution, He alone remains along with His Shakthi. Shakthi again is neither aadhi nor anadhi. She was created by the original Creator, to sustain this universe with love and care like a mother taking care of her children. Her every action is reflected in the form of all the creations of this universe. We are only Her tools and every action of ours is predetermined and executed at the appropriate time by the law of karma. She never overrides the law of karma, though She can. She does not break the rules formed by Her. These rules, karma, actions, birth and death, etc are only the actions of Shakthi. The self illuminating light does not get involved in all these. The light merely shines and shines forever to cause illumination elsewhere. That is why it is called ‘Prakasha’ which means light. We have to distinctly remember, that this highest level of consciousness has originated from our body. Body is a sheath that covers the invisible tools of anthakkaranam. If the body is not there, there is no place for anthakkaranam.

Out of the four components of anthakkaranam, only the consciousness alone is capable of reaching the higher planes. Even this consciousness does not carry any light with it. The light was created on its own without any external help. When the illumination appears, the consciousness also fades away. Apart from the light, nothing exists. This is the Supreme light. That is why the holy Bible begins by making a reference to the light “God said, Let there be light: and there was light” (Genesis. I.3). It is like a rocket. When a rocket is launched, all the parts of the rocket are burnt during its process of ascend, one after another. In the same way when the consciousness ascends from the lower plane to the higher planes, it burns its other accomplices. It alone majestically surges upwards. During its process of ascending, it also stops at a point where it gets itself transformed into a formless illumination. This point is called bliss, the stage of ananda. At this stage neither the illumination has started nor is the ascending of the consciousness over. This is the stage where manifested forms and subtle sound continue to exist. The cloud nine arises only at this stage, not an inch before or after. In the lower stages, visualization and gross sound exists. In the higher stage nothing exists except the light. Your prayers are heard and questions are answered only in the state of bliss. The sound is so subtle and the manifestation is so feeble it is extremely difficult to decode them. The capacity to decode is attained over a period of time, by persistent practice, supreme dedication and tremendous will power. A few hours of ritualistic mediation is surely not going to help. A true longing for Him alone helps.

God will never appear and talk to you when your level of consciousness is low. You have to reach Him out without any desires, without seeking boon, without seeking material prosperity. You have to seek Him for His sake and for His love that is pure and eternal. The saying that ‘Love is God’ is not without any meaning. He will never let down His true lovers. He can clearly distinguish between a true love and a camouflaged love. He cannot be deceived and if we think of deceiving Him, He is not the one who is going to be deceived and it is only we, who are going to be deceived. In one or two attempts this is not going to happen. Half-an-hour meditation twice daily, kundalini meditation, rituals, etc are not going to help in establishing our communion with Him. Unstinted, unpolluted, unaffiliated, and eternally pure and munificent love for Him alone will help to feel His presence. Your love for Him and for Him alone should continue for years and years. He will be willing to reveal His true form to you, he will listen to your love for Him, He will also discuss and guide you. Let make a beginning now, before it is too late. An advanced discussion on this subject will be dealt with subsequently. Your comments and feed back at