Śrī Ādi-Vārāhī Devi Kavacam ( श्री आदि वाराही देवि कवचम् )


It is a common pursuit of mankind, to find success in all undertakings to lead a good life. Based on one’s karma, usually the inherited karma from past lives, one can find things coming on a platter or just the opposite, that is, nothing seems to work, irrespective of how hard we try and achieve our goals. Seeking divine assistance through rituals, talismans and other blessings from priests also don’t seem to help in many cases.

There are also situations in some cases, where one can face a grave threat to one’s life, suffering from chronic diseases or facing imminent danger from powerful sources.

If all other means for addressing the threats fail, then one tends to look towards mantra japa or sadhana. There are many sādhanas to address the common problems that affect mankind. Usually, one starts with the Vedic mantras, ślokas, sahasranāmas etc, before trying out the mantra japa of popular deities.

The śrī Vidya sādhana is considered supreme, amongst all sadhanas. Embedded deep within the śrī Vidya sādhana, is the sādhana related to śrī vārāhī, who’s the most ferocious manifestation and aspect of śrī māta considered equal or somewhat superior to śrī pratyaṅgirā. She falls under the ugra (ferocious) devatā category, just like Kāli, Vārahi and the mahāvidyas etc.

Sādhana of ugra devatās falls under the tantra category and is generally recommended only for advanced upasakas or devotees. For most worldly desires, the general pantheon of gods and goddess sādhanas are sufficient. Only when things get out of hand and when faced with grave threat and imminent danger, should one consider the ugra devatā sādhanas.

śrī vārāhī is the commander of all forces of Śrī Lalitā. She is extremely powerful and invoking Her grace, is to utilize tremendous force against enemies for protecting one’s own life or that of close family and friends from near death situations, deep debt, very chronic diseases, unfair competition and huge business losses forcing closure or bankruptcy etc.

The śrī vārāhī kavacaṃ is one special prayer for accomplishing all worldly desires and obtaining abundant wealth, both material and spiritual. It is also a prayer to destroy all enemies, external and internal. The internal enemies refer to health issues, as well as psychological fears and distracting thoughts, extremely bad and debilitating karmas obstructing progress and any other issues that impair our ability to succeed in life. They also refer to our general behavior, habits and the amount of jealously, ego, pride, anger, greed etc. that we harbor within our minds and display in our actions.

Those who are already in the path of śrī Vidya, may consider invoking this kavacaṃ as needed. It is usually suggested to get initiated prior to reciting such powerful stotras. But one can also pray very sincerely to the divine mother to seek Her grace and recite the kavacaṃ. The power and results may vary based on One’s karma, as well as dedication and effort in recitation. Rest assured, this is one of the most powerful prayers that have originated from the tantras and can produce amazing results, when recited sincerely over a reasonable period of time.

viniyogaḥ ( विनियोगः ):-

asyaśrī vārāhī kavacasya trilocana ṛṣīḥ anuṣṭup chaṃdaḥ śrī vārāhī devatā ।oṃ bījaṃ । glauṃ śaktiḥ । svāheti kīlakaṃ । mama sarvaśatrunāśanārthe jape viniyogaḥ ॥

अस्यश्री वाराही कवचस्य त्रिलोचन ऋषीः अनुष्टुप् छंदः श्री वाराही देवता ।             
ॐ बीजं । ग्लौं शक्तिः । स्वाहेति कीलकं । मम सर्वशत्रुनाशनार्थे जपे विनियोगः ॥


This kavacam or shield of Śrī Vārāhī, may be used for the elimination of all enemies, internal and external. The sage/seer/ṛṣīḥ is Trilocana. The deity is Śrī Vārāhī, The seed/bīja mantra is oṃ. The power or śakti is glauṃ. The key/kīlaka to unlock the kavacam is svāhā.

An altenate Viniyogaḥ also exists, if one wishes to chant for fulfillment of all wishes including the elimination of all enemies as stated above.

Viniyogaḥ ( विनियोगः ):-

oṃ asya oṃ aim̐ glaum̐ śrīm̐ vārāhī kavaca mantrasya trilocanaṛṣiḥ ।
oṃ aim̐ glaum̐ anuṣṭup chandaḥ ।
oṃ aim̐ glaum̐ śrīm̐ ādivārāhī devatā ।
oṃ aim̐ glaum̐ bījam̐ ।
oṃ aim̐ glaum̐ svāhā śaktiḥ ।
oṃ aim̐ glaum̐ aim̐ kīlakam ।
abhīṣṭa sidhyarthe jape viniyogaḥ ॥

ॐ अस्य ॐ ऐँ ग्लौँ श्रीँ वाराही कवच मन्त्रस्य त्रिलोचनऋषिः ।
ॐ ऐँ ग्लौँ अनुष्टुप् छन्दः ।
ॐ ऐँ ग्लौँ श्रीँ आदिवाराही देवता ।
ॐ ऐँ ग्लौँ बीजँ ।
ॐ ऐँ ग्लौँ स्वाहा शक्तिः ।
ॐ ऐँ ग्लौँ ऐँ कीलकम् ।
अभीष्ट सिध्यर्थे जपे विनियोगः ॥


Dhyānam ( ध्यानम् ) :-

dhyātvendra nīla-varṇābhāṃ candra-sūryāgni locanāṃ ।
vidhi-viṣṇu surendrādi-mātṛ bhairava-sevitām ॥ 1 ॥

ध्यात्वेन्द्र नीलवर्णाभां चन्द्रसूर्याग्नि लोचनां ।
विधिविष्णु सुरेन्द्रादिमातृ भैरवसेविताम् ॥ १ ॥


Let us meditate upon the Divine Mother Śrī Vārāhī, Who is dark blue in complexion and whose eyes are illumined with the energies of billions of suns, moons and fire. She is ardently worshipped by Lord Brahma the Creator, Lord Viṣṇu the Preserver, Lord Bhairava the Destroyer and all the celestial gods and other Mātṛkā-s and various forms of the Divine Mother Śakti.

jvalan-maṇi-gaṇa-prokta makuṭām-āvilambitāṃ ।
astra-śastrāṇi sarvāṇi tat-tat-kāryo-citāni ca ॥ 2 ॥

ज्वलन्मणिगणप्रोक्त मकुटामाविलम्बितां ।
अस्त्रशस्त्राणि सर्वाणि तत्तत्कार्योचितानि च ॥ २ ॥

Precious and luminescent gems shine and droop forth from Her crown. She is ever ready with all Her most destructive weapons, to immediately accomplish any noble task at hand.

etais-samastair-vividhaṃ bibhratīṃ musalaṃ halaṃ ।
pātvā hiṃsrān hi kavacaṃ bhukt-imukti phala-pradam ॥ 3 ॥

एतैस्समस्तैर्विविधं बिभ्रतीं मुसलं हलं ।
पात्वा हिंस्रान् हि कवचं भुक्तिमुक्ति फलप्रदम् ॥ ३ ॥

She storms in with all Her enormous and extremely destructive weapons, consisting of a pestel(club or mace) and a plough, to completely annihilate all evil. This kavacam can provide salvation, as well as fulfillment of all material and spiritual wishes, to all the sincere worshippers of Śrī Vārāhī.

 Kavacamārambham ( कवचमारम्भम् ) :- 

(Begining of the Kavacam).

paṭhettri sandhyaṃ rakṣārthaṃ ghoraśatru-nivṛttidaṃ ।
vārtāḻī me śiraḥ pātu ghorāhī phāla-muttamam ॥ 4 ॥

पठेत्त्रिसन्ध्यं रक्षार्थं घोरशत्रुनिवृत्तिदं ।
वार्ताली मे शिरः पातु घोराही फालमुत्तमम् ॥ ४ ॥

Those who devotedly recite the kavacam three times a day at dawn, noon and dusk, will surely get protection against all enemies, internal and external. No matter how fierce the enemies may be, One will be blessed with the power to annihilate them. No harm shall befall the sincere devotees of Śrī Vārāhī.

Vārtāḻī, the divine messenger, who warns us of all impending difficulties, protects the head and shields us from all danger. Her blessings are bountiful and everlasting! The forehead is protected by ghorāhī, the fiercest and terrific form of devi, who terrorizes the enemies and annihilates them.

The protection implied here, is for shielding us against misinformation as well as misleading knowledge and steering us towards gaining the ultimate knowledge or Brahma jñāna, for self-realization and spiritual liberation. This śloka implicitly suggests the enhancement of the Ājñā and Sahasrāra cakras and gaining enhanced perception of the ultimate reality within and around us. The annihilation of ego and pride are strongly implied by this verse.

netre varāha-vadanā pātu karṇau tathāñjanī ।
ghrāṇaṃ me rundhinī pātu mukhaṃ me pātu jandhinī ॥ 5 ॥

नेत्रे वराहवदना पातु कर्णौ तथाञ्जनी ।
घ्राणं मे रुन्धिनी पातु मुखं मे पातु जन्धिनी ॥ ५ ॥

The boar faced Varāhavadanā protects the eyes and the ears are protected by the fabulous serpentine Tathāñjanī. The nose is protected by the ever blocking Rundhinī. The Face is always protected by the Virtuous Jandhinī.

The spiritual implication is that She grants us the foresight, as well as the power to disseminate the information we perceive through our senses. By Her grace, we will notice the divine in everyone and everything around us. The serpentine Tathāñjanī signifies the Kuṇḍalinī energizing the head region and all the subtle cakras, helping us gain all knowledge, material and spiritual.

pātu me mohinī jihvāṃ stambhinī kaṇṭham-ādarāt ।
skandhau me pañcamī pātu bhujau mahiṣa-vāhanā ॥ 6 ॥

पातु मे मोहिनी जिह्वां स्तम्भिनी कण्ठमादरात् ।
स्कन्धौ मे पञ्चमी पातु भुजौ महिषवाहना ॥ ६ ॥

The tongue is protected by the mesmerizing Mohinī, while Stambhinī, the One who stalls the enemies on their path, fervently guards the throat. The shoulders are protected by Pañcamī, The Re-creator of the Universe. The upper arms are always protected by Mahiṣavāhanā, the One who rides the bull and tames our ego.

The protection offered by Mohinī to the tongue, helps us speak the truth at all times and not stray away from it. Truth is Divine and not speaking it, is straying away from divinity. None will be able to challenge us and get away from winning a conversation. Our words will become the final edict. Stambhinī will energize the throat Viśuddha cakra and ensures that our voice will always be smooth and clear. She will also help us admit our mistakes and correct ourselves. We will no longer feel any shame in correcting our course as the ego is already destroyed and we not only lead a correct path, but also advice those around us on the same path. Pañcamī will help us shoulder any and every responsibility that comes our way and also help us guide others who need our assistance. We will feel more responsible towards the family and the society in general and help as many as we can, to the best of our abilities. One attains immense fame through the help rendered, which may appear to be small, but will cascade to major success on all those who received assistance from us. Mahiṣavāhanā will give us immense strength to move things around not only for our own benefit, but also for everyone around us. We will gain the opportunities to change our own fate as well as that of others. Such is the power of the Divine Mother Śrī Vārāhī.

siṃhārūḍhā karau pātu kucau kṛṣṇa-mṛgāṃcitā ।
nābhiṃ ca śaṅkhinī pātu pṛṣṭhadeśe tu cakriṇi ॥ 7 ॥

सिंहारूढा करौ पातु कुचौ कृष्णमृगांचिता ।
नाभिं च शङ्खिनी पातु पृष्ठदेशे तु चक्रिणि ॥ ७ ॥

Siṃhārūḍhā, the One who rides a lion and is fearless, protects the lower arms. The breasts are protected by Kṛṣṇamṛgāṃcitā, the dark complexioned, boar faced and highly revered One. The navel region is protected by the Conch wielding Śaṅkhinī and the back portion of the body is protected by the disc wielding Cakriṇi.

Siṃhārūḍhā will grant us the power to lend a helping hand to anyone in need of our assistance. We will no longer feel shy or weak, to assist those in need of help. We will have the heart and compassion towards everyone and the heart Anāhata cakra will be fully energized. Śaṅkhinī gives us immense courage to overcome all hurdles and stay firm during all crises. The Maṇipūra cakra is highly energized by Her grace. The entire spinal region and the spiritual channels (Suṣumṇā, iḍa and piṅgala nāḍi-s) are energized, allowing the Kuṇḍalinī to rise from the basal Mūlādhāra to the crown Sahasrāra cakra.


khaḍginī pātu ca kaṭyāṃ me meḍhraṃ pātu ca khedinī ।
gudaṃ me krodhinī pātu jaghanaṃ stambhinī tathā ॥ 8 ॥

खड्गिनी पातु च कट्यां मे मेढ्रं पातु च खेदिनी ।
गुदं मे क्रोधिनी पातु जघनं स्तम्भिनी तथा ॥ ८ ॥

The sword wielding Khaḍginī protects the hips. The reproductive organs are protected by the piercing Khedinī. The anal region is protected by Krodhinī. The buttocks are always protected by the staller Stambhinī.

Khaḍginī will energize the lower sacral Svādhiṣṭhāna and the basal Mūlādhāra cakras. The fulfillment of all material desires will happen through Her grace.


caṇḍoccaṇḍa ścoru-yugaṃ jānunī śatru-mardinī ।
jaṅghā-dvayaṃ bhadrakāḻī mahākāḻī ca gulphayo ॥ 9 ॥

चण्डोच्चण्ड श्चोरुयुगं जानुनी शत्रुमर्दिनी ।
जङ्घाद्वयं भद्रकाली महाकाली च गुल्फयो ॥ ९ ॥

Both the thighs are protected by the fierce Caṇḍoccaṇḍa and the Knees are fiercely protected by Śatrumardinī. Both the shanks are protected at all times by the fiercest Bhadrakāḻī. The ankles are protected by the terrific Mahākāḻī at all times.

The protection offered by Caṇḍoccaṇḍa, Śatrumardinī, Bhadrakāḻī and Mahākāḻī is so immense, that we will never lose a footing in all pursuits and we will always have the resources to wade through any crises and remain steadfast and stand firm, in the path of righteousness and spirituality.

Pādādy-aṅguḻi-paryaṃtaṃ pātu conmattabhairavī ।
sarvāṅgaṃ me sadā pātu kālasaṅkarṣaṇī tathā ॥ 10 ॥

पादाद्यङ्गुलिपर्यंतं पातु चोन्मत्तभैरवी ।
सर्वाङ्गं मे सदा पातु कालसङ्कर्षणी तथा ॥ १० ॥

The Feet and the toes are protected fervently by the blissful Unmattabhairavi at all times. All the body parts are protected by the dark and most attractive Kālasaṅkarṣaṇī.

Unmattabhairavi and Kālasaṅkarṣaṇī will lead us to the pinnacle of spirituality and ultimately liberate us from all karmas.

Such is the greatness of Śrī Vārāhī, who is none other than Śrī Lalitā in Her aspect as the Re-creator! One’s fate, no matter how bad it may be, will be permanently changed through Her grace. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished by Her grace. One need not look anywhere to obtain their desires. Śrī Vārāhī is the embodiment of everything. The Divine Mother holds the entire universe by Her tusks and supports everyone and everything by Her grace.

Phalaśruti :-

yuktāyuktā sthitaṃ nityaṃ sarva-pāpāt-pramucyate ।
sarve samarthya saṃyuktaṃ bhakta-rakṣaṇa-tat-param ॥ 11 ॥

युक्तायुक्ता स्थितं नित्यं सर्वपापात्प्रमुच्यते ।
सर्वे समर्थ्य संयुक्तं भक्तरक्षणतत्परम् ॥ ११ ॥

Whether one is in unison with Śrī Vārāhī in Her devotion or not a devotee of Her, All one requires is a fixation on Her, to become completely liberated from all sins and worries. She is always ready and prepared, to come to the rescue of Her devotees in distress.

Yukta means connected or joined and Ayukta is disconnected or separate. Whether one is deeply connected to Śrī Vārāhī in devotion and faith or is not an ardent worshipper of Her, The benefits of this Kavacam would still be conferred on the devotee.

Yukta can also mean having faith in divinity and the Supreme Lord or Brahman. Ayukta would in this context would mean being rational and/or not being devoted to GOD.

Yukta is also duality or dvaita, wherein the individual or jīva is viewed separate from Brahman or Paramātma. The jīva or ātma prays to Paramātma for emancipation and liberation from all karmas. Ayukta is also advaita or non-duality. The individual is not separate from the Singular reality, but simply gains the perception of duality due to the mysterious illusory force called māyā, which is an attribute of Brahman. A soul that transcends the karmas and attains a higher and deeper level of consciousness through the energization of the cakras and the rise of Kuṇḍalinī, ultimately realizes that it’s not separate or any different from the Universal Consciousness.

Samasta-devatā sarvaṃ savyaṃ viṣṇoḥ purārdhane ।
Sarva-śatru-vināśāya śūlinā nirmitaṃ purā ॥ 12 ॥

समस्तदेवता सर्वं सव्यं विष्णोः पुरार्धने ।
सर्वशत्रुविनाशाय शूलिना निर्मितं पुरा ॥ १२ ॥

All celestial gods along with the Preserver Lord Viṣṇu, constitute half the power and She alone standing firm becomes another half, to withstand and destroy all enemies.

Śrī Vārāhī is the consort of Śrī Varāha, an avatar of Viṣṇu. She is the power or śakti of Lord Varāha and is represented as half of Him.

Sarva-bhakta-janāśritya sarva-vidveṣa saṃhatiḥ ।
vārāhī kavacaṃ nityaṃ tri-sandhyaṃ yaḥ paṭhen-naraḥ ॥ 13 ॥

सर्वभक्तजनाश्रित्य सर्वविद्वेष संहतिः ।
वाराही कवचं नित्यं त्रिसन्ध्यं यः पठेन्नरः ॥ १३ ॥

For the welfare of all devotees and all beings, for the removal of all hatred between each other and for ensuring good bonding amongst all, Śrī Vārāhī kavacam must be recited thrice daily at dawn, noon and dusk.

tathā-vidhaṃ bhūta-gaṇā na spṛśanti kadācana ।
āpada-śśatru-corādi graha-doṣāśca sambhavāḥ ॥ 14 ॥

तथाविधं भूतगणा न स्पृशन्ति कदाचन ।
आपदश्शत्रुचोरादि ग्रहदोषाश्च सम्भवाः ॥ १४ ॥

Those who follow this procedure will soon get rid of all evil spirits, ghosts and bad influences impacting their peace of mind. No bad influence or evil karmic actions will dare to affect the devotees at any time. One need not fear from enemies, thieves, malefic planetary influences manifesting upon the sincere devotees.

mātā-putraṃ yathā vatsaṃ dhenuḥ pakṣmeva locanaṃ ।
tathāṅga-meva vārāhī rakṣā rakṣāti sarvadā ॥ 15 ॥

मातापुत्रं यथा वत्सं धेनुः पक्ष्मेव लोचनं ।
तथाङ्गमेव वाराही रक्षा रक्षाति सर्वदा ॥ १५ ॥

Parents, children and all dear ones are protected at all times. The Divine Mother Śrī Vārāhī, will also bestow Her divine grace and immense protection on pets, farm animals, cows, calves and on all our possessions, at all times. There will be immense prosperity and abundance of material and spiritual riches.

iti śrī rudra-yāmala-tantre śrī umā maheśvara samvāde śrī ādi-vārāhī kavaca-stotram samāptam

इति श्री रुद्रयामलतन्त्रे श्री उमा महेश्वर सम्वादे श्री आदिवाराही कवचस्तोत्रम् समाप्तम् ।

Thus concludes, the Śrī Ādi-Vārāhī Kavaca Stotram extracted from the Rudrayāmala Tantra, composed from the conversation between Śiva and Śakti.

The above article is written by Krishna Vallapareddy and he can be contacted at Krishna@manblunder.com