Sri Bhuvaneśvarī Mata Jayanti (10th Sep 2019):

The Divine Mother Bhuvaneśvarī is the fourth Daśamahāvidya and is the queen of the entire Creation. The words bhūr (earth and lower dimensional planes), bhuvaḥ (atmosphere and space) and svaḥ (higher dimensions) are commonly used in many mantras and referred to as vyāhṛti-s. The vyāhṛti-s together represent the entire Creation with all its dimensions consisting a Brahmāṇḍa or the cosmic egg. The Divine Mother Śrī Māta in Her aspect as Bhuvaneśvarī, is the queen of all the Brahmāṇḍa-s that are infinite. Each Brahmāṇḍa has the trinities and all the associated deities whose power is derived from Bhuvaneśvarī devi. 

Her single lettered mantra is hrīm̐ (ह्रीँ) that is said to contain all the power that exists in the Creation. The first sighting or envisioning of Bhuvaneśvarī Devi is envisioned as Bhuvaneśvarī Jayanti, literally meaning the birthday of Bhuvaneśvarī devi. Her worship is said to grant immense riches and when combined with the ghaṭārgala yantra, generates real estate holdings and resolves all matters related to the same.

One may recite Her single lettered mantra and/or Her kavacam and related stotras on Her jayanti, which falls on September 10, this year. May the Divine Mother provide all comforts we seek on this Earth plane and help us rise materially and spiritually.

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