Due to disgusting comment made by some anonymous person (THIS IS THE COMMENT), I am constrained to disable anonymous comments from now on. Similarly, anonymous posting in the Discussion Forum is also disabled. Still comments can be made pointing out the mistakes, as I have said earlier. Everybody is prone to commit mistakes, but decency and decorum in pointing out the mistakes is paramount. Pointing out mistakes is one thing and making derogatory comments is another thing. In addition to this, all comments will not be published as before. Only comments that are decent in nature and serve the purpose alone will be published. I have been writing in this site for the past five years on different topics and never received such disgusting comment during these five years. Therefore, I never had an opportunity to spam any comment so far.

Reasons for concluding the series on Śri Cakra navāvaraṇa pūjā is elaborated in this article. Please read the article here --> SRI CHAKRA NAVAVARANA PŪJĀ - CONCLUDED

As many have suggested and advised that series on Śri Cakra navāvaraṇa pūjā should be continued, this series will be resumed. I still appeal to everyone that they can point out the mistakes in the articles made by me either knowingly or unknowingly. After all everybody is prone to commit mistakes. But there is a way for pointing out mistakes. Comments can still be made, but only registered users can make comments. Registered users mean those who have proper identification including open ID.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to many of our readers on this incident and thank you for your support.