atha Dhanadā yakṣiṇī stotram ( अथ धनदा यक्षिणी स्तोत्रम् )

Prologue:- In the grand universe, there are many beings spread across various dimensions. Yakṣas and Yakṣiṇis are other dimensional beings said to be much more accessible to the terrestrial beings such as ourselves, than the celestial surās, considered as gods and goddesses. Śrī Dhanadā Devi, is a Yakṣiṇi said to be in the close circle of the King of Yakṣas, Lord Kubera, who is also the celestial treasurer. Śrī Dhanadā Devi, also called as Ratipriya, is considered to be an aspect of Śrī Mahālakṣmī in the Yakṣiṇi dimension and is said to be the material wealth bestower for all seekers.

Those seeking material wealth, need to look no further than Śrī Dhanadā Devi and She’s very well known for Her immense grace and the speedy manner of fulfilling wishes, related to material wealth. This stotram/hymn can be recited along with Her mantra japa or separately. Apart from this stotram from the Rudrayāmala tantra, there is yet another stotram from the Gupta Sādhana Tantra and a Kavacam as well, that may be recited for faster results and greater benefits. Needless to say, One must recite with full faith and adoration to Śrī Dhanadā Devi, to obtain Her grace. This stotram requires at least a thousand recitations to take effect. It is safe to worship Her after getting an initiation. Those who fear Yakṣiṇi sādhanās can skip this stotram.

devī devam-upāgamya nīla-kaṇṭhaṃ sadā-śivam

kṛpayā pārvatī prāha śaṅkaraṃ karuṇākaram 1

देवी देवमुपागम्य नीलकण्ठं सदाशिवम् ।

कृपया पार्वती प्राह शङ्करं करुणाकरम् ॥ १ ॥

Devī approached Lord Śiva, the blue throated everlasting and omnipresent One. She prayed to Him and requested His blessings and grace and spoke thus -

devyuvāca ( देव्युवाच )

brūhi vallabhaṃ sādhūnāṃ dāridrāṇāṃ kuṭumbinām

dāridrya-dalanopāyam-añjasaiva dhana-pradam 2

ब्रूहि वल्लभं साधूनां दारिद्राणां कुटुम्बिनाम् ।

दारिद्र्यदलनोपायमञ्जसैव धनप्रदम् ॥ २ ॥

Oh gracious Lord! Can you please explain the quickest and most effective method to get rid of poverty and gain material wealth to uplift oneself and his/her entire family. What is the one that will eliminate the lack of wealth once and for all?

pūjayan pārvatī-vākyam-idam-āha maheśvaraḥ

ucitaṃ jagadambāsi tava prītyā-'nukampayā 3

पूजयन् पार्वतीवाक्यमिदमाह महेश्वरः ।

उचितं जगदम्बासि तव प्रीत्याऽनुकम्पया ॥ ३ ॥

Oh Lord of Lords! May my sincere prayers and words, impel you to disclose all the secrets, and bestow your grace and knowledge upon me.  Dear Lord, please shower me with your immense love and compassion and disclose the appropriate secrets of obtaining wealth in a speedy manner.

atyantaṃ sānujaṃ rāmaṃ sāñjaneya-mathānum

praṇamya param-ānandaṃ vakṣya'haṃ stotram-uttamam 4

अत्यन्तं सानुजं रामं साञ्जनेयमथानुम् ।

प्रणम्य परमानन्दं वक्ष्यऽहं स्तोत्रमुत्तमम् ॥ ४ ॥

Perpetually surrounded by darkness, illusion and impurities, How should one offer obeisance and obtain eternal happiness? Please describe about such a great prayer, which can dispel one’s worries and bring peace and happiness.

śiva uvāca ( शिव उवाच )

dhanādā-śraddadhānānāṃ sadyaḥ sulabha-sādhanam

yoga-kṣema-karaṃ proktaṃ satya me vacanaṃ yathā 5

धनादाश्रद्दधानानां सद्यः सुलभसाधनम् ।

योगक्षेमकरं प्रोक्तं सत्य मे वचनं यथा ॥ ५ ॥

Lord Śiva spoke thus - One who prays to Śrī Dhanadā Yakṣiṇi with great faith and reverence, instantly and easily obtains the desired wealth. This is the Truth, dear Devi, for those who wish to obtain prosperity, secure possession of their property and all material wealth, this is the easiest method.

paṭhet-tasyāgrato vāpi brāhmaṇo rasikottamaḥ

dhana-lābho bhavedāśu nāśayet-tasya niḥsvatām 6

पठेत्तस्याग्रतो वापि ब्राह्मणो रसिकोत्तमः ।

धनलाभो भवेदाशु नाशयेत्तस्य निःस्वताम् ॥ ६ ॥

If the learned ones and those with aesthetic tastes recite the stotram close to a pond, they will soon obtain all the cherished wealth and all their financial miseries and poverty will be vanquished forever.

1. viniyogaḥ (विनियोगः) :-

om̐ asya śrī dhanadā-stotra-mantrasya ।

kubera ṛṣiḥ ।

paṅkti chandaḥ ।

śrīdhaneśvarī devatā ।

dhaṃ bījaṃ ।

svāhā śaktiḥ ।

śrīm̐ kīlakaṃ ।

śrīdhaneśvarī prasādasiddhye dāridrya-nāśāya stotra-mantra jape viniyogaḥ ॥

ॐ अस्य श्री धनदास्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य ।

कुबेर ऋषिः ।

पङ्क्ति छन्दः ।

श्रीधनेश्वरी देवता ।

धँ बीजं ।

स्वाहा शक्तिः ।

श्रीँ कीलकं ।

श्रीधनेश्वरी प्रसादसिद्ध्ये दारिद्र्यनाशाय स्तोत्रमन्त्र जपे विनियोगः ॥

Meaning:- I pray to the Divine Mother Goddess Śrī Dhanadā through this hymn, encased as a great mantra. The sage (ṛṣiḥ) who has revealed this mantra is the celestial treasurer Lord Kubera Himself. The metre (chandas) for the mantra is Paṅkti. The deity is Śrī Dhanadā. The seed (bīja) is dham̐. The power (śakti) is svāhā. The key to the mantra is śrīm̐. May the mantra called the Śrī Dhanadā stotram, fulfill all my heartfelt desires and remove all financial worries, poverty and usher in immense prosperity.

2. ṛṣyādi nyāsa ( ऋष्यादि न्यास ) :-





om̐ kubera ṛṣaye namaḥ śirasi

ॐ कुबेर ऋषये नमः शिरसि

Open the right palm and touch the top of the forehead with the ring and thumb fingers joined at the top.


paṅkti chandase namaḥ mukhe

पङ्क्ति छन्दसे नमः मुखे

Now touch the lips of the mouth with the above mudrā.


dhanadā devatāyai namaḥ hṛdi

धनदा देवतायै नमः हृदि

Touch the heart with the right palm.


dham̐ bījāya namaḥ guhye

धँ बीजाय नमः गुह्ये

Touch the genitalia with the right ring finger and thumb joined together.


svāhā śaktaye namaḥ pādayoḥ

स्वाहा शक्तये नमः पादयोः  

Touch the feet with the right ring finger and thumb joined together.


śrīm̐ kīlakāya namaḥ kara sampuṭe

श्रीँ कीलकाय नमः कर सम्पुटे

Touch the navel area with the right ring finger and thumb joined together. Also, touch the left hand and touch the right hand by joining the left ring finger and thumb together.


dāridrya nāśāya viniyogāya namaḥ sarvāṅge

दारिद्र्य नाशाय विनियोगाय नमः सर्वाङ्गे

Run both the palms all over the body.


iti ṛṣyādi nyāsaḥ

इति ऋष्यादि न्यासः



3. karanyāsaḥ (करन्यासः) :-





ośrām̐ aṅguṣṭhābhyāṃ namaḥ

ॐ श्राँ  अङ्गुष्ठाभ्यां नमः

Use both the index fingers and run them on both the thumbs.


ośrīm̐ tarjanībhyāṃ namaḥ

ॐ श्रीँ तर्जनीभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs and run them on both the index fingers.


ośrūm̐ madhyamābhyāṃ namaḥ

ॐ श्रूँ मध्यमाभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs on the middle fingers.


ośraim̐ anāmikābhyāṃ namaḥ

ॐ श्रैँ अनामिकाभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs on the ring fingers.


ośraum̐ kaniṣṭhikābhyāṃ namaḥ

ॐ श्रौँ कनिष्ठिकाभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs on the little fingers.


ośraḥ karatalakara pṛṣṭhābhyāṃ namaḥ

ॐ श्रः करतलकर पृष्ठाभ्यां नमः

Run the fingers of the right hand on the opened left palm on the front and back of the left hand and can be extended to the entire lower arm. Repeat the same for the right hand with the left hand fingers.


Iti kara nyāsaḥ

इति कर न्यासः



4. ṣaḍaṅga nyāsaḥ (षडङ्ग न्यासः)





ośrām̐ hṛdayāya nama

ॐ श्राँ हृदयाय नमः

Open index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand and place them on the heart chakra.


ośrīm̐ śirase svāhā

ॐ श्रीँ शिरसे स्वाहा

Open middle and ring fingers of the right hand and touch the top of the forehead.


ośrūm̐ śikhāyai vaṣaṭ

ॐ श्रूँ शिखायै वषट्

Open the right thumb and touch the back of the head. This is the point where the tuft of hair, is kept.


ośraim̐ kavacāya hum̐

ॐ श्रैँ कवचाय हुँ

Cross both the hands and run the fully opened palms from shoulders to finger tips.


ośraum̐ netratrayāya vauṣaṭ  

ॐ श्रौँ नेत्रत्रयाय वौषट्

Touch the eyes with the right index and ring fingers, with the middle finger touching the ājña cakra.


ośraḥ astrāya phaṭ

ॐ श्रः अस्त्राय फट्

Open up the left palm and strike it three times with index and middle fingers of the right hand.


iti ṣaḍaṅga nyāsaḥ

इति षडङ्ग न्यासः


bhūr-bhuva-ssuvarom-iti digbandhaḥ

भूर्भुवस्सुवरोमिति दिग्बन्धः॥


5. dhyānam (ध्यानम्) :-

oṃ hema-prākāra-madhye suraviṭapitaṭe ratna-pīṭhādhi-rūḍhāṃ

yakṣīṃ bālāṃ smarāmaḥ parimala-kusumodbhāsi-dhammilla-bhārām

pīnottuṅga-stanāḍhyāṃ kuvalaya-nayanāṃ ratna-kāñcī-karābhyāṃ

bhrāmyad-rektotpalābhyāṃ navaravi-vasanāṃ rakta-bhūṣāṅga-rāgām

ॐ हेमप्राकारमध्ये सुरविटपितटे रत्नपीठाधिरूढां

यक्षीं बालां स्मरामः परिमलकुसुमोद्भासिधम्मिल्लभाराम् ।

पीनोत्तुङ्गस्तनाढ्यां कुवलयनयनां रत्नकाञ्चीकराभ्यां

 भ्राम्यद्रेक्तोत्पलाभ्यां नवरविवसनां रक्तभूषाङ्गरागाम् ॥

Meaning:- Salutations to the youthful and vivacious Yakṣiṇi Dhanadā, who is seated on a beautiful diamond studded throne surrounded by golden petals and amongst a cluster of celestial suras (gods). She is resplendent with fragrant flower blossoms and thick braided hair locks. She is well endowed and stunning to look at. Her eye lids resemble lotus petals and She is bedecked with girdles of beautiful ornamental necklaces. She appears like a flickering red lotus, blooming with a red glow resembling the sunrise at dawn. She is wearing garlands of red color and is fascinating to behold.

6. Pañcapūjā (पञ्चपूजा) :-





lam̐ - pṛthivyātmikāyai gandhaṁ samarpayāmi


लँ - पृथिव्यात्मिकायै गन्धं समर्पयामि


Hold the lower tip of the bottom phalange of the little fingers of both hands with the upper tip of the thumbs, with the back of the hand facing us.


ham̐ - ākāśātmikāyai puṣpaiḥ pūjayāmi


हँ - आकाशात्मिकायै पुष्पैः पूजयामि


Hold the lower tip of the bottom phalange of the thumbs of both hands with the upper tip/nails of the index fingers, with the back of the hand facing us.


yam̐ - vāyvātmikāyai dhūpamāghrāpayāmi


यँ - वाय्वात्मिकायै धूपमाघ्रापयामि


Hold the lower tip of the bottom phalange of the index fingers of both hands with the upper tip of the thumbs, with the back of the hand facing us.


ram̐ - agnyātmikāyai dīpaṁ darśayāmi


रँ - अग्न्यात्मिकायै दीपं दर्शयामि


Hold the lower tip of the bottom phalange of the middle fingers of both hands with the upper tip of the thumbs, with the back of the hand facing us.


vam̐ - amṛtātmikāyai amṛtaṁ mahānaivedyaṁ nivedayāmi


वँ - अमृतात्मिकायै अमृतं महानैवेद्यं निवेदयामि


Hold the lower tip of the bottom phalange of the ring fingers of both hands with the upper tip of the thumbs, with the back of the hand facing us.


sam̐ - sarvātmikāyai sarvopacāra pūjām samarpayāmi


सँ - सर्वात्मिकायै सर्वोपचार पूजाम् समर्पयामि


Hold the fingers of each palm in a folded manner with the tips of each fingers of both hands touching each other and the thumbs facing the heart, in a Namaste position.

Stotram-ārambham (स्तोत्रमारम्भम्) :-

(The Śrī Dhanadā stotram/hymn begins).

oṃ bhūbhavāṃ saṃbhavāṃ bhūtyai paṅkti-kalpalatāṃ śubhām

prārthayet-tāṃs-tathā kāmān kāmadhenu-svarūpiṇīm 7

ॐ भूभवां संभवां भूत्यै पङ्क्तिकल्पलतां शुभाम् ।

प्रार्थयेत्तांस्तथा कामान् कामधेनुस्वरूपिणीम् ॥ ७ ॥

Oh Auspicious One, those born on the Earth plane needing sustenance, wealth and prosperity, need look no further than you, to obtain their cherished desires. You grace is equal to that of a collective of the fabulous wish fulfilling celestial Kalpalata tree, to the devotees who pray sincerely to you. You fulfill all the wishes and appear like the desire granting celestial cow Kāmadhenu, to all your sincere devotees.

dharāmara-priye puṇye dhanye dhanada-pūjite

sudhanaṃ dhārmikaṃ dehi yajanāya susatvaram 8

धरामरप्रिये पुण्ये धन्ये धनदपूजिते ।

सुधनं धार्मिकं देहि यजनाय सुसत्वरम् ॥ ८ ॥

Oh Dhanadā Devi, you are verily Brahman (God) on Earth, very auspicious and pious to worship. One who desires to become extremely rich in just and legal ways, may derive immense benefit from worshipping you and gain the desired wishes in an expedient manner.

dharmade dhanade devi dānade tu dayākare

tvaṃ prasīda maheśāni yadarthaṃ prārthayāmyaham 9

धर्मदे धनदे देवि दानदे तु दयाकरे ।

त्वं प्रसीद महेशानि यदर्थं प्रार्थयाम्यहम् ॥ ९ ॥

 Oh dear Devi, You are the epitome of justice and praised for your largesse in granting wealth to your devotees. Such is your grace and power, that you are praised on par with the Divine Mother Śakti/Maheśāni, in bestowing benefits to the seekers who pray reverently to you.

ramye rudra-priye rūpe ramā-rūpe ravi-priye

śaśi-prabhā-mano-mūrtte prasīda praṇate mayi 10

रम्ये रुद्रप्रिये रूपे रमारूपे रविप्रिये ।

शशिप्रभामनोमूर्त्ते प्रसीद प्रणते मयि ॥ १० ॥

Oh dear Devi, You are extremely pleasing and delightful to behold. You are verily a fierce form of the Divine Mother Rudrāṇi (Śakti), the consort of Lord Rudra (Śiva). You are also the most beautiful form of the Divine Mother Ramā (Lakṣmī) and resemble a blooming red lotus. You also shine forth with the incandescence of the moon delighting the hearts of one and all. Such is your divine graceful form, Oh Divine Mother, which will invoke prostrations and salutations from one and all.

ārakta-caraṇāṃbhoje siddha-sarvāṅga-bhūṣite

divyāmbara-dhare divye divya-mālyopa-śobhite 11

आरक्तचरणांभोजे सिद्धसर्वाङ्गभूषिते ।

दिव्याम्बरधरे दिव्ये दिव्यमाल्योपशोभिते ॥ ११ ॥

Oh dear Devi, Your appearance resembles the blossomed petals of a red lotus. You are perfectly structured and are charmingly irresistible. You are unmatched in beauty in all the worlds, celestial and terrestrial. You are adorned with garlands of exquisite fragrant flowers spreading their essence everywhere and adding to your luster.

samasta-guṇa-saṃpanne sarva-lakṣaṇa lakṣite

jātarūpa-maṇīndvādi-bhūṣite bhūmi-bhūṣite 12

समस्तगुणसंपन्ने सर्वलक्षण लक्षिते ।

जातरूपमणीन्द्वादिभूषिते भूमिभूषिते ॥ १२ ॥

Oh dear Devi, You are endowed with every excellence and gifted with all qualities in abundance. You have all the merits, virtues and good qualities that can be possessed. You are a repository of excellence!

You are extremely beautiful and bedecked with gold, diamonds and all types of very rare precious gems that can be found on the terrestrial planes.

śaraccandra-mukhe nīle nīra-nīraja-locane

cañcarīkaṃ ca bhūvāsaṃ śrīhāri kuṭi-lālake 13

शरच्चन्द्रमुखे नीले नीरनीरजलोचने ।

चञ्चरीकं च भूवासं श्रीहारि कुटिलालके ॥ १३ ॥

Oh dear Devi, You appear like the magnificent autumnal moon, fair and beautiful, with water blooming lotus like blue eyes. You captivate one and all and make them lean towards you for seeking wealth, like a swarm of bees moving in a curved path towards their beehive on the terrestrial planes.

matte bhagavati mātaḥ kala-kaṇṭha-ravāmṛte

hāsa-avalokanair-divyair-bhakta cintā-apahārike 14

मत्ते भगवति मातः कलकण्ठरवामृते ।

हासावलोकनैर्दिव्यैर्भक्त चिन्तापहारिके ॥ १४ ॥

Oh dear Devi, Oh Divine Mother! One gets overjoyed and intoxicated by your presence, which may be compared to the musical notes of humming doves and the sweetness of honey. Such great joy is experienced in beholding your form and presence, that the devotees easily forget all their worries and are enamored by your divine form.

rūpa-lāvaṇya-tāruṇye kāruṇya-amṛta-bhājane

kaṇat-kaṅkaṇa-mañjīra lasallāsā-karāmbuje 15

रूपलावण्यतारुण्ये कारुण्यामृतभाजने ।

कणत्कङ्कणमञ्जीर लसल्लासाकराम्बुजे ॥ १५ ॥

Oh dear Devi, You are full of vigor, youth and charm and incessantly praised, for your compassion and mercy, which oozes like divine nectar. You bring great cheer with the tinkling of ornamental anklets and fascinate everyone, dancing with gracious movements with glittering golden lotus like hands.

rudra-prakāśite sattve dharmādhāre dayālase

prayaccha yajanāyaiva dhanaṃ dharmaika-śodhanam 16

रुद्रप्रकाशिते सत्त्वे धर्माधारे दयालसे ।

प्रयच्छ यजनायैव धनं धर्मैकशोधनम् ॥ १६ ॥

Radiating with the effulgence of Lord Rudra, an aspect of Lord Śiva, Oh Devi! You are hailed for your just ways and benevolence.  Please bestow immense wealth and accept our sacrificial offerings and cleanse us from all the evils and lead us on the path of justice and law.

mātaraṃ vā vilambena diśasva jagadambike

kṛpayā karuṇāsāre prārthitaṃ pūrayāśu me 17

मातरं वा विलम्बेन दिशस्व जगदम्बिके ।

कृपया करुणासारे प्रार्थितं पूरयाशु मे ॥ १७  ॥

Oh Divine Mother, being an aspect of Śrī Mahālakṣmī, You are the Mother of the entire Creation. Why is there any delay in bestowing your grace, for you are the controller of all directions and everything that exists? Please hasten and quickly fulfill all our desires with your infinite grace and bestow unlimited wealth upon us. We pray to you fervently and beg for your grace.

vasudhe vasudhā-rūpe vāsu-vāsa-vandite

dhanade yajanāyaiva varade varadā bhava 18

वसुधे वसुधारूपे वासुवासवन्दिते ।

धनदे यजनायैव वरदे वरदा भव ॥ १८ ॥

Oh Divine Mother, being an aspect of Śrī Mahālakṣmī, You are the cause and power (śakti) of all vasus (natural elements). You are worshipped as the very form, content and power of all vasus and their immense benefit to the entire Creation. Oh Dhanada devi, please bestow immense riches and prosperity by accepting all our sacrificial offerings and unleash a torrent of blessings to fulfill all our cherished wishes and desires, for you are the best benedictory.

brahmaṇe brāhmaṇe pūjye pārvatī śiva-śaṅkare                                                                              

śrīkare śaṅkare śrīde prasīda mayi kiṅkare 19

ब्रह्मणे ब्राह्मणे पूज्ये पार्वती शिवशङ्करे ।

श्रीकरे शङ्करे श्रीदे प्रसीद मयि किङ्करे ॥ १९ ॥

Oh Divine Mother, You are worshipped by Lord Brahma, all the learned individuals and adored and equated to the Divine Mother Pārvatī (Śakti) and Her consort Lord Śiva (Śaṅkara). You are the bestower of immense prosperity, auspiciousness and wealth and are also praised and well known as the treasure trove of amorous love.

stotraṃ dāridryadā-vārti-śamanaṃ ca dhana-pradam

pārvatīśa-prasādena sureśa śaṅkareritam 20

स्तोत्रं दारिद्र्यदावार्तिशमनं च धनप्रदम् ।

पार्वतीशप्रसादेन सुरेश शङ्करेरितम् ॥ २० ॥

This stotram (hymn) has the effect of completely eliminating all types of poverty and bestows immense wealth and prosperity. It also has the effect of obtaining the blessings of the Divine Mother Pārvatī (Śakti) and Her consort Lord Śiva (Śaṅkara), the Supreme Being.

śraddhayā ye paṭiṣyanti pāṭhayiṣyanti bhaktitaḥ

sahasram-ayutaṃ lakṣaṃ dhana-lābho bhaved dhruvam 21

श्रद्धया ये पटिष्यन्ति पाठयिष्यन्ति भक्तितः ।

सहस्रमयुतं लक्षं धनलाभो भवेद् ध्रुवम् ॥ २१ ॥

One must recite with full faith and adoration towards Śrī Dhanada Devi, at least a thousand times or ten thousand times or even a hundred thousand times, to gain immense wealth and prosperity.

iti śrīrudrayāmale dhanadā-rati-priyāya yakṣiṇī stotraṃ samāptam

॥ इति श्रीरुद्रयामले धनदारतिप्रियाय यक्षिणी स्तोत्रं समाप्तम् ॥

(Thus ends the Dhanadā Ratipriyā Yakṣiṇī stotraṃ, derived from Śrī Rudrayāmala Tantram).