śrīlakṣmyaṣṭottaraśatanāmastotram ( श्रीलक्ष्म्यष्टोत्तरशतनामस्तोत्रम् )


Prologue:- Śrī Lakṣmī Aṣṭottara Śatanāma Stotram, also called the Śrī Mahā Lakṣmī Aṣṭottara Śatanāma Stotram, is the hymn that encases the 108 names describing Her attributes. The attributes are separately described in the Śrī Mahā Lakṣmī Aṣṭottara Śatanāmāvali, which is derived from this stotram and contains only the names. The stotram mentioned here describes the usage and the benefits accrued from its recitation. It promises abundant wealth and removal of all types of misery and is also a means of obtaining everlasting peace and union with the Divine Mother. One needs to recite the hymn at least 3 times a day for a period of six months to see benefits. Those who repeat it hundred times every Friday for a year, will obtain unlimited riches. It is to be noted that mere recitation without understanding the deeper meaning of Her attributes, may not fetch the aforementioned benefits. There is always karma that also plays its role in moderating the accrued benefits. Nevertheless, those seeking wealth of all types, shall surely benefit from this hymn. Unstinted devotion to the Divine Mother is a pre-requisite.

śrīgaṇeśāya namaḥ

श्रीगणेशाय नमः ।

Salutations to Lord Gaṇeśā, the remover of all obstacles. May He clear the path for us and help us in mastering the divine knowledge of Śrī Lakṣmī through this strotram containing Her 108 names and attributes.

devyuvāca (देव्युवाच) :-

devadeva mahādeva trikālajña maheśvara

karuṇākara deveśa bhaktānugraha-kāraka ॥ 1

देवदेव महादेव त्रिकालज्ञ महेश्वर ।

करुणाकर देवेश भक्तानुग्रहकारक ॥ १ ॥

The Divine Mother Devi spoke, Oh Lord of all lords, Oh Mahādeva, the knower of everything that exists in all the three realms and of all triads and ages. Oh Lord Maheśvara, the Supreme Being! You are full of mercy and bless all your devotees, celestial devas (gods and goddesses) and fulfill all their cherished desires.

aṣṭottaraśataṃ lakṣmyāḥ śrotum-icchāmi tattvataḥ

अष्टोत्तरशतं लक्ष्म्याः श्रोतुमिच्छामि तत्त्वतः ।

Please shower your grace and immediately reveal the complete knowledge of the Śrī Lakṣmī Aṣṭottara-śataṃ (108 names) and fulfill my cherished desire.


īśvara uvāca (ईश्वर उवाच) :-

devi sādhu mahā-bhāge mahā-bhāgya-pradāyakam

sarvaiśvarya-karaṃ puṇyaṃ sarva-pāpa-praṇāśanam ॥ 2

देवि साधु महाभागे महाभाग्यप्रदायकम् ।

सर्वैश्वर्यकरं पुण्यं सर्वपापप्रणाशनम् ॥ २ ॥

Lord Īśvara (Śiva) spoke, Oh my dear Devi, The most pious, righteous, honorable and auspicious One. Please listen attentively, as I speak the most sacred hymn that will generate eternal prosperity, success, all types of wealth, both spiritual and material, virtue, good karma and finally vanquishes all types of sins.

sarva-dāridrya-śamanaṃ śravaṇād-bhukti-muktidam

rāja-vaśyakaraṃ divyaṃ guhyād-guhyatamaṃ param ॥ 3

सर्वदारिद्र्यशमनं श्रवणाद्भुक्तिमुक्तिदम् ।

राजवश्यकरं दिव्यं गुह्याद्गुह्यतमं परम् ॥ ३ ॥

Oh dear Devi, This sacred hymn destroys all types of misery, illness, financial problems, debts and all types of poverty and lack of wealth. On learning the secrets of this divine hymn, one gets immense wealth to enjoy all worldly pleasures and finally attain salvation. This hymn has the power to attract the king and all higher authorities of high stature and power. Oh dear Devi, This is a great secret that has not been revealed to one and all and should be kept away from the undesirable and sinful people.

durlabhaṃ sarva-devānāṃ catuḥ-ṣaṣṭi-kalāspadam ।

padmādīnāṃ varāntānāṃ vidhīnāṃ nitya-dāyakam ॥ 4

दुर्लभं सर्वदेवानां चतुःषष्टिकलास्पदम् ।

पद्मादीनां वरान्तानां विधीनां नित्यदायकम् ॥ ४ ॥

Oh dear Devi, This hymn is very difficult to obtain and is highly coveted by all the celestial gods and goddesses as well as terrestrial and all other extra dimensional beings. It is the abode of all the sixty-four arts and sciences that are highly praised and difficult to acquire in total. She is the sum total of all the conscience and is the Super-consciousness represented by Her Lordship of the lotuses. She has limitless power to grant wishes and all cherished desires. Praying to the Divine Mother Śrī Lakṣmī regularly in this manner, will fetch all the aforementioned benefits and more.


kim-atra bahunoktena devī pratyakṣa-dāyakam ॥ 5

समस्तदेवसंसेव्यमणिमाद्यष्टसिद्धिदम् ।

किमत्र बहुनोक्तेन देवी प्रत्यक्षदायकम् ॥ ५ ॥

Oh dear Devi, Śrī Lakṣmī is adored by all deities, demi-gods and all beings. She is served by them at all times. She is amongst precious gems and is the path to acquire all the magical siddhi powers. What is the point in speaking any more oh dear Devi? She Herself will appear in form and bless the devotee immensely!

tava prītyādya vakṣyāmi samāhitamanāḥ śṛṇuṃ ।

aṣṭottara-śatasyāsya mahālakṣmīstu devatā ॥ 6

तव प्रीत्याद्य वक्ष्यामि समाहितमनाः शृणुं ।

अष्टोत्तरशतस्यास्य महालक्ष्मीस्तु देवता ॥ ६ ॥

For your pleasure and happiness, I shall reveal from memory, all the attributes assembled in the one hundred and eight names of the Divine Mother Mahālakṣmī. Please listen very attentively.

klīṃ-bīja-padamit-yuktaṃ śaktistu bhuvaneśvarī

aṅga-nyāsaḥ karanyāsa sa ityādiḥ prakīrtitaḥ ॥ 7

क्लींबीजपदमित्युक्तं शक्तिस्तु भुवनेश्वरी ।

अङ्गन्यासः करन्यास स इत्यादिः प्रकीर्तितः ॥ ७ ॥

The seed syllable klīṃ, which is the desire and wish fulfilling kāma bīja, along with the Bhuvaneśvarī bīja hrīṃ, should be used to perform the kara and aṅga nyāsas, to obtain the complete blessings of Śrī Lakṣmī and gain immense prosperity and fame. Her desire (klīṃ) is prakṛti, which is Creation and the first of Her attributes (nāma) and the last is Bhuvaneśvarīm (hrīṃ), representing Her Sovereignty over all the Creation.

karanyāsaḥ (करन्यासः) :-






om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ aṅguṣṭhābhyāṃ namaḥ

क्लीँ ह्रीँ अङ्गुष्ठाभ्यां नमः

Use both the index fingers and run them on both the thumbs.


om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ tarjanībhyāṃ namaḥ

क्लीँ ह्रीँ तर्जनीभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs and run them on both the index fingers.


om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ madhyamābhyāṃ namaḥ

क्लीँ ह्रीँ मध्यमाभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs on the middle fingers.


om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ anāmikābhyāṃ namaḥ

क्लीँ ह्रीँ अनामिकाभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs on the ring fingers.


om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ kaniṣṭhikābhyāṃ namaḥ

क्लीँ ह्रीँ कनिष्ठिकाभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs on the little fingers.


om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ karatalakara pṛṣṭhābhyāṃ namaḥ

क्लीँ ह्रीँ करतलकर पृष्ठाभ्यां नमः

Run the fingers of the right hand on the opened left palm on the front and back of the left hand and can be extended to the entire lower arm. Repeat the same for the right hand with the left hand fingers.


Iti kara nyāsaḥ

इति कर न्यासः



ṣaḍaṅga nyāsaḥ (षडङ्ग न्यासः)






om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ hṛdayāya nama

क्लीँ ह्रीँ हृदयाय नमः

Open index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand and place them on the heart chakra.


om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ śirase svāhā

क्लीँ ह्रीँ शिरसे स्वाहा

Open middle and ring fingers of the right hand and touch the top of the forehead.


om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ śikhāyai vaṣaṭ

क्लीँ ह्रीँ शिखायै वषट्

Open the right thumb and touch the back of the head. This is the point where the tuft of hair, is kept.


om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ kavacāya hum̐

क्लीँ ह्रीँ कवचाय हुँ

Cross both the hands and run the fully opened palms from shoulders to finger tips.


om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ netratrayāya vauṣaṭ

क्लीँ ह्रीँ नेत्रत्रयाय वौषट्

Touch the eyes with the right index and ring fingers, with the middle finger touching the ājña cakra.


om̐ klīm̐ hrīm̐ astrāya phaṭ

क्लीँ ह्रीँ अस्त्राय फट्

Open up the left palm and strike it three times with index and middle fingers of the right hand.


iti ṣaḍaṅga nyāsaḥ

इति षडङ्ग न्यासः



dhyānam :-

vande padmakarāṃ prasannavadanāṃ saubhāgyadāṃ bhāgyadāṃ

hastābhyām-abhaya-pradāṃ maṇi-gaṇair-nānā-vidhair-bhūṣitām

bhaktābhīṣṭa-phala-pradāṃ hari-hara-brahmādi-bhiḥ sevitāṃ

pārśve paṅkaja-śaṅkha-padma-nidhibhir-yuktāṃ sadā śaktibhiḥ ॥ 8

वन्दे पद्मकरां प्रसन्नवदनां सौभाग्यदां भाग्यदां

हस्ताभ्यामभयप्रदां मणिगणैर्नानाविधैर्भूषिताम् ।

भक्ताभीष्टफलप्रदां हरिहरब्रह्मादिभिः सेवितां

पार्श्वे पङ्कजशङ्खपद्मनिधिभिर्युक्तां सदा शक्तिभिः ॥ ८ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Mother Śrī Mahā Lakṣmī, Who has lotus-like hands, a very pleasing appearance and is the cause of prosperity, success and immense wealth. Her forehands display the fear-dispelling abhaya mudra and the wish-bestowing vara mudras. She is adorned with precious gems of all kinds and radiating with their incandescence. She is ready to bestow all the cherished wishes and desires of Her sincere devotees and She is served at all times, by the Creator Brahma, the Preserver Hari (Viṣṇu) and the Destroyer Hara (Śiva). Her hind arms hold two lotuses signifying higher states of consciousness, a conch whose sound dispels negativity and a pot full of unlimited treasure. She is the eternal Divine Mother Śakti Herself!


sarasija-nayane saroja-haste dhavalatarāṃ-śuka-gandhamālya-śobhe

bhagavati hari-vallabhe manojñe tribhuvana-bhūtikari prasīda mahyam ॥ 9

सरसिजनयने सरोजहस्ते धवलतरांशुकगन्धमाल्यशोभे ।

भगवति हरिवल्लभे मनोज्ञे त्रिभुवनभूतिकरि प्रसीद मह्यम् ॥ ९ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Mother Śrī Mahā Lakṣmī, Who has lotus-like hands, and pleasing lotus-like eyes. She is resplendent with fair and white complexion and wearing white garlands of exquisite and fragrant flowers. She is the consort and power (śakti) of Lord Hari (Viṣṇu). She brings great delight, prosperity, comfort and abundance to all the three realms and the multi-dimensional multi-verse.


stotramārambham (स्तोत्रमारम्भम्) :-

(The stotram/hymn begins. The meanings of the verses [ślokas] from 10 to 23 are in the nāmāvali).

prakṛtiṃ vikṛtiṃ vidyāṃ sarva-bhūta-hita-pradām ।

śraddhāṃ vibhūtiṃ surabhiṃ namāmi paramātmikām ॥ 10 ॥

प्रकृतिं विकृतिं विद्यां सर्वभूतहितप्रदाम् ।

श्रद्धां विभूतिं सुरभिं नमामि परमात्मिकाम् ॥ १० ॥


vācaṃ padmālayāṃ padmāṃ śuciṃ svāhāṃ svadhāṃ sudhām ।

dhanyāṃ hiraṇmayīṃ lakṣmīṃ nityapuṣṭāṃ vibhāvarīm ॥ 11 ॥

वाचं पद्मालयां पद्मां शुचिं स्वाहां स्वधां सुधाम् ।

धन्यां हिरण्मयीं लक्ष्मीं नित्यपुष्टां विभावरीम् ॥ ११ ॥


aditiṃ ca ditiṃ dīptāṃ vasudhāṃ vasudhāriṇīm ।

namāmi kamalāṃ kāntāṃ kāmākṣīṃ krodha-sambhavām ॥ 12 ॥    

( kāmā kṣamā kṣīroda-sambhavām )

अदितिं च दितिं दीप्तां वसुधां वसुधारिणीम् ।

नमामि कमलां कान्तां कामाक्षीं क्रोधसम्भवाम् ॥ १२ ॥   ( कामा क्षमा क्षीरोदसम्भवाम् )


anugraha-padāṃ buddhim-anaghāṃ hari-vallabhām ।

aśokām-amṛtāṃ dīptāṃ lokaśoka-vināśinīm ॥ 13 ॥

अनुग्रहपदां बुद्धिमनघां हरिवल्लभाम् ।

अशोकाममृतां दीप्तां लोकशोकविनाशिनीम् ॥ १३ ॥


namāmi dharma-nilayāṃ karuṇāṃ loka-mātaram ।

padma-priyāṃ padma-hastāṃ padmākṣīṃ padma-sundarīm ॥ 14 ॥

नमामि धर्मनिलयां करुणां लोकमातरम् ।

पद्मप्रियां पद्महस्तां पद्माक्षीं पद्मसुन्दरीम् ॥ १४ ॥


padmodbhavāṃ padma-mukhīṃ padmanābha-priyāṃ ramām ।

padma-mālā-dharāṃ devīṃ padminīṃ padma-gandhinīm ॥ 15 ॥

पद्मोद्भवां पद्ममुखीं पद्मनाभप्रियां रमाम् ।

पद्ममालाधरां देवीं पद्मिनीं पद्मगन्धिनीम् ॥ १५ ॥


puṇya-gandhāṃ suprasannāṃ prasādābhi-mukhīṃ prabhām ।

namāmi candra-vadanāṃ candrāṃ candra-sahodarīm ॥ 16 ॥

पुण्यगन्धां सुप्रसन्नां प्रसादाभिमुखीं प्रभाम् ।

नमामि चन्द्रवदनां चन्द्रां चन्द्रसहोदरीम् ॥ १६ ॥


catur-bhujāṃ candra-rūpām-indirām-indu-śītalām ।

āhlāda-jananīṃ puṣṭiṃ śivāṃ śivakarīṃ satīm ॥ 17 ॥

चतुर्भुजां चन्द्ररूपामिन्दिरामिन्दुशीतलाम् ।

आह्लादजननीं पुष्टिं शिवां शिवकरीं सतीम् ॥ १७ ॥


vimalāṃ viśva-jananīṃ tuṣṭiṃ dāridrya-nāśinīm ।

prīti-puṣkariṇīṃ śāntāṃ śukla-mālyāmbarāṃ śriyam ॥ 18 ॥

विमलां विश्वजननीं तुष्टिं दारिद्र्यनाशिनीम् ।

प्रीतिपुष्करिणीं शान्तां शुक्लमाल्याम्बरां श्रियम् ॥ १८ ॥


bhāskarīṃ bilva-nilayāṃ varārohāṃ yaśasvinīm ।

vasundharām-udārāṅgīṃ hariṇīṃ hema-mālinīm ॥ 19 ॥

भास्करीं बिल्वनिलयां वरारोहां यशस्विनीम् ।

वसुन्धरामुदाराङ्गीं हरिणीं हेममालिनीम् ॥ १९ ॥


dhana-dhānya-karīṃ siddhiṃ sadā saumyāṃ śubha-pradām ।

nṛpaveśma-gatānandāṃ varalakṣmīṃ vasupradām ॥ 20 ॥

धनधान्यकरीं सिद्धिं सदा सौम्यां शुभप्रदाम् ।

नृपवेश्मगतानन्दां वरलक्ष्मीं वसुप्रदाम् ॥ २० ॥


śubhāṃ hiraṇya-prākārāṃ samudra-tanayāṃ jayām ।

namāmi maṅgalāṃ devīṃ viṣṇu-vakṣaḥsthala-sthitām ॥ 21 ॥

शुभां हिरण्यप्राकारां समुद्रतनयां जयाम् ।

नमामि मङ्गलां देवीं विष्णुवक्षःस्थलस्थिताम् ॥ २१ ॥


viṣṇu-patnīṃ prasannākṣīṃ nārāyaṇa-samāśritām ।

dāridrya-dhvaṃsinīṃ devīṃ sarvopadrava-hāriṇīm ॥ 22 ॥

विष्णुपत्नीं प्रसन्नाक्षीं नारायणसमाश्रिताम् ।

दारिद्र्यध्वंसिनीं देवीं सर्वोपद्रवहारिणीम् ॥ २२ ॥


nava-durgāṃ mahā-kālīṃ brahma-viṣṇu-śivātmikām ।

trikāla-jñāna-sampannāṃ namāmi bhuvaneśvarīm ॥ 23 ॥

नवदुर्गां महाकालीं ब्रह्मविष्णुशिवात्मिकाम् ।

त्रिकालज्ञानसम्पन्नां नमामि भुवनेश्वरीम् ॥ २३ ॥


lakṣmīṃ kṣīra-samudra-rāja-tanayāṃ śrīraṅga-dhāmeśvarīṃ

dāsī-bhūta-samasta-deva-vanitāṃ lokaika-dīpāṅkurām

śrīman-manda-kaṭākṣa-labdha-vibhava-brahmendra-gaṅgādharāṃ tvāṃ

trailokya-kuṭumbinīṃ sarasijāṃ vande mukunda-priyām ॥ 24

लक्ष्मीं क्षीरसमुद्रराजतनयां श्रीरङ्गधामेश्वरीं

दासीभूतसमस्तदेववनितां लोकैकदीपाङ्कुराम् ।

श्रीमन्मन्दकटाक्षलब्धविभवब्रह्मेन्द्रगङ्गाधरां त्वां

त्रैलोक्यकुटुम्बिनीं सरसिजां वन्दे मुकुन्दप्रियाम् ॥ २४ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Mother Śrī Mahā Lakṣmī, Who is born of the ocean of Super-consciousness and resides in the abode of Lord Śrī Raṅga (Viṣṇu) and rules over it. She is served by all gods, goddesses, saints and many maidens and She is the cause of incandescence of the entire Creation. Her mere side-long glance activates all the deities such as the Lord of Creation Brahma, the celestial king of all gods Indra, as well as the Destroyer Rudra (Gaṅgādharā). She is the Divine Mother of the entire Creation and all the three realms – physical, astral and causal. She is the lotus dweller and the favorite of Lord Mukunda (Viṣṇu), the treasured One.

mātar-namāmi kamale kamalāyatākṣi

śrī-viṣṇu-hṛt-kamala-vāsini viśva-mātaḥ

kṣīrodaje kamala-komala-garbha-gauri lakṣmi

prasīda satataṃ namatāṃ śaraṇye ॥ 25

मातर्नमामि कमले कमलायताक्षि

श्रीविष्णुहृत्कमलवासिनि विश्वमातः ।

क्षीरोदजे कमलकोमलगर्भगौरि लक्ष्मि

प्रसीद सततं नमतां शरण्ये ॥ २५ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Mother Śrī Mahā Lakṣmī, Who has evolved from the ocean of super-consciousness, dwells amongst the lotuses signifying higher conscience, is lotus-eyed and resides in the heart of Lord Śrī Viṣṇu, the Supreme Super-consciousness. She is the Divine Mother of the entire Creation that has manifested from Her. She is the power (śakti) of Creation as Sarasvati, of Sustenance as Lakṣmi and Destruction as Gauri. Oh Divine Mother, Please be pleased with our devotion and bestow your protection and grace upon us, at all times.


trikālaṃ yo japed-vidvān ṣaṇmāsaṃ vijitendriyaḥ

dāridrya-dhvaṃsanaṃ kṛtvā sarvam-āpnoty-ayatnataḥ ॥ 26

त्रिकालं यो जपेद्विद्वान् षण्मासं विजितेन्द्रियः ।

दारिद्र्यध्वंसनं कृत्वा सर्वमाप्नोत्ययत्नतः ॥ २६ ॥

The learned ones who repeat this stotram three times daily will attain control over their emotions and all sense organs in a period of six months, thereby allowing spiritual ascent and evolution of their consciousness and mind. All types of misery, illness, financial worries, debts and poverty will be completely eliminated. The devotees will easily achieve all their goals and fulfill their wishes and desires, without much effort.


devī-nāma-sahasreṣu puṇyam-aṣṭottaraṃ śatam

yena śriyam-avāpnoti koṭi-janma-daridrataḥ ॥ 27

देवीनामसहस्रेषु पुण्यमष्टोत्तरं शतम् ।

येन श्रियमवाप्नोति कोटिजन्मदरिद्रतः ॥ २७ ॥

The virtues and merit, gained from reciting the thousand names of the Divine Mother Śrī Mahā Lakṣmī, are also obtained from reciting the hundred and eight names. One obtains immense prosperity and dissolves the bad karma, misery and poverty accumulated over billions of lifetimes.


bhṛguvāre śataṃ dhīmān paṭhed-vatsara-mātrakam

aṣṭaiśvaryam-avāpnoti kubera iva bhūtale ॥ 28

भृगुवारे शतं धीमान् पठेद्वत्सरमात्रकम् ।

अष्टैश्वर्यमवाप्नोति कुबेर इव भूतले ॥ २८ ॥

The learned ones, who recites the stotram every Friday hundred times for a period of a year, will certainly obtain all the eight types of wealth called aṣṭaiśvarya, represented by the eight forms of Śrī Mahā Lakṣmī and will be as rich as Lord Kubera, the celestial treasurer and king of Yakṣas, within this very lifetime and lead a very prosperous life awash with abundance.


dāridrya-mocanaṃ nāma stotram-ambāparaṃ śatam

yena śriyam-avāpnoti koṭi-janma-daridritaḥ ॥ 29

दारिद्र्यमोचनं नाम स्तोत्रमम्बापरं शतम् ।

येन श्रियमवाप्नोति कोटिजन्मदरिद्रितः ॥ २९ ॥

This is the poverty and financial misery and illness abolishing stotram that is dear to the Divine Mother Śrī Mahā Lakṣmī and elevates one to a very high position and makes them invincible. One shall be victorious in all pursuits and achieve very high levels of success and prosperity. One obtains immense prosperity and dissolves the bad karma, misery and poverty, accumulated over billions of lifetimes.   


bhuktvā tu vipulān bhogān-asyāḥ sāyujyam-āpnuyāt

prātaḥkāle paṭhen-nityaṃ sarvaduḥkhopa-śāntaye

paṭhaṃstu cintayed-devīṃ sarvābharaṇa-bhūṣitām ॥ 30

भुक्त्वा तु विपुलान् भोगानस्याः सायुज्यमाप्नुयात् ।

प्रातःकाले पठेन्नित्यं सर्वदुःखोपशान्तये ।

पठंस्तु चिन्तयेद्देवीं सर्वाभरणभूषिताम् ॥ ३० ॥

One should recite this stotram daily in the morning and will remain free of all worries and have great peace of mind, accrued from the blessings of the Divine Mother Śrī Mahā Lakṣmī. One must meditate upon the Divine Mother adorned with all types of ornaments and free from all blemishes. Having fully enjoyed all the wealth and abundance of this world, the devotee will ultimately obtain liberation and become one with the Divine Mother.


॥ iti śrīlakṣmyaṣṭottara-śatanāma-stotraṃ sampūrṇam

॥ इति श्रीलक्ष्म्यष्टोत्तरशतनामस्तोत्रं सम्पूर्णम् ॥

(Thus ends the Śrī Lakṣmī Aṣṭottara Śatanāma Stotraṃ)

This article is written by Krishna Vallapareddy