Sri Mātaṅgī Jayanti – Paraśurāma Jayanti - Akṣaya Tritīya

The Ten manifestations of the Divine Mother Śakti are known as Daśamahāvidya-s. The spiritual transformation of an individual begins with the worship of the Divine Mother Kāli and the culminates with the complete evolution of the individual with the Divine Mother Kamalā. The ninth manifestation is the Divine Mother Mātaṅgī, representing the spiritual ecstasy that the worshipper experiences when He/She attains Her grace. She is said to provide the devotee with the ultimate knowledge that will enable the devotee to experience the nature of the ultimate reality and attain self-realization and thereafter, liberation in due course.

She is the red complexioned Sumukhi devi of the Kāli tradition and She is also the dark complexioned Rāja Śyāmala of the Śrī Vidyā tradition. In the Human body, She is the left Iḍa nāḍi or the left spiritual channel and Vārāhī Devī is the right spiritual channel - Piñgala nāḍi, flanking the spinal cord Suṣumnā nāḍi. A balance of both the channels, allows the Kuṇḍalinī energy to flow through the spinal cord.

She is the equivalent of the Vedic goddess of knowledge – Sarasvati Devi.

Mātaṅgī Jayanti is celebrated on 03rd May of 2022 - this year, marking the emergence of the Divine Mother Mātaṅgī as the ninth Daśamahāvidya. The devotees can celebrate the auspicious day by performing Her mantra japa and/or any of Her stotras/hymns, particularly the 108 names and/or the more powerful hymn encasing the names, which by itself is a mantra of great power.

Those who adore and worship Her regularly, will attain mastery over all arts and sciences and attain positions of high power.

This day is also celebrated marking the birth of Lord Paraśurāma, the sixth avatār of Lord Viṣṇu. He was instrumental in subduing the regents and bringing their tyranny under control. Spiritually, He represents the severance of ego within us and the acceptance of the Divine as the Supreme power. No amount of material power will bring us close to the Divine, but on the contrary, it is the humility within us, that will allow the grace of the Divine to set in and usher in contentment, happiness and bliss.

This day is also celebrated throughout as Akṣaya tritīya, marking the gifting of the Akṣaya Pātra by Lord Sūrya (Sun god), to the legendary Pāṇḍava-s of the great Mahābhāratā epic. This vessel is a pot of un-depleting food, representing Sustenance and wealth as well. Worship of the Divine Mother Lakṣmī Devi on this day, is said to ensure adequate wealth for lifetime sustenance.

Overall, may this day bring about the severance of our ego and attachments to mundane objects and ensure unlimited spiritual knowledge and wealth, that would lead us to self-realization and ultimate liberation.

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