śrī pratyaṅgirā sarvārtha sādhaka kavacaṃ

श्री प्रत्यङ्गिरा सर्वार्थ साधक कवचम्

It is a common pursuit of mankind, to find success in all undertakings to lead a good life. Based on one’s karma, usually the inherited karma from past lives, one can find things coming on a platter or just the opposite, that is, nothing seems to work, irrespective of how hard we try and achieve our goals. Seeking divine assistance through rituals, talismans and other blessings from priests also don’t seem to help in many cases.

There are also situations in some cases, where one can face a grave threat to one’s life, suffering from chronic diseases or facing imminent danger from powerful sources. If all other means of addressing the threats fail, then one tends to look towards mantra japa or sadhana.

There are many sādhanas to address the common problems that affect mankind. Usually, one starts with the Vedic mantras, ślokas, sahasranāmas etc, before trying out the mantra japa of popular deities.

Śrī Vidya sādhana is considered supreme, amongst all sādhanas. Embedded deep within the śrī Vidya sādhana, is the sādhana related to śrī pratyaṅgirā, who’s the most ferocious manifestation and aspect of śrī māta. She falls under the ugra (ferocious) devatā category, just like Kāli, Vārahi and the mahāvidyas etc. Pratyagirā Devi is a manifestation of the Supreme Parabrahma Svarūpini Lalita Devi who is the Śiva-śakty-aikya-rūpiṇī (Lalitha Sahasranama 999). Śrī Pratyangirā Devi has the head of a male lion and body of a woman, depicting the union of Śiva and Śakti. Śrī Pratyangirā Devi, is also called as Narasimhika, interpreting that she is the feminine energy form or the power of Lord Narasimha, the lion headed avatār of Lord Viṣṇu.

Sādhana of ugra devatās falls under the tantra category and is generally recommended only for advanced upasakas or devotees. For most worldly desires, the general pantheon of gods and goddess sādhanas are sufficient. Only when things get out of hand and when faced with grave threat and imminent danger, should one consider the ugra devatā sādhanas.

 It is written that the mere laughter of śrī pratyaṅgirā can align the stars and galaxies. Such is Her power and invoking Her grace, is to utilize tremendous force against enemies for protecting one’s own life or that of close family and friends from near death situations, deep debt, very chronic diseases, unfair competition and huge business losses forcing closure or bankruptcy etc.

śrī pratyaṅgirā is seen as an aspect of śrī bhadra kāli, as well as siddha lakṣmi. She is therefore a combination of abundant wealth as well as humungous strength and force to overcome any challenges.

The word ‘artha’ in Sanskrit, refers to acquiring all the means to satisfy one’s worldly pursuits. This includes health, wealth, education, status and power in society, as well as recognition. The word ‘sarva’ in Sanskrit refers to ‘all encompassing’ or ‘everything’. Sarvārtha, therefore indicates accomplishment of all worldly desires and pursuits. The word ‘nāma’ means ‘name’ and ‘kavacaṃ’ refers to armour or shield.

The śrī pratyaṅgirā sarvārtha nāma sādhaka kavacaṃ is one special prayer for accomplishing all worldly desires and obtaining abundant wealth, both material and spiritual. It is also a prayer to destroy all enemies, external and internal. The internal enemies refer to health issues, as well as psychological fears and distracting thoughts, extremely bad and debilitating karmas obstructing progress and any other issues that impair our ability to succeed in life.

Those who are already in the path of śrī Vidya, may consider invoking this kavacaṃ as needed. It is usually suggested to get initiated prior to reciting such powerful stotras. But one can also pray very sincerely to the divine mother to seek Her grace and recite the kavacaṃ. The power and results may vary based on One’s karma, as well as dedication and effort in recitation. Rest assured, this is one of the most powerful prayers that have originated from the tantras and can produce amazing results, when recited sincerely over a reasonable period of time.

An audio rendering of this stotra is available in this link.

Devyuvāca ( देव्युवाच )

bhagavan sarvadharmajña, sarvaśāstrārthapāraga।
devyāḥ pratyaṅgirāyāśca kavacaṃ, yat prakāśitam॥1॥


भगवन् सर्वधर्मज्ञ सर्वशास्त्रार्थपारग।
देव्याः प्रत्यङ्गिरायाश्च कवचं यत् प्रकाशितम्॥१॥

Śrī Devi speaks:- Oh Lord! Savior of the Universe, upholder of all laws and divinity personified! The most knowledgeable, accomplished and all powerful One! Oh Bhairava, My dear Lord! What is the all fetching and most fulfilling kavacaṃ of śrī pratyaṅgirā devi, that you have created for the benefit of the universe?

sarvārthasādhanaṃ nāma kathayasva, mayi prabho।
सर्वार्थसाधनं नाम कथयस्व मयि प्रभो।


Oh my dear Lord Bhairava! May I please be blessed with the secrets of this all accomplishing kavacaṃ?        

Bhairava uvāca ( भैरव उवाच )

śṛṇu devi pravakṣyāmi, kavacaṃ paramādbhutam॥2॥
शृणु देवि प्रवक्ष्यामि कवचं परमाद्भुतम्॥२॥


Śrī Bhairava speaks:-  My dear devi! Please listen attentively, I’ll reveal the most wondrous, very effective and all accomplishing kavacaṃ of Śrī pratyaṅgirā!

sarvārthasādhanaṃ nāma, trailokye cā'tidurlabham।
sarvasiddhimayaṃ devi, sarvaiśvarya pradāyakam॥3॥

सर्वार्थसाधनं नाम त्रैलोक्ये चाऽतिदुर्लभम्।
सर्वसिद्धिमयं देवि सर्वैश्वर्य प्रदायकम्॥३॥

This kavacaṃ of Śrī pratyaṅgirā, ranks amongst the most difficult to obtain and rarest or rare kavacas, in all the three worlds. This produces ALL WEALTH that’s obtainable by anyone and also grants all siddhis/magical powers.

paṭhanācchr-vaṇān-martyas-trailokya-aiśvarya-bhāg bhavet।
sarvāsādhakasyā'sya, kavacasya, ṛṣiḥ śivaḥ॥4॥

पठनाच्छ्र् -वणान्-मर्त्यस्-त्रैलोक्य-ऐश्वर्य-भाग् भवेत्।
सर्वासाधकस्याऽस्य कवचस्य ऋषिः शिवः॥४॥

Sincerely and very attentively reading this kavacaṃ and/or listening on a regular basis, may grant the devotee, all the wealth of the three worlds. Have no doubts about this, Dear One: I’m the seer of this kavaca mantra – śiva.

chando virāṭ, parāśaktirjagaddhātrī ca devatā।
dharmā'rthakāmamokṣeṣu, viniyogaḥ prakīrtitaḥ॥5॥

छन्दो विराट् पराशक्तिर्जगद्धात्री च देवता।
धर्माऽर्थकाममोक्षेषु विनियोगः प्रकीर्तितः॥५॥

The Chandas of this mantra is virāṭ, the devatā is parāśaktirjagaddhātrī, who is śrī pratyaṅgirā. One may utilize this kavaca mantra, for fulfillment of all righteous desires, as well as for obtaining mokṣa or liberation.

The viniyoga for the kavaca, is below.


Viniyogaḥ ( विनियोगः ) :-

oṃ śrī sarvārtha sādhaka kavacasya śiva ṛṣiḥ।
virāṭ chandaḥ। śrīmat pratyaṅgirā devatā। aiṃ bījaṃ। hrīṃ śaktiḥ।
śrīṃ kīlakaṃ śrī sadāśiva devatā prītyarthe pāṭhe viniyogaḥ॥

ॐ श्री सर्वार्थ साधक कवचस्य शिव ऋषिः।
विराट् छन्दः। श्रीमत् प्रत्यङ्गिरा देवता। ऐं बीजं। ह्रीं शक्तिः।
श्रीं कीलकं श्री सदाशिव देवता प्रीत्यर्थे पाठे विनियोगः॥

For reciting the śrī sarvārtha sādhaka kavacaṃ, the Seer is śiva, meter of the mantra is virāṭ, the revered deity is śrī pratyaṅgirā, the wedge or the key to the success of the mantra is śrīṃ and this kavaca mantra is invoked, to please the deity śrīmat pratyaṅgirā and śrī sadāśiva to grant all the wishes we seek as well as to obtain the grace of the invoked deities.

oṃ praṇavaṃ me śiraḥ pātu, vāgbhavaśca lalāṭakam।
hrīṃ pātu dakṣanetraṃ me, lakṣmīrvāma sureśvarī॥1॥

ॐ प्रणवं मे शिरः पातु वाग्भवश्च ललाटकम्।
ह्रीं पातु दक्षनेत्रं मे लक्ष्मीर्वाम सुरेश्वरी॥१॥

The bīja mantra “oṃ” () protects one’s head. The vāg-bīja sarasvatī mantra “aiṃ” (ऐं), protects the forehead. The śakti bīja mantra “hrīṃ” (ह्रीं), protects the right eye, while the lakṣmī bīja mantra “śrīṃ” (श्रीं), protects the left eye.

The protection implied here, is for shielding us against misinformation as well as misleading knowledge and steering us towards gaining the ultimate knowledge or Brahma jñāna, for self-realization and spiritual liberation. This śloka implicitly suggests the enhancement of the Ājñā and Sahasrāra cakras and gaining enhanced perception of the ultimate reality within and around us.

pratyaṅgirā dakṣakarṇaṃ, vāme kāmeśvarī tathā।
lakṣmīḥ prāṇaṃ sadā pātu, vadanaṃ pātu keśavaḥ॥2॥

प्रत्यङ्गिरा दक्षकर्णं वामे कामेश्वरी तथा।
लक्ष्मीः प्राणं सदा पातु वदनं पातु केशवः॥२॥

Pratyaṅgirā devī is the protector of the right ear, while kāmeśvarī (a form of śakti) protects the left ear. Lakṣmī protects the life sustaining force prāa and the face is protected by keśava (Lord kṛṣṇa/viṣṇu).  

Protection of the ears, refers to listening to the right kind of advice as well as music, scriptures, documents and any knowledge, that would help us progress both materially and spiritually. The deities Pratyaṅgirā devī and kāmeśvarī, help to ensure that most of the unnecessary sounds and knowledge are kept away, to help retain our state of mind and progress. Likewise, Lakṣmī ensures that we get sufficient amounts of the life sustaining force prāṇa, as well as material and spiritual abundance to live a full and contented life! Keśava ensures that we put up a pleasant face and also have the courage, to put up a brave face to endure hardship of any kind. He ensures that the Prāṇa binds into our being, as long as our karma allows.

gaurī tu rasanāṃ pātu, kaṇṭhaṃ pātu maheśvaraḥ।
skandhadeśaṃ ratiḥ pātu, bhujau tu makaradhvajaḥ॥3॥

गौरी तु रसनां पातु कण्ठं पातु महेश्वरः।
स्कन्धदेशं रतिः पातु भुजौ तु मकरध्वजः॥३॥

Gaurī (śakti) protects the tongue and the taste buds, maheśvarā protects the throat. Our shoulders are protected by ratī (consort of Kāmadevā or cupid) and the arms by makaradvaja or Kāmadevā.

The protection of the tongue by Gaurī, is to ensure that we always speak the Truth and help guide not only ourselves, but all others around us to seek the Truth and live a virtuous life. Our tastes and liking, gradually shift towards life’s higher purpose and we do not get bogged down by petty needs. Maheśvarā enhances the throat cakra Viśuddha and helps us gulp and prevent mistruths to be spoken by us. He ensures that we preach the right path and also lead the same. Rati ensures that we can shoulder any responsibilities that fall upon us and do not shy away from the same. The broad shoulders will be ably assisted by the strong arms provided by Kāmadevā. He also ensures that we spread true love and affection towards others. We gradually overcome lust and our passion is directed towards righteous purposes!

śaṅkhanidhiḥ karau pātu, vakṣe padmanidhistathā।
brāhmī madhyaṃ sadā pātu, nābhīṃ pātu maheśvarī॥4॥

शङ्खनिधिः करौ पातु वक्षे पद्मनिधिस्तथा।
ब्राह्मी मध्यं सदा पातु नाभीं पातु महेश्वरी॥४॥

Śaṅkhanidhi protects the hands, while the breasts and chest are protected by padmanidhi. Brāhmī protects the middle portion of the body and the navel is protected by maheśvarī (śakti).

The protection of hands by Śaṅkhanidhi, ensures that we not only have able hands to perform our jobs and take care of our material needs, but we also lend a helping hand to others in need and ensure that we play our part towards the betterment of the society and community in general. Padmanidhi ensures that we have a well-built personality to not only please others, but also to ensure that we can take in enough amounts of the life sustaining force prāṇa, through our expanded lungs, to keep our mind totally focused on the tasks at hand. Brāhmī ensures that our heart cakra Anāhata, is well developed, to help us transform to a very pleasing and loving presence/personality. We derive great satisfaction through all our actions. Maheśvarī enhances the navel cakra Maṇipūra and provides us the courage to pursue all undertakings, both material and spiritual.

kaumārī pṛṣṭhadeśaṃ tu, guhyaṃ rakṣatu vaiṣṇavī।
vārāhīṃ ca kaṭiṃpātu, caindrī pātu padadvayam॥5॥

कौमारी पृष्ठदेशं तु गुह्यं रक्षतु वैष्णवी।
वाराहीं च कटिंपातु चैन्द्री पातु पदद्वयम्॥५॥

The buttocks are protected by kaumārī, while the genitals are protected by vaiṣṇavī. The waist is protected by vārāhī, while the legs are protected by aindrī (indrāṇī).

Kaumārī will ensure that the root cakra Mūlādhāra, is activated and our spiritual ascent begins, with the rise of the kuṇḍalinī. Our attachments and perceptions to the material world begin to change and we tend to also move towards spiritual pursuits. Overall, our quality of life is slowly enhanced. Vaiṣṇavī will engerize the sacral cakra Svādhiṣṭhāna and channel our energies towards the higher cakras. All material desires begin to manifest and our accomplishments in the material realm also become pronounced. Vārāhī ensures that we’re ready to face all the challenges that the material and spiritual realms could throw at us and prepares us to overcome the same. She also ensures our victory in all undertakings! Aindrī gives us a firm footing in both the spiritual and material realms and ensures that we do not fall in our pursuit and ultimately gain happiness in both the material and spiritual worlds.

bhāryāṃ (bhartāraṃ) rakṣatu cāmuṇḍā, lakṣmī rakṣatu putrakān।
indraḥ pūrve sadā pātu, āgneyāṃ agnidevatā॥6॥

भार्यां (भर्तारं) रक्षतु चामुण्डा लक्ष्मी रक्षतु पुत्रकान्।
इन्द्रः पूर्वे सदा पातु आग्नेयां अग्निदेवता॥६॥

Cāmuṇḍā protects our spouse and Lakṣmī protects our children.

Indrā protects us from the East direction, while Agni protects us from the South-East direction.

Our material and spiritual journey is amply aided, by the protection of our spouse by Cāmuṇḍā and the children by Lakṣmī. All familial worries are gradually removed and happiness is ensured in due course of time. The cardinal lords starting from Indra and ending with Ananta, ensure that we receive protection as well as knowledge from all directions. This is also to imply that the presence of the divine is in every direction and we should accept with humility all the love and blessings we receive from different sources. All doors open up from every direction to help us reach our material and spiritual pursuits.

yāmye yamaḥ sadā pātu, nairṛtyāṃ nirṛtistathā।
paścime varuṇaḥ pātu, vāyavyāṃ vāyudevatā॥7॥

याम्ये यमः सदा पातु नैरृत्यां निरृतिस्तथा।
पश्चिमे वरुणः पातु वायव्यां वायुदेवता॥७॥

Yama protects us from the South direction and nirṛti  protects from the South-West direction. Varuṇa protects from the West, while Vāyu protects from the North-West.

saumyāṃ somaḥ sadā pātu ca, īśānyāmīśvaro vibhuḥ।
ūrdhvaṃ prajāpatiḥ pātu, hyadhaścā'nantadevatā॥8॥

सौम्यां सोमः सदा पातु चैशान्यामीश्वरो विभुः।
ऊर्ध्वं प्रजापतिः पातु ह्यधश्चाऽनन्तदेवता॥८॥

Soma (moon) protects us from the North, while Vibhu īśvara, protects us from the North-East. Prajāpati (Brahma) protects us from the upward direction and Anata deva protects us from the bottom direction.

rājadvāre śmaśāne tu, araṇye prāntare tathā।
jale sthale cā'ntarikṣe, śatrūṇāṃ nigrahe tathā॥9॥

राजद्वारे श्मशाने तु अरण्ये प्रान्तरे तथा।
जले स्थले चाऽन्तरिक्षे शत्रूणां निग्रहे तथा॥९॥

To protect us from enemies and coercive forces entering through the main door, cemetery, forests, cities and towns, water, land and from the cosmos -

etābhiḥ sahitā devī, caturbījā maheśvarī।
pratyaṅgirā mahāśaktiḥ, sarvatra māṃ sadā'vatu॥10॥

एताभिः सहिता देवी चतुर्बीजा महेश्वरी।
प्रत्यङ्गिरा महाशक्तिः सर्वत्र मां सदाऽवतु॥१०॥

And from all destructive forces of all hues and variations, the One who’s bīja mantra is formed from the four bījakṣara mantras (ka+ṣa+a+ṃ = kṣaṃ [क्षं] ) the great maheśvarī and manifestation of the divine mother – śrī pratyaṅgirā devī along with her retinue, protect us at all times!

śrī pratyaṅgirā devī through Her divine grace grants us all the desires, favors, wishes and helps us achieve all the material, as well as spiritual pursuits that we undertake.

Phalaśrutiḥ ( फलश्रुतिः )

iti te kathitaṃ devi, sārātsāraṃ parātparam।
sarvārthe-sādhanaṃ nāma kavacaṃ, paramādbhutam॥1॥

इति ते कथितं देवि सारात्सारं परात्परम्।
सर्वार्थे-साधनं नाम कवचं परमाद्भुतम्॥१॥

Dear Devi! I have mentioned to you the most essential and containing the gist of all protection and abundance mantras in the form of the sarvārtha sādhanaṃ nāma kavacaṃ. This is the most wondrous kavacaṃ in existence and can produce excellent results, as summarized below.

asyā'pi paṭhanātsadyaḥ, kubero'pi dhaneśvaraḥ।
indrādyāḥ sakalā devāḥ, dhāraṇātpaṭhanādyataḥ॥2॥

अस्याऽपि पठनात्सद्यः कुबेरोऽपि धनेश्वरः।
इन्द्राद्याः सकला देवाः धारणात्पठनाद्यतः॥२॥

Those who recite the kavacaṃ with unstinted devotion to YOU, in the form of śrī pratyaṅgirā devī, will accumulate over a period of time, all the riches and splendor like Kubera, the treasurer of the devās. Lord Indra, Āditya (Sun) and many other devās have recited this kavacaṃ, to attain great mystical powers and rose in wealth and position.

sarvasiddhīśvaro santaḥ, sarvaiśvaryamavāpnuyuḥ।
prītimanye'nyataḥ kṛtvā, kamalā niścalā gṛhe॥3॥

सर्वसिद्धीश्वरो सन्तः सर्वैश्वर्यमवाप्नुयुः।
रीतिमन्येऽन्यतः कृत्वा कमला निश्चला गृहे॥३॥

All devās have recited this kavacaṃ, to attain all the great mystical powers and wealth. Recite this with utmost love, to ensure all blessings of wealth, stability, health and peace in the household!

vāṇīṃ ca nivaset vaktre, satyaṃ satyaṃ na saṃśayaḥ।
yo dhārayati puṇyātmā, sarvārthasādhanābhidham॥4॥

वाणीं च निवसेत् वक्त्रे सत्यं सत्यं न संशयः।
यो धारयति पुण्यात्मा सर्वार्थसाधनाभिधम्॥४॥

One who wears or recites this sarvārtha sādhaka kavacaṃ with unstinted devotion, will have a splendid voice and gain the blessings of śrī sarasvati devī and thereby supreme knowledge of all arts and sciences. Have no doubts about this, as this is guaranteed!

kavacaṃ paramaṃ puṇyaṃ, so'pi puṇyavatāṃ varaḥ।
sarvaiśvaryayuto bhūtvā, trailokyavijayī bhavet॥5॥

कवचं परमं पुण्यं सोऽपि पुण्यवतां वरः।
सर्वैश्वर्ययुतो भूत्वा त्रैलोक्यविजयी भवेत्॥५॥

This sarvārtha sādhaka kavacaṃ grants great puṇya or blessings ensuring a good life filled with good karma. One can accumulate abundant good karma, to obtain all the riches of the three worlds and victorious in all efforts.

puruṣo dakṣiṇe bāhau, nārī vāma bhuje tathā।
bahuputravatī bhūyād, bandhyā'pi labhyate sutam॥6॥

पुरुषो दक्षिणे बाहौ नारी वाम भुजे तथा।
बहुपुत्रवती भूयाद् बन्ध्याऽपि लभ्यते सुतम्॥६॥

Men who wear this sarvārtha sādhaka kavacaṃ as an amulet and recite with utmost devotion on their right arm and women who wear on their left arm, will gain a very happy married life and a blessed family with successful children. The power of the kavacaṃ is so strong, than even close relatives will gain the said benefits!

brahmāstrādīni śastrāṇi, naiva kṛntanti tattanum।
etatkavacamajñātvā, yo japetparameśvarīm॥7॥

ब्रह्मास्त्रादीनि शस्त्राणि नैव कृन्तन्ति तत्तनुम्।
एतत्कवचमज्ञात्वा यो जपेत्परमेश्वरीम्॥७॥

Those who wear this sarvārtha sādhaka kavacaṃ and recite with utmost devotion, gain tremendous protection of śrī pratyaṅgirā devī. No weapons or forces can harm them. Even the most powerful brahmāstra cannot hurt, or even the wrath of ādi śakti, i.e. Yourself, cannot tear apart the protection offered by this divine form of Yourself as śrī pratyaṅgirā, the atharvaṇa bhadra kāli. Those who recite the japa mantras of śrī pratyaṅgirā, without knowing this kavacaṃ -

dāridryaṃ paramaṃ prāpya, so'cirānmṛtyumāpnuyāt ।
दारिद्र्यं परमं प्राप्य सोऽचिरान्मृत्युमाप्नुयात् ।

Will very soon, suffer from extreme poverty, innumerable troubles and attain an untimely death.

(A warning to recite the kavacaṃ, PRIOR to the mantra sadhana of śrī pratyaṅgirā devi.)

śrī rudrayāmala tantre, pañcāṅgakhaṇḍe, pratyaṅgirāyāḥ, sarvārthasādhanaṃ nāmakaṃ kavacaṃ, paripūrṇam

श्री रुद्रयामल तन्त्रे पञ्चाङ्गखण्डे प्रत्यङ्गिरायाः सर्वार्थसाधनं नामकं कवचं परिपूर्णम् ।

Thus ends, the extract from the tantric manual - śrī rudrayāmala tantra, 5th division - śrī pratyaṅgirāyāḥ sarvārtha sādhanaṃ nāmakaṃ kavacaṃ.

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