Shani Jayanti

The effects of the planets, specifically the Navagraha-s has been discussed in the previous articles. Today May 22nd 2020 Friday, happens to be celebrated as the birthday or the day of emergence of Lord Śani deva, who is highly feared for the immense misery and ruthless dispensation of justice as dictated by one’s karma and the placement of the planet Saturn in one’s natal horoscope.

It is said that Lord Śani deva can be appeased by donation of food to the unfortunate and the needy, as well as by donation of iron goods and dark colored clothes. All types of charity are a good way to win the favor of Lord Śani deva. Those suffering from immense karmic effects and bad placement of Saturn in one’s natal horoscope, may invoke His grace by reciting mantras and stotras dedicated to the appeasement of Lord Śani deva. It is said that one may also pray directly to the Divine Mother Kāli or the Divine Father Lord Nṛsiṃha, to whom Lord Śani deva offers His prayers, to invoke all the benefits bestowed by the deities as well as the grace of Lord Śani.

It is to be noted that, Lord Śani offers longevity to all the benefits bestowed upon us, by His grace. This includes a long lifespan, stability and peace at work, success in profession and business continuity and steady growth. The benefits may not be sudden like that of Rāhu, but very steady and long lasting. 

May the most feared Lord, who effects cannot be thwarted by any other means except by good karmas, offer us His immediate and complete grace today and for our entire lifetime. Let us pray today and tomorrow (being a Saturday, which is His own day) to invoke His complete grace. It is best to continue to pray to Him on a daily basis and be thankful for all the benefits bestowed upon us.

Sri Shani Stotram

Sri Shani Deva Dvadasakshari Mantra