Śrī Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava Stotram (श्री स्वर्णाकर्षण भैरव स्तोत्रम्)

Prologue – Brahman or God is nothing but the manifested True Reality. We may call the same as Paramātma, the Supreme Manifested Consciousness. Based on the ideology followed, such as Śaiva for the Śiva worshippers, the Brahman is held to be Lord Śiva and His power as Śakti. For Śaktya-s, the followers of the Divine Mother, Śakti becomes the Supreme reality and is sometimes seen as the power of Śiva or even as an overlord. For Gaṇapatya-s, it is Lord Gaṇeśa and likewise Skanda for Muruga worshippers and Bhairava for Bhairava worshippers.

The worshippers of Lord Bhairava are spread wide across the Indian Subcontinent, prominently in South India, Kashmir and Nepal. The belief systems on Lord Bhairava, vary widely from the Purāṇa-s to the Tantras.

To the tantric scholars, He is the supreme reality Brahman, manifested as Lord Vaṭuka Bhairava. Further, Lord Vaṭuka Bhairava manifests Himself into the triads of the Creation. He manifests Viriñci Vaṭuka Bhairava, who becomes the cause and mentor of the Creator - Lord Brahma, Mukunda Vaṭuka Bhairava, who becomes the cause and mentor of the Preserver - Lord Viṣṇu and lastly, Rudra Vaṭuka Bhairava, who becomes the cause and mentor of the Destroyer - Lord Rudra. In another classification, Lord Vaṭuka Bhairava is equated with Brahma, Lord Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava with Lord Viṣṇu and Lord Kāla Bhairava with Lord Rudra.

From the Purāṇic point of view, Lord Bhairava is seen as a Protector of the holy city of Kāśi and in general, as a Protector of all holy places. He is perceived as a fierce manifestation of Lord Śiva (Rudra) and is entrusted with Protection. There are eight forms of Bhairava who become guardians of the eight cardinal directions.

In the context of Śrī Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava, He is praised as the curse remover of the Divine Mother goddess Lakṣmi, who was cursed by the holy sage Durvāsa impacting Her ability to bestow wealth and prosperity. It was the grace of Lord Śrī Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava, that removed Her curse and She could resume Her ordained duties.

Although there are numerous stotras and mantras related to obtaining wealth and prosperity, special attention and praise is bestowed upon this stotram for its remarkable ability to fulfill wishes to the sincere and devout devotees of Lord Śrī Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava. Those reciting His mantra on a regular basis and performing pūja for His yantra, may also make use of this stotram to obtain the benefits in a quicker manner.

For the Śrīvidya worshippers, Lord Śrī Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava is a Protector and wealth giver and is part of the morning recitation raṣmi māla. His grace is always upon the sādhakas.

1. ॥ śrī mārkaṇḍeya uvāca (॥ श्री मार्कण्डेय उवाच ॥)

The Divine seer Śrī Mārkaṇḍeya spoke thus –

bhagavan pramathādhīśa śiva-tulya-parākrama

pūrvam-ukta-stvayā mantraṃ bhairavasya mahātmanaḥ 1

भगवन् प्रमथाधीश शिव-तुल्य-पराक्रम ।

पूर्वमुक्तस्त्वया मन्त्रं, भैरवस्य महात्मनः ॥ १ ॥

Salutations to the great lord Bhairava, who is one and the same as Lord Śiva (Rudra), the Destroyer (of ignorance), equal in all respects in His valor, courage, strength and power. May we recite His mantras and meditate upon Lord Bhairava, who is none other than the True Reality! May He confer all material and spiritual benefits upon us and liberate us.

idānīṃ śrotum-icchāmi tasya stotram-anuttamaṃ

tat kenoktaṃ purā stotraṃ paṭhanāt-tasya kiṃ phalam 2

इदानीं श्रोतुमिच्छामि तस्य स्तोत्रमनुत्तमं ।

तत् केनोक्तं पुरा स्तोत्रं पठनात्तस्य किं फलम् ॥ २ ॥

What is that stotra that is claimed to be all powerful, fruitful for fulfilling all wishes? What is it that is all accomplishing for those, who recite it with full devotion and fervor to Lord Bhairava?  

tat sarvaṃ śrotum-icchāmi, brūhi me nandikeśvara 3

तत् सर्वं श्रोतुमिच्छामि, ब्रूहि मे नन्दिकेश्वर ॥ ३ ॥

Oh faithful and kind Lord Nandikeśvara (Lord Nandi, the bull faced attendant of Lord Śiva), please narrate this stotram in full and enlighten me.

2. ॥ śrī nandikeśvara uvāca (॥ श्री नन्दिकेश्वर उवाच ॥)

Lord Śrī Nandikeśvara spoke thus –

idaṃ brahman mahā-bhāga lokānām-upakāraka

stotraṃ vaṭuka-nāthasya durlabhaṃ bhuvana-traye 4

इदं ब्रह्मन् महा-भाग लोकानामुपकारक ।

स्तोत्रं वटुक-नाथस्य दुर्लभं भुवन-त्रये ॥ ४ ॥

This stotram is of Brahman Himself, manifested as Lord Vaṭuka-nātha (Vaṭuka Bhairava in the form of a boy), extremely rare and difficult to find in all the three realms and dimensions. It ushers in immense auspiciousness, opens up the doors to acquisition of immense fortune and also confers immeasurable benefits to the entire world and its populace.

Lord Vaṭuka Bhairava as Brahman, manifests Himself as Viriñci Vaṭuka Bhairava, who becomes the cause and mentor of the Creator - Lord Brahma, Mukunda Vaṭuka Bhairava, who becomes the cause and mentor of the Preserver - Lord Viṣṇu and lastly, Rudra Vaṭuka Bhairava, who becomes the cause and mentor of the Destroyer - Lord Rudra.

In another classification, Lord Vaṭuka Bhairava is equated with Brahma, Lord Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava with Lord Viṣṇu and Lord Kāla Bhairava with Lord Rudra.

sarva-pāpa-praśamanaṃ sarva-sampatti-dāyakam

dāridrya-śamanaṃ puṃsām-āpadā-bhaya-hārakam 5

सर्व-पाप-प्रशमनं सर्व-सम्पत्ति-दायकम् ।

दारिद्र्य-शमनं पुंसामापदा-भय-हारकम् ॥ ५ ॥

This stotram removes all sins and bad karmas, bestows all types of wealth and prosperity. Destroys all types of poverty, ignorance and allays all types of fears and dangers, that one may perceive from any source. (All types of enemies, black-magic and other types of negative influences will be totally eradicated!).

aṣṭaiśvarya-pradaṃ nṛṇāṃ parājaya-vināśanam

mahā-kānti-pradaṃ caiva soma-saundarya-dāyakam 6

अष्टैश्वर्य-प्रदं नृणां पराजय-विनाशनम् ।

महा-कान्ति-प्रदं चैव सोम-सौन्दर्य-दायकम् ॥ ६ ॥

One will receive all the benefits, material and spiritual, including wealth, knowledge, health, children, food, courage and means to undertake and accomplish any task etc. There is absolutely nothing, that cannot be achieved by the grace of Bhairava! There shall never be any fear of losing in any battle, competition or in achieving any task of importance to us. He is brilliant in appearance and emits light and grace across the entire Creation. Likewise, He is also as beautiful and handsome, as the moon to look at.

mahā-kīrti-pradaṃ stotraṃ bhairavasya mahātmanaḥ

na vaktavyaṃ nirācāre hi putrāya ca sarvathā 7

महा-कीर्ति-प्रदं स्तोत्रं भैरवस्य महात्मनः ।

न वक्तव्यं निराचारे हि पुत्राय च सर्वथा ॥ ७ ॥

One will obtain great recognition, fame and popularity by the grace of the great Lord Bhairava. There is nothing more to speak or narrate, or even deliberate upon, of any approved usages and rituals. This stotram by Itself, has the power to accomplish anything! One shall be blessed with illustrious children and all types of comforts and pleasures, that one may seek!

śucaye guru-bhaktāya śucaye'pi tapasvine

mahā-bhairava-bhaktāya sevite nirdhanāya ca 8

शुचये गुरु-भक्ताय शुचयेऽपि तपस्विने ।

महा-भैरव-भक्ताय सेविते निर्धनाय च ॥ ८ ॥

One who has a clean heart and immense faith and devotion towards His/Her guru, One who is a very sincere and devoted meditation practitioner, One who has absolute faith and unstinted devotion to Lord Bhairava, One who is willing to serve without any expectations of garnering wealth -

nija-bhaktāya vaktavyam-anyathā śāpam-āpnuyāt

stotram-etat bhairavasya brahma-viṣṇu-śivātmanaḥ 9

निज-भक्ताय वक्तव्यमन्यथा शापमाप्नुयात् ।

स्तोत्रमेतत् भैरवस्य ब्रह्म-विष्णु-शिवात्मनः ॥ ९ ॥

One who is endowed with true devotion and spoken of highly by others and everyone, may be blessed by the benefits that can be accrued by the recitation of this stotram. All other rogue elements should not be bestowed with this stotram, in order to prevent any accumulation of bad karma and curses. May Lord Bhairava, who is none other than Brahman manifested as the Creator Brahma, Preserver Viṣṇu and the Destroyer Śiva (Rudra), bless us immensely and help fulfill all our cherished wishes and desires.

śṛṇuṣva brūhito brahman sarva-kāma-pradāyakam 10

शृणुष्व ब्रूहितो ब्रह्मन् सर्व-काम-प्रदायकम् ॥ १० ॥

Hear now very attentively, Oh pious and learned one, the stotram of Brahman Himself, manifested as Śrī Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava, the grantor of all wishes and desires, the fulfiller of all tasks!

3. viniyogaḥ (विनियोगः) -

om̐ asya śrī-svarṇākarṣaṇa-bhairava-stotrasya

brahmā ṛṣiḥ

anuṣṭup chandaḥ


hrīm̐ bījaṃ

klīm̐ śakti

saḥ kīlakam

mama-sarva-kāma-siddhayarthe pāṭhe viniyogaḥ 11

ॐ अस्य श्रीस्वर्णाकर्षण-भैरव-स्तोत्रस्य ।

ब्रह्मा ऋषिः

अनुष्टुप् छन्दः


ह्रीँ बीजं

क्लीँ शक्ति ।

सः कीलकम्

मम-सर्व-काम-सिद्धयर्थे पाठे विनियोगः ॥ ११ ॥

This prayer/mantra japa is to invoke Śrī Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava and perform His stotra japa to obtain His complete grace in all aspects, specifically for all types of wish fulfillment and accomplishment of all tasks. The sage (ṛṣiḥ) is the divine seer and Creator Brahma, the meter (chandas) for the mantra is Anuṣṭup and the deity is the ultimate and unlimited wealth giver - Śrī Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava, the seed (bījaṃ) is hrīm̐, the power or śakti is klīm̐. The key (kīlakaṃ) to unlock the mantra is sa.

4. ṛṣyādi nyāsa ( ऋष्यादि न्यास ) :-






Brahmā ṛṣaye namaḥ śirasi

ब्रह्मा ऋषये नमः शिरसि

Open the right palm and touch the top of the forehead with the ring and thumb fingers joined at the top.


Anuṣṭup chandase namaḥ mukhe

अनुष्टुप् छन्दसे नमः मुखे

Now touch the lips of the mouth with the above mudrā.


Śrī Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava devatāyai namaḥ hṛdi

श्री स्वर्णाकर्षण भैरव देवतायै नमः हृदि

Touch the heart with the right palm.


hrīm̐ bījāya namaḥ guhye

ह्रीँ बीजाय नमः गुह्ये

Touch the genitalia with the right ring finger and thumb joined together.


klīm̐ śaktaye namaḥ pādayoḥ

क्लीं शक्तये नमः पादयोः 

Touch the feet with the right ring finger and thumb joined together.


saḥ kīlakāya namaḥ nābhau

सः कीलकाय नमः नाभौ

Touch the navel area with the right ring finger and thumb joined together.


mama-sarva-kāma-siddhayarthe pāṭhe viniyogāya namaḥ sarvāṅge

मम-सर्व-काम-सिद्धयर्थे पाठे विनियोगाय नमः सर्वाङ्गे

Run both the palms all over the body.


iti ṛṣyādi nyāsaḥ

इति ऋष्यादि न्यासः



5. karanyāsaḥ (करन्यासः) :-






hrām̐ aṅguṣṭhābhyāṃ namaḥ

ह्राँ अङ्गुष्ठाभ्यां नमः

Use both the index fingers and run them on both the thumbs.


hrīm̐ tarjanībhyāṃ namaḥ

ह्रीँ तर्जनीभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs and run them on both the index fingers.


hrūm̐ madhyamābhyāṃ namaḥ

ह्रूँ मध्यमाभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs on the middle fingers.


hraim̐ anāmikābhyāṃ namaḥ

ह्रैँ अनामिकाभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs on the ring fingers.


hraum̐ kaniṣṭhikābhyāṃ namaḥ

कनिष्ठिकाभ्यां नमः

Use both the thumbs on the little fingers.


hraḥ karatalakarapṛṣṭhābhyāṃ namaḥ

ह्रः करतलकरपृष्ठाभ्यां नमः

Open both the palms; run the opened palms ह्रौँ of the right hand on the front and back sides of the left palm and repeat the same for the other palm.


iti kara nyāsaḥ

इति कर न्यासः



6. aṅganyāsaḥ (अङ्गन्यासः) :-






hrām̐ hṛdayāya namaḥ

ह्राँ हृदयाय नमः

Open index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand and place them on the heart chakra.


hrīm̐ śirase svāhā

ह्रीँ शिरसे स्वाहा

Open middle and ring fingers of the right hand and touch the top of the forehead.


hrūm̐ śikhāyai vaṣaṭ

ह्रूँ शिखायै वषट्

Open the right thumb and touch the back of the head. This is the point where the tuft of hair, is kept.


hraim̐ kavacāya hum̐

ह्रैँ कवचाय हुँ

Cross both the hands and run the fully opened palms from shoulders to finger tips.


hraum̐ netratrayāya vauṣaṭ

ह्रौँ नेत्रत्रयाय वौषट्

Touch the eyes with the right index and ring fingers, with the middle finger touching the ājña cakra.


hraḥ astrāya phaṭ

ह्रः अस्त्राय फट्

Open up the left palm and strike it three times with index and middle fingers of the right hand.


iti ṣaḍaṅga nyāsaḥ

इति षडङ्ग न्यासः


bhūr-bhuva-ssuvarom-iti digbandhaḥ

भूर्भुवस्सुवरोमिति दिग्बन्धः॥

May all the directions be sealed and may no thoughts or disturbances impact our ability to recite the hymn.

7. dhyānaḥ (ध्यानः) -

mandāra-druma-mūla-bhāji vijite ratnāsane saṃsthite

divyaṃ cāruṇa-cañcukādhara-rucā devyā kṛtāliṅganaḥ 12

मन्दार-द्रुम-मूल-भाजि विजिते रत्नासने संस्थिते ।

दिव्यं चारुण-चञ्चुकाधर-रुचा देव्या कृतालिङ्गनः ॥ १२ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Lord, who resides in the midst of a mandāra (equated with the coral tree, Erythrina Indica) forest, unrivalled, powerful and radiant. Seated on a bejeweled throne, shining forth with red radiant beams of light, looking extremely handsome with a chiseled face and is lovingly hugged by His consort Bhairavi (Śiva – Śakti – aikya, the union of static and dynamic aspects of Super-consciousness).

bhaktebhyaḥ kara-ratna-pātra-bharitaṃ svarṇa dadhāno bhṛśam

svarṇākarṣaṇa-bhairavo bhavatu me svargāpavarga-pradaḥ 13

भक्तेभ्यः कर-रत्न-पात्र-भरितं स्वर्ण दधानो भृशम् ।

स्वर्णाकर्षण-भैरवो भवतु मे स्वर्गापवर्ग-प्रदः ॥ १३ ॥

Behold the One who has many devotees! The Divine Father is holding a vessel full of rare gems and treasures, gold and all types of riches. A vessel that can never be emptied and He showers His grace again and again upon His devotees and loads them with extreme prosperity and finally granting them liberation. Let us meditate upon the most magnanimous Lord Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava!

pārijāta druma kāntāre sthite māṇikya-maṇḍape

siṃhāsana gataṃ vande bhairavaṃ svarṇa-dāyakaṃ 14

पारिजात द्रुम कान्तारे स्थिते माणिक्यमण्डपे ।

सिंहासन गतं वन्दे भैरवं स्वर्णदायकं ॥ १४ ॥

He is in the midst of a forest full of the fragrant and mystical trees called pārijāta (equated with coral tree, Erythrina Indica) and in a hall of precious gems and crystals of unmatched beauty and glitter. He is to be meditated as, seated upon a royal lion faced throne and ready to bestow all types of riches as well as any wish of His sincere devotees.

gāṅgeya pātraṃ ḍamarūṃ triśūlaṃ varaṃ karaḥ sandadhataṃ trinetraṃ

devyāyutaṃ tapta-svarṇa-varṇa svarṇākarṣaṇa-bhairavam-āśrayāmi 15

गाङ्गेय पात्रं डमरूं त्रिशूलं वरं करः सन्दधतं त्रिनेत्रं ।

देव्यायुतं तप्तस्वर्णवर्ण स्वर्णाकर्षणभैरवमाश्रयामि ॥ १५ ॥

He is holding a golden vessel (kalaśa) full of precious stones, gold and all types of wealth [Alternately, gāṅgeya pātraṃ can also mean a vessel holding the water from the sacred Ganges river, but it is not applicable in this context], a musical drum (emanates all mystical vibrations, syllable mātṛka-s), a trident (to dispel the triads) and displaying the wish granting vara mudra. He is three-eyed (elevated ājñā cakra) and is worshipped by tens of thousands of devas and other celestials. He is radiant with a brilliant golden complexion and is the grantor of all types of unimaginable prosperity. Salutations to Bhairava, the most merciful and generous grantor of all types of abundance and prosperity!




mantraḥ (मन्त्रः) –

om̐ aim̐ hrīm̐ śrīm̐ aim̐ śrīm̐ āpaduddhāraṇāya hrām̐ hrīm̐ hrūm̐ ajāmala-baddhāya lokeśvarāya svarṇākarṣaṇa bhairavāya mama dāridrya vidveṣaṇāya mahābhairavāya namaḥ śrīm̐ hrīm̐ aim̐ 16

ॐ ऐँ ह्रीँ श्रीँ ऐँ श्रीँ आपदुद्धारणाय ह्राँ ह्रीँ ह्रूँ अजामलबद्धाय लोकेश्वराय स्वर्णाकर्षण भैरवाय मम दारिद्र्य विद्वेषणाय महाभैरवाय नमः श्रीँ ह्रीँ ऐँ  ॥ १६ ॥

The bīja (seed) mantra o represents Śabda Brahman and is also called the praṇava mantra or the primordial sound, the manifested super-consciousness in the form of sound and all syllables. All other sounds and waves are said to have emanated from this mantra.

The vāgbhāva bīja/seed mantra aim̐, represents all knowledge, spiritual and material.

The māyā bīja/seed mantra hrīm̐ represents manifestation of everything as the power of Creation, sustenance as the power of Preservation and transformation as the power of Destruction. It is also related to concentration, focus, energy, drive, self-esteem, high power and is the main śakti mantra.

The Lakṣmī bīja/seed mantra śrīm̐, represents abundance, wealth, well-being and prosperity, as well as fructification of all efforts.

The second vāgbhāva bīja/seed mantra aim̐, re-iterates the need to obtain all the knowledge we need to succeed in all our tasks and become accomplished.

The second Lakṣmī bīja/seed mantra śrīm̐, indicates the desire for fruition of all our efforts.

The word ‘āpaduddhāraṇāya’ signifies – the one who rescues us from all dangers and miserable conditions.

The bīja (seed) hrām̐ pulls us away from karmic bonds and infuses spirituality into our mind and intellect.

The hrīm̐ bīja (seed) represents the power of Destruction and applied to the individual self, it is the destruction of our inner karmic bonds represented by antaḥkaraṇa (mind, ego, intellect) that bind the consciousness to the physical, astral and causal bodies.

The form shifting kinnara bīja (seed) hrūm̐, brings complete transformation in our spiritual outlook and leads us towards self-realization. In this context Lord Bhairava is aided by the Divine Mother Bhairavi, who wields the power of Destruction and transformation and is the Destroyer of the Creation.

The word ‘ajāmala-baddhāya’ is a combination of ‘aja’ meaning – leader, ‘amala’ meaning – blemish-less and ‘baddhāya’ means – bound. He is a blemish-less leader and Lord and bound to the devotion of His devotees.

The word ‘lokeśvarāya’ signifies – the Lord who rules over all the worlds (and the Creation Itself).

The word ‘svarṇākarṣaṇa’ represents attraction of all types of abundance including gold, precious gems, money etc.

The word ‘bhairavāya’ represents the Lord ‘bhairava’, who is a terrific form of Lord Śiva and is seen as a Protector. He is worshipped as a generous boon giver by His devotees.

The word ‘mama’ means myself/us.

The word ‘dāridrya’ means all types of poverty, miseries and unfortunate conditions.

The word ‘vidveṣaṇāya’ signifies – the One who hates (dāridrya - poverty, misery and unfortunate conditions).

The word ‘mahābhairavāya’ represent Lord Śiva Himself as the chief Mahābhairava.

The namaḥ bīja (seed) mantra is for offering salutations to the deity and indicating our complete surrender and request to the deity to take charge of our destiny.

The bīja (seed) mantras śrīm̐, hrīm̐ and aim̐ are for encasing the mantra for added protection and easier fruition. This process of reversing the mantras at the end occurring earlier in the mantra, is called sampuṭīkaraṇa.

Salutations to the Supreme Lord Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava, the One who never fails to come to the rescue of His devotees, relieve us of all karmas, infuse uninhibited spirituality, material abundance and contentment in us and remove all types of misery from our lives once and for all.

stotra-pāṭha (॥ स्तोत्र-पाठ ॥) -

om̐ namaste bhairavāya brahma-viṣṇu-śivātmane

namas-trailokya vandhyāya varadāya varātmane 17

ॐ नमस्ते भैरवाय ब्रह्मविष्णुशिवात्मने ।

नमस्त्रैलोक्य वन्ध्याय वरदाय वरात्मने ॥ १७ ॥

Salutations to Lord Bhairava, who is Brahman Himself manifested as the Creator Lord Brahma, Preserver Lord Viṣṇu and the Destroyer Lord Rudra (Śiva). Salutations to the great lord who can make the barren fruitful, enrich the poverty stricken and elevate the downtrodden. Salutations to Him, who bestows all types of boons and never lets down His devotees!

ratna-siṃhāsanasthāya divyābharaṇa śobhine

divyamālya-vibhūṣāya namaste divya-mūrtaye 18

रत्नसिंहासनस्थाय दिव्याभरण शोभिने ।

दिव्यमाल्यविभूषाय नमस्ते दिव्यमूर्तये ॥ १८ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Lord, who is seated upon a diamond studded throne adorned with all types of rare precious stones, emitting great brilliance and splendor. He is also adorned by a garland of celestial and rare flowers, as well as, surrounded by all the celestial entities praying in all reverence to Him.

namaste'neka hastāya aneka śirase namaḥ

namaste'neka netrāya aneka vibhave namaḥ 19

नमस्तेऽनेक हस्ताय अनेक शिरसे नमः ।

नमस्तेऽनेक नेत्राय अनेक विभवे नमः ॥ १९ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Lord, who possesses innumerable hands (to bestow all types of boons and protection, as well as punishment), as well as innumerable heads (possesses knowledge of every kind – of the subtle and the gross forms of Reality, material knowledge related to any topic as well as scriptural knowledge of all types, known and unknown). Salutations to the One who has innumerable eyes (to watch over all happenings in the multi-dimensional multi-verse) and possesses power, might, riches, prosperity, exalted status and grandeur of all kinds, imaginable and unknown.

namaste'neka kaṇṭhāya anekāṃśāya te namaḥ

namaste'neka pārśvāya namaste divya tejase 20

नमस्तेऽनेक कण्ठाय अनेकांशाय ते नमः ।

नमस्तेऽनेक पार्श्वाय नमस्ते दिव्य तेजसे ॥ २० ॥

Salutations to the Divine Lord, who has innumerable throats (utters all the frequencies of sound that have been manifested and can communicate to any entity, living or non-living), as well as of numerous body parts (infinite in form or formless state and is simply indivisible). Salutations to the One who has innumerable and infinite sides and is at the same time near, as well as far from us (due to His infinite nature). Salutations to the One, who has the most spectacular splendor and brilliance about Him and the light and grace He sends forth to all the beings, as well as all the stars and objects of the entire Creation, that reflect and revel in His light.

anekāyudha yuktāya aneka sura sevine

aneka guṇa yuktāya mahādevāya te namaḥ 21

अनेकायुध युक्ताय अनेक सुर सेविने ।

अनेक गुण युक्ताय महादेवाय ते नमः ॥ २१ ॥

Salutations to the One, who holds various weapons in His innumerable hands and is the source of all power that exists in the Creation. Praise be upon Him, who has saved the celestials many a time during their worst crises and wars. Salutations to the One, who possesses all traits and qualities found in nature and also those that are unknown to us (He is good, bad, neutral, gentle, violent, emotional and everything else). Salutations to this great Lord, who is Brahman Himself manifested as Mahādevā (Lord Śiva).

namo dāridrya-kālāya mahā-sampad-pradāyine

śrī-bhairavī saṃyuktāya trilokeśāya te namaḥ 22

नमो दारिद्र्यकालाय महासम्पद्प्रदायिने ।

श्रीभैरवी संयुक्ताय त्रिलोकेशाय ते नमः ॥ २२ ॥

Salutations to the One who bestows immense wealth and prosperity to His devotees during the most crucial times and also dispels poverty of all types. Salutations to Him, who along with His consort and śakti Śrī Bhairavī (Tripura Bhairavi, one of the Daśamahāvidyā-s) rules over all the three realms.

digambara namas-tubhyaṃ divyāṅgāya namo namaḥ

namo'stu daitya-kālāya papa-kālāya te namaḥ 23

दिगम्बर नमस्तुभ्यं दिव्याङ्गाय नमो नमः ।

नमोऽस्तु दैत्यकालाय पापकालाय ते नमः ॥ २३ ॥

Salutations to the Lord, who is infinity personified and hence cannot be clothed and is unlimited in His limbs, forms and manifestations and is also formless at the same time. Salutations to the One who restrains the fierce celestial Daityas from wreaking havoc and evil of utmost severity. Salutations to Bhairava who saves everyone in His Creation that seeks His grace and looks upon Him!

sarvajñāya namas-tubhyaṃ namaste divya-cakṣuṣe

ajitāya namas-tubhyaṃ jita-mitrāya te namaḥ 24

सर्वज्ञाय नमस्तुभ्यं नमस्ते दिव्यचक्षुषे ।

अजिताय नमस्तुभ्यं जितमित्राय ते नमः ॥ २४

Salutations to the One who is the repository of all knowledge and holds the power of Divine foresight and is the cause of all happenings. He can never be conquered or subdued by any means and is also an ally of those who are subdued and seeking His protection. Salutations to the great Lord Bhairava!

namaste rudra-rūpāya mahāvīrāya te namaḥ

namo'sttv-ananta-vīryāya mahāghorāya te namaḥ 25

नमस्ते रुद्ररूपाय महावीराय ते नमः ।

नमोऽस्त्त्वनन्तवीर्याय महाघोराय ते नमः ॥ २५ ॥

Salutations to the One who is in the form of Lord Rudra, the Destroyer and possessor of immense strength, potential and humungous power manifested in the Creation. Salutations to the One who is verily the source of infinite power, will and courage. Salutations to the One who is also the most terrific and benevolent, as need be.

namaste ghora-ghorāya viśva-ghorāya te namaḥ

namaḥ ugrāya śāntāya bhaktānāṃ śānti-dāyine 26

नमस्ते घोरघोराय विश्वघोराय ते नमः ।

नमः उग्राय शान्ताय भक्तानां शान्तिदायिने ॥ २६ ॥

Salutations to the One who is the most benevolent and terrific and is also the Destroyer of the entire Creation, at the time of its dissolution (pralaya). Salutations to the most aggressive and war like, as well as the most composed and peaceful and the greatest beneficent to all His devotees, in bestowing everlasting happiness, comfort, joy and peace.

gurave sarva-lokānāṃ namaḥ praṇava-rūpiṇe

namaste vāgbhav-ākhyāya dīrgha-kāmāya te namaḥ 27

गुरवे सर्वलोकानां नमः प्रणवरूपिणे ।

नमस्ते वाग्भवाख्याय दीर्घकामाय ते नमः ॥ २७ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Father, who is the teacher and guru of the entire Creation and who is present in the form of the praṇava mantra om̐. Salutations to the great lord, who is omnipresent in the meaning of all the letters of the alphabet, including the alphabet and all the words and sound frequencies. Salutations to Him, who is the Creator and the doer of all major tasks and accomplishments and everything that is manifested in the Creation!

namaste kāma-rājāya yoṣita-kāmāya te namaḥ

dīrgha-māyā-svarūpāya mahā-māyāya te namaḥ 28

नमस्ते कामराजाय योषितकामाय ते नमः ।

दीर्घमायास्वरूपाय महामायाय ते नमः ॥ २८ ॥

Salutations to the One who is the embodiment of all love, adoration, affection, lust and all types of emotions. Salutations to the One who showers His affection and grace upon all women and empowers them to accomplish any task! Salutations to the One, who has unleashed the great cosmic illusion, called the Mahāmāya and is omnipresent within it and embodies it as well.

sṛṣṭi-māyā-svarūpāya nisarga-samayāya te

sura-loka-supūjyāya āpad-uddhāraṇāya ca 29

सृष्टिमायास्वरूपाय निसर्गसमयाय ते ।

सुरलोकसुपूज्याय आपदुद्धारणाय च ॥ २९ ॥

Salutations to the One, who is the embodiment of the cosmic illusion, that engulfs the entire Creation and generates a false sense of reality, that the unenlightened beings perceive. Salutations to the One who creates the perception of time and dispenses with it as desired. Salutations to the One who is prayed to at all times by the celestials and the One who comes to their, as well as to our rescue, during all crises and when most needed. Salutations to the One who never refuses to come to the rescue of His devotees and is always there, when called upon!

namo namo bhairavāya mahā-dāridrya-nāśine

unmūlane karmaṭhāya alakṣmyāḥ sarvadā namaḥ 30

नमो नमो भैरवाय महादारिद्र्यनाशिने ।

उन्मूलने कर्मठाय अलक्ष्म्याः सर्वदा नमः ॥ ३० ॥

Salutations to the Divine Bhairava, who destroys and eliminates even the worst cases of poverty. He skillfully uproots the poverty causing elements and provides the much needed succor, to all His devotees seeking His grace.

namo ajāmala-baddhāya namo lokeśvarāya te

svarṇākarṣaṇa-śīlāya bhairavāya namo namaḥ 31

नमो अजामलबद्धाय नमो लोकेश्वराय ते ।

स्वर्णाकर्षणशीलाय भैरवाय नमो नमः ॥ ३१ ॥

Salutations to the blemish-less Lord bound to the sincere devotion of His devotees and is the ruler of the entire Creation! Salutations to Bhairava, who showers all types of riches and prosperity as is His natural dispensation, to enrich His devotees and fulfill all their wants and protect them from all harm.

mama dāridrya vidveṣaṇāya lakṣyāya te namaḥ

namo loka-trayeśāya svānandaṃ nihitāya te 32

मम दारिद्र्य विद्वेषणाय लक्ष्याय ते नमः ।

नमो लोकत्रयेशाय स्वानन्दं निहिताय ते ॥ ३२ ॥

Salutations to the Lord, who detests and removes all of our unfortunate dispensations, financial crises, loans, debts and lack of prosperity. It becomes an objective to the Divine Lord, to come to the rescue of His devotees and ensure their well-being. Salutations to the Lord of all the three realms, who is self-sufficient and ever content in His disposition.

namaḥ śrī-bīja-rūpāya sarva-kāma-pradāyine

namo mahā-bhairavāya śrī-bhairava namo namaḥ 33

नमः श्रीबीजरूपाय सर्वकामप्रदायिने ।

नमो महाभैरवाय श्रीभैरव नमो नमः ॥ ३३ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Lord who is in the form of the śrī bīja śrīm̐, indicating prosperity, abundance and fertility. He is the fulfiller of all desires and wishes of His sincere devotees. Salutations to the One who is none other than Brahman, manifested as Lord Mahā Bhairava (Lord Śiva) and as the Preserver and Sustainer Lord Śrī Bhairava (Lord Viṣṇu).

dhan-ādhyakṣa namas-tubhyaṃ śaraṇyāya namo namaḥ

namaḥ prasanna ādi-devāya te namaḥ 34

धनाध्यक्ष नमस्तुभ्यं शरण्याय नमो नमः ।

नमः प्रसन्न आदिदेवाय ते नमः ॥ ३४ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Lord, who is the Lord of all wealth (Lord Viṣṇu) and is the Protector and savior of the entire Creation (Lord Viṣṇu). Salutations to the Divine Lord manifested as the Creator Ādi Deva (Brahma).

namaste mantra-rūpāya namaste mantra-rūpiṇe

namaste svarṇa-rūpāya suvarṇāya namo namaḥ 35

नमस्ते मन्त्ररूपाय नमस्ते मन्त्ररूपिणे ।

नमस्ते स्वर्णरूपाय सुवर्णाय नमो नमः ॥ ३५ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Lord, who is in the form of the mantra Itself and is also its power (śakti). Salutations to the Divine Lord, who is golden yellow in complexion and has a brilliant glow and golden hue.

namaḥ suvarṇa-varṇāya mahā-puṇyāya te namaḥ

namaḥ śuddhāya buddhāya namaḥ saṃsāra-tāriṇe 36

नमः सुवर्णवर्णाय महापुण्याय ते नमः ।

नमः शुद्धाय बुद्धाय नमः संसारतारिणे ॥ ३६ ॥

Salutations to the one, who is golden yellow in complexion and is most auspicious, sinless and is purity personified. Salutations to the One who is cleansed of all karmas, belongings and obsessions and is the superintelligence/super-consciousness Itself (Brahman). Salutations to Him, who is our protector and sustainer and will carry us through the journey of life and takes care of all our needs and that of our family.

namo devāya guhyāya pracalāya namo namaḥ

namaste bāla-rūpāya pareśāṃ balanāśine 37

नमो देवाय गुह्याय प्रचलाय नमो नमः ।

नमस्ते बालरूपाय परेशां बलनाशिने ॥ ३७ ॥

Salutations to the Divine Lord, who is all powerful, subtle, static and mobile and is omnipresent everywhere. Salutations to the One who is in the form of a lad as Vaṭuka Bhairava, representing the Creation Itself (Lord Brahma) and is the Supreme Reality - Brahman with imperishable power and sustenance. As Lord Rudra, He is also the Supreme power that destroys the entire Creation during the time of dissolution.

namaste svarṇa saṃsthāya namo bhūtala-vāsine

namaḥ pātāla-vāsāya anādhārāya te namaḥ 38

नमस्ते स्वर्ण संस्थाय नमो भूतलवासिने ।

नमः पातालवासाय अनाधाराय ते नमः ॥ ३८ ॥

Salutations to the One who is equated to the precious gold deposits on the Earth’s surface and One who is omnipresent on the Earth’s surface to assist His sincere devotees. Salutations to the One who is also present in the Earth’s crust and the netherworlds and dimensions to assist His sincere devotees. Salutations to the One, who needs no support or assistance to act upon or to sustain Himself!

namo namaste śāntāya anantāya namo namaḥ

dvi-bhujāya namas-tubhyaṃ bhuja-traya-suśobhine 39

नमो नमस्ते शान्ताय अनन्ताय नमो नमः ।

द्विभुजाय नमस्तुभ्यं भुजत्रयसुशोभिने ॥ ३९ ॥

Salutations to the One who is calm and composed and ushers in peace to all the realms. Salutations to the One who is eternal, infinite and omnipresent. Salutations to the One who has two arms (representing the dualities) and sometimes dazzles the realms with three arms (manifesting the triads).

namo'namādi siddhāya svarṇa-hastāya te namaḥ

pūrṇa-candra-pratīkāśa vadan-āmbhoja-śobhine 40

नमोऽनमादि सिद्धाय स्वर्णहस्ताय ते नमः ।

पूर्णचन्द्रप्रतीकाश वदनाम्भोजशोभिने ॥ ४० ॥

Salutations to the One who is the Supreme Self and bows to none (as all are part of the Supreme Self or super-consciousness) and is the first Siddha, the realized One! Salutations to the One whose hands are of gold (alluring to His ability to grant immense riches, gold, precious stones and all types of prosperity).  Salutations to the One who is as magnetic in appearance as a full moon in its golden disc form. Salutations to the One whose face dazzles and entices like a blossomed lotus.

namaste'stu-svarūpāya svarṇ-ālaṅkāra-śobhine

namaḥ svarṇ-ākarṣaṇāya svarṇ-ābhāya namo namaḥ 41

नमस्तेऽस्तुस्वरूपाय स्वर्णालङ्कारशोभिने ।

नमः स्वर्णाकर्षणाय स्वर्णाभाय नमो नमः ॥ ४१ ॥

Salutations to the One who is in His own mysterious form and can manifest anywhere and in anything, throughout the Creation. Salutations to the One who is bedecked in golden ornaments and dazzling with brilliance of golden hue. Salutations to the One whose worship attracts wealth, abundance and immense prosperity. Salutations to the one who looks very enticing and pleasing in a golden appearance.         

namaste svarṇa-kaṇṭhāya svarṇābhāmbara-dhāriṇe

svarṇa-siṃhāsana-sthāya svarṇa-pādāya te namaḥ 42

नमस्ते स्वर्णकण्ठाय स्वर्णाभाम्बरधारिणे ।

स्वर्णसिंहासनस्थाय स्वर्णपादाय ते नमः ॥ ४२ ॥

Salutations to the One who is golden throated and is adorned in golden garments. Salutations to the One, who is seated on a golden lion faced throne and has golden feet!

namaḥ svarṇabha-pādāya svarṇa-kāñcī-suśobhine

namaste svarṇa-jaṅghāya bhakta-kāmad-uddhātmane 43

नमः स्वर्णभपादाय स्वर्णकाञ्चीसुशोभिने ।

नमस्ते स्वर्णजङ्घाय भक्तकामदुद्धात्मने ॥ ४३ ॥

Salutations to the One, who has golden feet and dazzles with golden girdles around His waist and hips. Salutations to the One who has golden shanks (legs). Salutations to the One, who extricates and fulfills all the inner desires of His devotees.  

namaste svarṇa-bhaktāya kalpavṛkṣa-svarūpiṇe

cintāmaṇi-svarūpāya namo brahmādi-sevine 44

नमस्ते स्वर्णभक्ताय कल्पवृक्षस्वरूपिणे ।

चिन्तामणिस्वरूपाय नमो ब्रह्मादिसेविने ॥ ४४ ॥

Salutations to the One who is adored by the seekers of gold, wealth and prosperity, for He is also manifested in the form of the wish fulfilling celestial tree Kalpavṛkṣa. He is also manifested in the form of the fabulous wish fulfilling gem Cintāmaṇi. Salutations to the One who is served by the Creator Brahma and all other celestials and divine sages.

kalpadrumādyaḥ saṃsthāya bahu-svarṇa-pradāyine

namo hemākarṣaṇāya bhairavāya namo namaḥ 45

कल्पद्रुमाद्यः संस्थाय बहुस्वर्णप्रदायिने ।

नमो हेमाकर्षणाय भैरवाय नमो नमः ॥ ४५ ॥

Salutations to the One who is stationed in the enchanted forest of the quick wish fulfilling trees of paradise. Salutations to the One who bestows plenty of gold, wealth and prosperity. Salutations to Bhairava, whose worship attracts all types of prosperity, gold, precious stones and immense wealth! 

stavenānena santuṣṭo bhava lokeśa bhairava

paśya māṃ karuṇā-dṛṣṭyā śaraṇāgata-vatsala 46

स्तवेनानेन सन्तुष्टो भव लोकेश भैरव ।

पश्य मां करुणादृष्ट्या शरणागतवत्सल ॥ ४६ ॥

Oh Divine Lord Bhairava, the ruler of the world (universe, realms etc.), may these faultless verses (stotram) gladden your heart. Oh Divine Protector, may your divine grace full of mercy, love, affection, abounding in all kinds of auspiciousness, health and wealth, fall upon us and offer all the protection and care we seek.

phalaśruti ( फलश्रुति )  - (Expected results upon reciting the stotram on a regular basis)

śrī mahā-bhairavasyedaṃ stotram-uktaṃ sudur-labham

mantrātmakaṃ mahā-puṇyaṃ sarvaiśvarya-pradāyakam 47

श्री महाभैरवस्येदं स्तोत्रमुक्तं सुदुर्लभम् ।

मन्त्रात्मकं महापुण्यं सर्वैश्वर्यप्रदायकम् ॥ ४७ ॥

This stotram of Lord Śrī Mahā Bhairava, is said to be extremely rare and very difficult to obtain and recite. This is equivalent to a mantra to the Divine Lord and ushers immense auspiciousness, good karma, dissolves all sins and attracts all types of wealth, comforts, health, prosperity and happiness.

yaḥ paṭhen-nityam-ekāgraṃ pātakai sa pramucyate

labhate mahatīṃ lakṣmīm-aṣṭaiśvaryam-avāpnuyāt 48

यः पठेन्नित्यमेकाग्रं पातकै स प्रमुच्यते ।

लभते महतीं लक्ष्मीमष्टैश्वर्यमवाप्नुयात् ॥ ४८ ॥

One who recites this stotram with intense and single pointed devotion to Lord Bhairava, will be absolved of all sinful acts and bad karmas. Such a devotee will obtain immense riches, comforts, prosperity and all types of benefits beyond one’s imagination.

cintāmaṇim-avāpnoti dhenu kalpataruṃ dhruvam

svarṇa rāśim-avāpnoti śīghrameva na saṃśayaḥ 49

चिन्तामणिमवाप्नोति धेनु कल्पतरुं ध्रुवम् ।

स्वर्ण राशिमवाप्नोति शीघ्रमेव न संशयः ॥ ४९ ॥

All the wish fulfilling entities such as the wondrous wish fulfilling Cintāmaṇi tree, the wish fulfilling celestial cow and the happiness bestowing magical trees of paradise Kalpataru become accessible to the sincere devotees. Heaps of treasures and immense wealth gets bestowed very quickly. There is no reason to doubt this at all.

tri-sandhyaṃ yaḥ paṭhet-stotraṃ daśāvṛtyā narottamaḥ

svapne śrī bhairavas-tasya sākṣād-bhūtvā jagad-guruḥ 50

त्रिसन्ध्यं यः पठेत्स्तोत्रं दशावृत्या नरोत्तमः ।

स्वप्ने श्री भैरवस्तस्य साक्षाद्भूत्वा जगद्गुरुः ॥ ५० ॥

Those blessed devotees who sincerely and devotedly recite this stotram ten times daily at dawn, noon and dusk, will also be blessed by the appearance of the universal teacher and Jagad Guru Lord Śrī Bhairava Himself.

svarṇa-rāśiṃ dadāt-yasmai tat-kṣaṇaṃ nāsti saṃśayaḥ

aṣṭāvṛtyā paṭhet yastu sandhyāyāṃ vā narottamam 51

स्वर्णराशिं ददात्यस्मै तत्क्षणं नास्ति संशयः ।

अष्टावृत्या पठेत् यस्तु सन्ध्यायां वा नरोत्तमम् ॥ ५१ ॥

When multitude of riches get showered upon the devotee, all doubts will be put to rest, at that very moment. To obtain the same, the sincerest devotees should make all efforts to recite eight times at dawn, noon and dusk.

labhate sakalān kāmān saptāhānnātra saṃśayaḥ

sarvadaḥ yaḥ paṭhet-stotraṃ bhairavasya mahātmanāḥ 52

लभते सकलान् कामान् सप्ताहान्नात्र संशयः ।

सर्वदः यः पठेत्स्तोत्रं भैरवस्य महात्मनाः ॥ ५२ ॥

Doing so week long, one is bound to achieve success in all undertakings. One must continue to recite this stotram lifelong, to achieve all the benefits that can be bestowed by the Divine Lord Bhairava!

loka-trayaṃ vaśīkuryād-acalāṃ lakṣmīm-avāpnuyāt

na bhayaṃ vidyate na vāpi viṣa-bhūtādi sambhavam 53

लोकत्रयं वशीकुर्यादचलां लक्ष्मीमवाप्नुयात् ।

न भयं विद्यते न वापि विषभूतादि सम्भवम् ॥ ५३ ॥

All the three realms will be stunned at the progress of the devotee and the good fortune bestowed upon him. One need not have any fears or feel at loss for not acquiring enough knowledge. There shall be no harm caused to the devotees in large waters or from poisonous bites or via evil spirits. The protection of Lord Bhairava will keep away all harmful elements from impacting the sincere devotees.

mriyate śatravas-tasya alakṣmī nāśam-āpnuyāt

akṣayaṃ labhate saukhyaṃ sarvadā mānavottamaḥ 54

म्रियते शत्रवस्तस्य अलक्ष्मी नाशमाप्नुयात् ।

अक्षयं लभते सौख्यं सर्वदा मानवोत्तमः ॥ ५४ ॥

The devotee shall face no harm, death or defeat from any enemies or competitors and will never face misfortunes or loss of wealth at any time. All his wishes will be fulfilled on time and desired comforts and happiness will be available throughout his lifetime. Such sincere devotees will always have the grace of Lord Bhairava.

aṣṭa pañcāśad-varṇāḍhyo mantra-rājaḥ prakīrtitaḥ

dāridrya duḥkha-śamanaḥ va svarṇākarṣaṇa kārakaḥ 55

अष्ट पञ्चाशद्वर्णाढ्यो मन्त्रराजः प्रकीर्तितः ।

दारिद्र्य दुःखशमनः व स्वर्णाकर्षण कारकः ॥ ५५ ॥

The fifty-eight lettered king of all mantras of Lord Svarṇākarṣaṇa Bhairava, is praised by all, as the poverty alleviating and misery, misfortune removing remedy and ode. This mantra stotram can be recited along with it as a supplement, for quicker realization of benefits.

ya ena sañjaped-dhīmān stotraṃ vā prapaṭhet sadā

mahā bhairava sāyujyaṃ sa antakāle-labhed dhruvam 56

य एन सञ्जपेद्धीमान् स्तोत्रं वा प्रपठेत् सदा ।

महा भैरव सायुज्यं स अन्तकालेलभेद् ध्रुवम् ॥ ५६ ॥

The sincere devotees who recite this stotram on a daily or regular basis, will obtain all comforts and wealth lifelong and will never face any wants or suffer from miseries.

iti rudrayāmala-tantre svarṇākarṣaṇa-bhairava-stotraṃ sampūrṇam ॥

इति रुद्रयामलतन्त्रे स्वर्णाकर्षणभैरवस्तोत्रं सम्पूर्णम् ॥

(Thus ends the stotram called svarṇākarṣaṇa bhairava stotraṃ from Rudrayāmala tantra.)

This article is written by Krishna Vallapareddy and can be contacted at Krishna@manblunder.com