Sri Bagalāmukhī jayanti (12th May 2019)

Śrī Bagalāmukhī Devi is the eighth of the Daśa Mahāvidyās - the ten manifestation of the Divine Mother Śakti. She is glorified for Her ability to calm any storm, be it a massive storm annihilating the entire Creation or a torrent of worries beseeching our mind. She is also revered for Her ability, to stall the speech of those inflicting harm upon people.

Her weapon also called Brahmāstra – one capable of massive destruction, is mystified in the form of the sthira bīja called hlī. She is also revered through the Māyā bīja hrī and the Sthira Māyā bīja hlrī. Although the mantras of Śrī Bagalāmukhī Devi are for creating calmness and stalling all the internal chatter within the mind, The mantras are also used for subduing all types of enemies and keeping them at bay. She has the effect of bringing mass destruction to the enmity itself, as well inflicting irrecoverable damage to the enemies and crippling them.

From a spiritual perspective, One who does not control his/her mind, cannot progress spiritually beyond a certain point. No matter how much knowledge we acquire or how much time we spend on worship and mantra japa, it would not take us beyond a point and the higher stages of spiritual pursuits remain a dream, unless we have mastered the art of keeping the mind calm and composed, thereby granting maximum focus on our worship and adoration. The next step would then be the outpouring of the Divine grace through the discharge of the spiritual cerebral nectar, represented by the Divine Mother Mātaṅgī, the grantor of all knowledge.

In the Śrī Vidya practice, Śrī Bagalāmukhī Devi is represented as the Divine Mother Vārāhī, representing action guided by spiritual knowledge. The balance of Śrī Vārāhī as the right spiritual channel - piñgala nāḍi indicating action and Śrī Mātaṅgī, as the left spiritual channel indicating knowledge, together represent the rise of the Kuṇḍalinī.

Śrī Bagalāmukhī Devi jayanti, marking the initial emergence of the Diving Mother to rescue the entire Creation, is celebrated with great fervor by all her devotees, to obtain multifold benefits in the material and spiritual realms. Just like a baby that is instantly calmed by the touch and hold of its mother, the devotees instantly lose all their worries, by the grace of the Divine Mother Śrī Bagalāmukhī Devi and enjoy the blissful peace and happiness bestowed upon them.

This year Śrī Bagalāmukhī Devi jayanti falls on the 12th of May, which is also celebrated as Mother’s day all over. The benefits accrued by worshipping the Divine Mother on this day are manifold compared to regular days and Her devotees should make the best of it. She is easily pleased, by the recitation of Her stotras, kavacas and mantras.

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