Śrī Kirata Vārāhī Devī Stotram  ( श्री किराता वाराही देवी स्तोत्रम् )

When faced with extreme difficulties and near impossible to resolve situations, diseases, financial losses etc due to the most hideous karmas in our causal body, Worship of Śrī Vārāhī Devī and/or Śrī Pratyaṅgirā, is recommended to overcome or lessen the effects of the onslaughts faced. Ugra devatas or Terrific deities, have the abilities to resolve the problems quickly, but also take us through many ordeals hastily, before delivering the results. Some karmas have to be faced and the deities help us wade through them, by throwing a helping hand towards us.

Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī Stotram written by Sage Durvāsa, is one such special stotram to help invoke the grace of Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī, in the form of a huntress with devastating weapons at Her disposal, to help dig through our karmic baggage and uplift us from the ordeals we are facing, In the same manner as She saved the Earth, from the oceanic depths and the treachery of Hiraṇyākṣa.

Sage Durvāsa is my Para-Parameṣṭi Guru in our Guru Lineage as well as many other guru lineages. He is also referred to in the Śrī Vārāhī Sahasranāmam, as nāmā 295 “oṃ aiṃ glauṃ durvāsāyai namaḥ”, indicating that She pervades in sage Durvāsa.

May the stotram help us all in overcoming all difficulties and staying afloat, materially and spiritually. May She break through all our karmas and ultimately grant us self-realization and liberation.

asyaśrī kirātavārāhī stotramantrasya kirāta vārāhi ṛṣiḥ ।
anuṣṭup chandaḥ ।
śatrunivāriṇī vārāhī devatā ।
tadanugraheṇa sarvopadrava śāntyarthe jape viniyogaḥ ॥

अस्यश्री किरातवाराही स्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य किरात वाराहि ऋषिः ।
अनुष्टुप् छन्दः ।
शत्रुनिवारिणी वाराही देवता ।
तदनुग्रहेण सर्वोपद्रव शान्त्यर्थे जपे विनियोगः ॥


The huntress form of Śrī Vārāhī is worshipped in this hymn. She is worshipped for the annihilation of all enemies, internal and external. The sage/ṛṣiḥ is Kirāta Vārāhi Herself, The meter is anuṣṭup, the worshipped form of the goddess/devatā is śatrunivāriṇī vārāhī. Her blessings will bring immense peace and happiness, as well as prosperity to the worshippers.

Another viniyogaḥ also exists for this stotram, which may be recited in lieu or in addition to the above:-

asya śrī kirāta vārāhī stotra mahā maṃtrasya - dūrvāso bhagavān ṛṣiḥ ।
anuṣṭup chandaḥ ।
śrī kirāta vārāhī mudra rūpiṇī devatā ।
huṃ bījaṃ ।
raṃ śaktiḥ ।
klīṃ kīlakaṃ ।
mama sarva śatru kṣayārthaṃ śrī kirāta vārāhī stotra jape viniyogaḥ ॥

अस्य श्री किरात वाराही स्तोत्र महामंत्रस्य - दूर्वासो भगवान् ऋषिः ।
अनुष्टुप् छन्दः ।
श्री किरातवाराही मुद्रारूपिणी देवता ।
हुं बीजं ।
रं शक्तिः ।
क्लीं कीलकं ।
मम सर्वशत्रुक्षयार्थं श्री किरातवाराहीस्तोत्रजपे विनियोगः ॥


The huntress form of Śrī Vārāhī is worshipped in this hymn. She is worshipped for the annihilation of all enemies, internal and external. The sage/ṛṣiḥ is Durvāsa, The meter is anuṣṭup, the worshipped form of the goddess/devatā is śrī kirāta vārāhī mudra rūpiṇī. The seed syllable or bījaṃ is huṃ. The power or śaktiḥ is raṃ and the secret key or kīlakaṃ to this stotram, is klīṃ. Her blessings will bring immense peace and happiness, as well as prosperity to the worshippers.

stotramārambham ( स्तोत्रमारम्भम् ) :-

(The stotram begins)

ugra-rūpāṃ mahā-devīṃ śatru-nāśana-tat-parāṃ ।

krūrāṃ kirāta-vārāhīṃ vandehaṃ kārya-siddhaye ॥ 1

उग्ररूपां महादेवीं शत्रुनाशनतत्परां ।

क्रूरां किरातवाराहीं वन्देहं कार्यसिद्धये ॥ १ ॥

Salutations to the extremely fierce, aggressive and mighty Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī, the huntress who will not spare any enemies, internal and external. She will subdue and destroy them before they can cause us any harm. Salutations to the Divine Mother, whose blessings will help, in accomplishing any and every task.

sva-apahīnāṃ madālasyām-tām-mattām-madata-amasīṃ

damṣṭrā-karāla-vadanāṃ vikṛtāsyāṃ mahā-ravām ॥ 2

स्वापहीनां मदालस्याम्-अप्रमत्त-अमतामसीं 

दम्ष्ट्राकरालवदनां विकृतास्यां महारवाम् ॥ २ ॥

Salutations to Her who’s devoid of all defects and is self-virtuous and independent, requiring no attestation. She is devoid of indolence, laziness, drunkenness, anxiety, distress, disease and always remains in a very joyful and exuberant blissful state.

She has a face with protruding and very sharp diamond like teeth, that can pierce and tear apart anything. She is enormously infinite in size and dreadful by appearance and possesses a deafening and roaring sound.

She as the aspect of the Divine Mother Śakti, is independent and represents the power of Śiva. She is the Dynamic Superconsciousness from whom the individual conscience have emanated and present in us. Those who are devoid of faith and not pure of heart, do not have the ability to ascend to the higher planes of consciousness. One needs to be devoid of laziness, anxiety, distress, disease, addiction to intoxicants etc. to be able to energize and pierce the cakras present in our astral body. Śrī Vārāhī represents the piṅgala nāḍi or the right spiritual channel located at the bottom of the spine or suṣumna, indicating motion and physical activity. The left channel is iḍa nāḍi, represented by Rājā Mātaṅgi, indicating knowledge, sciences and arts. One needs both knowledge and action, to get into the spiritual path and help ascend the kuṇḍalini along the suṣumna, to gain self-realization and ultimately liberation from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Her sharp teeth indicate that She can digest and munch through all our karmas, however intense they maybe. Her horrific face reminds us of all the dangers and pitfalls we may face, should we deviate from the moralistic and spiritual path and sink in the quest for material riches.

ūrdhva-keśīm-ugra-dharāṃ soma-sūrya-agni-locanāṃ ।

locanāgni sphuliṅga-adyair-bhasmī kṛtvā jagat-trayam 3

ऊर्ध्वकेशीमुग्रधरां सोमसूर्याग्निलोचनां ।

लोचनाग्नि स्फुलिङ्गाद्यैर्भस्मी कृत्वा जगत्त्रयम् ॥ ३ ॥

Saluations to Her whose unkempt hair reaches out in all directions of the vast space. She is of a terrific and wrathful form. Her fiery and luminescent eyes, contain the energies of billions of suns and moons. Her glittering and fire-emitting sparkling form, can instantly incinerate anything and everything, including the universe and all the three realms, if She so wills.

She is the very cause of light and salvation, of all the realms of the multi-dimensional multi-verse.

Her luminescent eyes signify that She sees everything and acts upon the needs of Her sincere devotees.

Her wavy hair represents the waves of bliss emanating from Her in all directions.

jagat-trayaṃ modayantī-maṭṭa-hāsair-muhur-muhuḥ ।

khaḍgaṃ ca musalaṃ caiva pāśaṃ śoṇita-pātrakam 4

जगत्त्रयं मोदयन्तीमट्टहासैर्मुहुर्मुहुः ।

खड्गं च मुसलं चैव पाशं शोणितपात्रकम् ॥ ४ ॥

All the three realms rejoice and dance rhythmically to the beat of drums, with great joy, happiness and laughter incessantly.  They also rejoice at every moment, when Her benevolent grace descends upon them, by meditating upon Her form. She holds a sword that slices our ego and arrogance, a pestel to grind the universe to perfection, a red blood stained vessel that She uses to infuse life into all beings and a lasso/rope to rein in the errant beings and put them back on the moral and spiritual track.

dadhatīṃ pañcaśākhaiḥ svaiḥ svarṇa-ābharaṇa-bhūṣitāṃ ।

guñjā-mālāṃ śaṅkha-mālāṃ nānāratna-vibhūṣitām 5

दधतीं पञ्चशाखैः स्वैः स्वर्णाभरणभूषितां ।

गुञ्जामालां शङ्खमालां नानारत्नविभूषिताम् ॥ ५ ॥

She renders Herself as Pañcaśākha or Pañcami representing the five elements of air, ether, fire, water and earth, as well as the five states of consciousness etc. She is also adorned with all the gold and precious ornaments all over Her body. She wears necklaces of guñjā beads, conch shells as well as precious ornaments.

Her aspect as the Creator of the universe is highlighted in this verse. The necklace of beads signifies plants and vegetation; the shells specify sea-life. As Pañcami, She supports all the elements required for life sustenance. The precious gems signify all life, that’s precious to Her, as well as the natural elements, that abound all over the universe.

vairipatni-kaṇṭha-sūtra-cchedana kṣura-rūpiṇīṃ ।

krodhod-dhatāṃ prajāhantṛ kṣurike-vasthitāṃ sadā  6

वैरिपत्निकण्ठसूत्रच्छेदन क्षुररूपिणीं ।

क्रोधोद्धतां प्रजाहन्तृ क्षुरिकेवस्थितां सदा  ॥ ६ ॥

She is the power or śakti of Lord Varāha, a wrathful and fierce avatar of the Preserver Lord Viṣṇu, descended upon the Earth, to avenge the demonic behavior and injustice caused by the celestial asura/rākṣasa called Hiraṇyākṣa. She was very aggressive in annihilating the extremely powerful Hiraṇyākṣa, who was undefeated by any celestial suras or gods or any other beings. His head was severed brutally in the horrific fight by a razor sharp sword.

She is there to avenge and destroy all hatred and evil, as well as save the mankind and all beings, through Her swift and effective action, at all times.

The Divine Mother can be meditated upon, to rescue us from all evil doers and also help cleanse our sins and place us on the righteous path. She holds the entire creation on Her tusks and is always there, to rescue us from misery, at all times.

 vairipatni-kaṇṭha-sūtra-cchedana literally means breaking the maṇgala sutra, a chain worn by married women signifying protection of their marital bond from the ill effects of the planet Mars and all evil influences on their marriage. The Divine Mother will not hesitate in Her aspect as the destroyer, to get rid of evil beings, even if they’re seeking divine protection for their evil deeds and survival. Those not following the righteous path have every reason to fear the wrath of the Divine Mother.

jitarambhoru-yugaḻāṃ ripusaṃhā-tāṇḍavīṃ

rudraśaktiṃ parāṃ vyaktām-īśvarīṃ para-devatām  7

जितरम्भोरुयुगलां रिपुसंहाताण्डवीं ।

रुद्रशक्तिं परां व्यक्तामीश्वरीं परदेवताम्  ॥ ७ ॥

She has massive, fascinating and very strong pair of thighs that She uses to ring in, the dance of destruction for all evil-doers like the asurā-s. She is the ever prevailing, manifested power or śakti of the Destroyer Rudra and is also the protector of all beings including the celestial gods or devatā-s.

vibhajya kaṇṭha-damṣṭra-abhyāṃ pibantīm-asṛjaṃ ripoḥ ।

gokaṇṭhamiva śārdūlo gajakaṇṭhaṃ yathā hariḥ 8

विभज्य कण्ठदम्ष्ट्राभ्यां पिबन्तीमसृजं रिपोः ।

गोकण्ठमिव शार्दूलो गजकण्ठं यथा हरिः ॥ ८ ॥

In Her aspect as the Destroyer, She munches and drinks the entire creation, that She Herself has manifested in Her aspect as the Creator. She is like the lion which clutches a cow by it’s neck or like Lord Viṣṇu who cuts the neck of Gajāsura with His sudarṣana cakra.

kapotāyāśca vārāhī pataty-aśanayā ripau ।

sarva śatruṃ ca śuṣyantī kampantī sarva-vyādhayaḥ  9

कपोतायाश्च वाराही पतत्यशनया रिपौ ।

सर्व शत्रुं च शुष्यन्ती कम्पन्ती सर्वव्याधयः  ॥ ९ ॥

Śrī Vārāhī descends like a bird swooping down to catch it’s prey. All the enemies become gradually weaker and timid trembling with fear, as though suffering from every disease.

She preys upon all our fears and removes our sins and karmas, as well as all other internal defects that we possess, as long as we’re righteous and sincere in our devotion to Her.

vidhi viṣṇu-śivendrādyā mṛtyu-bhīti-parāyaṇāḥ ।

evaṃ jagat-traya-kṣobha-kāraka krodha-samyutām 10

विधि विष्णुशिवेन्द्राद्या मृत्युभीतिपरायणाः ।

एवं जगत्त्रयक्षोभकारक क्रोधसम्युताम् ॥ १० ॥

Even the Creator Brahma, Preserver Viṣṇu and the Destroyer Rudra, as well as all the celestial gods such as Indra and others, live in perpetual fear of Her aspect, as the Dissolver of the universe or the cosmic egg Brahmāṇḍa. In this aspect, She causes great destruction and agitation amongst all creation and ends everything in Her devastation.

sādhakānāṃ puraḥ sthitvā pravadantīṃ muhūrmuhuḥ ।

pracarantīṃ bhakṣayāmi tapas-sādhakate ripūn 11

साधकानां पुरः स्थित्वा प्रवदन्तीं मुहूर्मुहुः ।

प्रचरन्तीं भक्षयामि तपस्साधकते रिपून् ॥ ११ ॥

She proclaims Her arrival as Vārtāli, the Divine Messenger and remains firmly rooted in the minds and hearts of Her devotees and blesses them incessantly and at every moment.  As announced, She arrives and consumes all offerings made to Her in the sacrificial fire.

The sacrificial fire and the offerings refer to our inner ego, pride, greed and everything else that we can offer Her. The inner sacrifice of all our internal evils are to be offered to obtain Her full grace.

te'pi yāno brahma-jihvā śatrumāraṇa-tatparāṃ ।

tvag-asṛṅ-māṃsa-medosthi-majja-aśuklāni sarvadā 12

तेऽपि यानो ब्रह्मजिह्वा शत्रुमारणतत्परां ।

त्वगसृङ्मांसमेदोस्थिमज्जाशुक्लानि सर्वदा ॥ १२ ॥

As mandated by the Creator Lord Brahma, She reaches out riding Her vehicle to annihilate all our enemies at all times, without fail. She manifests in a physical form at all times, with an enormous tongue, skin, blood, flesh, fat, bones and dark in complexion.

bhakṣayantīṃ bhaktaśatro racirāt-prāṇa-hāriṇīṃ ।

evaṃ vidhāṃ mahādevīṃ yācehaṃ śatrupīḍanam 13

भक्षयन्तीं भक्तशत्रो रचिरात्प्राणहारिणीं ।

एवं विधां महादेवीं याचेहं शत्रुपीडनम् ॥ १३ ॥

All enemies of the devotees, internal and external, would be destroyed and consumed. Within a very short duration, their life would be sucked out like a hunter killing a deer. The Divine Mother deploys Her strategies of annihilating the enemies and rendering them immobile as and when needed, to protect Her devotees.

śatru-nāśana-rūpāṇi karmāṇi kuru-pañcami ।

sarva-śatru-vināśārthaṃ tvāmahaṃ śaraṇaṃ gataḥ 14

शत्रु-नाशन-रूपाणि कर्माणि कुरु-पञ्चमि ।

सर्व-शत्रु-विनाशार्थं त्वामहं शरणं गतः ॥ १४ ॥

Oh Divine Mother, the One who’s endowed with all the qualities of annihilating enemies, both internal and external, please exonerate us from our karmas and protect as the Divine Pañcami, the cause of all the five natural elements air, ether, fire, water and earth. It is through your very grace, that the five Pāṇḍavā-s of the Kuru dynasty, referred to in the great epic Mahābhārata, carried out every task that was assigned to them and fulfilled their karmas and duties. Salutations to you, Oh Divine Mother, who blesses us immensely upon destroying all our enemies and granting us everlasting prosperity.

tasmād-avaśyaṃ śatrūṇāṃ vārāhi kuru nāśanaṃ ।

pātumichāmi vārāhi devi tvaṃ ripu-karmataḥ 15

तस्मादवश्यं शत्रूणां वाराहि कुरु नाशनं ।

पातुमिछामि वाराहि देवि त्वं रिपुकर्मतः ॥ १५ ॥

Oh Divine Mother Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī, You never fail to come to our rescue, in defeating our enemies. Oh Vārāhī devi! You always protect us from any pain and deceit, that may cross our path in our daily karmas.

māraya-āśu mahādevi tatkathāṃ tena karmaṇā ।

āpada-śśatru-bhūtāyā grahotthā rājakāśca yāḥ 16

मारयाशु महादेवि तत्कथां तेन कर्मणा ।

आपदश्शत्रुभूताया ग्रहोत्था राजकाश्च याः ॥ १६ ॥

Oh Divine Mother Mahādevi, Your actions are performed very swiftly and are most effective. One is amazed at your modus operandi!  

Lo behold! As She rescues us from grave danger and delivers the death blow to all the evil spirits and enemies, One instantly receives all the benefits that would be obtained, during the astrological phase of the most benefic planet in transit.

nānāvidhāśca vārāhi stambha-yāśu nirantaraṃ ।

śatru-grāma-gṛhān-deśān-rāṣṭrāny-api ca sarvadā 17

नानाविधाश्च वाराहि स्तम्भयाशु निरन्तरं ।

शत्रुग्रामगृहान्देशान्राष्ट्रान्यपि च सर्वदा ॥ १७ ॥

Oh Divine Mother Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī, You have innumerable ways of stalling the enemies and making them embrace defeat in all their efforts, every time. They face defeat from us in every village, house, establishment, region, continent, state and country. There is not a single place that the enemies can escape to and will always face defeat by your divine grace!

uccāṭa-yāśu vārāhi vṛkavat-pramatha-āśu tān ।

amukāmuka-saṃjñāṃśca śatrūṇāṃ ca parasparam 18

उच्चाटयाशु वाराहि वृकवत्प्रमथाशु तान् ।

अमुकामुकसंज्ञांश्च शत्रूणां च परस्परम् ॥ १८ ॥

Oh Divine Mother Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī, You can ruin, tear apart and torment the enemies directly and cause heavy damage upon them. Some of those who do recover consciousness from the onslaught, will cling to each other and live in great fear forever.

vidveṣaya mahādevi kurvantaṃ me prayojanaṃ ।

yathā naśyanti ripavastathā vidveṣaṇaṃ kuru 19

विद्वेषय महादेवि कुर्वन्तं मे प्रयोजनं ।

यथा नश्यन्ति रिपवस्तथा विद्वेषणं कुरु ॥ १९ ॥

Oh Divine Mother Mahādevi, You continuously perform and exhibit your grace, with the aim and purpose of destroying evil of all kinds. All evil doers and enemies, will continuously attract your wrath and destruction.

yasmin kāle ripustambhaṃ bhakṣaṇāya samarpitaṃ ।

idānīmeva vārāhi bhūṅ-kṣvedaṃ kāla-mṛtyuvat 20

यस्मिन् काले रिपुस्तम्भं भक्षणाय समर्पितं ।

इदानीमेव वाराहि भूङ्क्ष्वेदं कालमृत्युवत् ॥ २० ॥

Oh Divine Mother Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī, When the enemies and evil have taken firm root and hatred has consumed the society at large and chaos prevails all around, You appear instantly at that time and shoulder the responsibility of restoring order and peace to the world and universe, by destroying the evil.

 Our inner enemies such as anger, greed, ego, pride etc. ensure our continuous existence on the Earth plane via rebirth, due to the prārabdha karma or the remaining leftover karma. As long as karma is not exhausted, one cannot move to higher planes of existence or reach liberation. There are two types of death - Apamṛtyu and kālamṛtyu. Apamṛtyu refers to the continuous life-death-rebirth cycle and the soul/atma continues to toil due to the leftover karmas. Apamṛtyu occurs again and again, whereas kālamṛtyu happens only once, when the karmas are fully exhausted and liberation is granted. The role of Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī is referred to here, in a subtle manner, to indicate that She destroys the inner enemies completely to attain final salvation.


māṃ dṛṣṭvā ye janā nityaṃ vidveṣanti hasanti ca

dūṣayanti ca nindanti vārāhyetān pramāraya 21

मां दृष्ट्वा ये जना नित्यं विद्वेषन्ति हसन्ति च ।

दूषयन्ति च निन्दन्ति वाराह्येतान् प्रमारय ॥ २१ ॥

After observing the behavior of people and their ensuing hatred, Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī bursts in laughter and puts to death all such negative behavior amongst people and ends the corruption, blame game etc to rein in everlasting peace.

hantu te musalaḥ śatrūn āśaneḥ patanādiva ।

śatrudehān halaṃ tīkṣṇaṃ karotu śakalīkṛtān 22

हन्तु ते मुसलः शत्रून् आशनेः पतनादिव ।

शत्रुदेहान् हलं तीक्ष्णं करोतु शकलीकृतान् ॥ २२ ॥

She deploys Her weapons such as the pestel, to slay enemies and flings them far away to descend to their death. The bodies of the enemies are cut into pieces by the sharp and extremely effective spade and thrown asunder.

hantu gātrāṇi śatrūṇāṃ daṃṣṭrā vārāhi te śubhe ।

siṃha-daṃṣṭraiḥ pādanakhair-hatvā śatrūn su-dus-sahān 23

हन्तु गात्राणि शत्रूणां दंष्ट्रा वाराहि ते शुभे

सिंहदंष्ट्रैः पादनखैर्हत्वा शत्रून् सुदुस्सहान् २३

She has protected the Earth itself, on Her tusks to prevent the asura Hiraṇyākṣa from causing intense damage. She has thus protected the denizens of Earth from great harm and ushered in peace and prosperity with Her timely action and grace. Her large, sharp, lion like teeth and toe nails can tear apart even the evilest and treacherous enemies, including all asurā-s or demon like beings. The slaying of Hiraṇyākṣa, Mahiṣa etc are depicted in this manner.

The gravitational force protecting the earth and holding it in the orbit around the sun, as well as the atmosphere protecting the earth from radiation, is subtly conveyed.

pādair-nipīḍya śatrūṇāṃ gātrāṇi mahiṣo yathā ।

tāṃs-tāḍayanti śṛṅga-abhyāṃ ripuṃ nāśaya medhunā 24

पादैर्निपीड्य शत्रूणां गात्राणि महिषो यथा ।

तांस्ताडयन्ति शृङ्गाभ्यां रिपुं नाशय मेधुना ॥ २४ ॥

After having crushed the enemies of the Earth under Her feet in this manner, She rides Her mount Mahiṣa, the bull and strikes a victorious tone with an elephant horn, further causing fear amongst all evil-doers and deceitful people at once!

kim-uktair-bahubhir-vākyai racirā-cchatru-nāśanaṃ ।

kuru vaśyaṃ kurukuru vārāhi bhakta-vatsale 25

किमुक्तैर्बहुभिर्वाक्यै रचिराच्छत्रुनाशनं ।

कुरु वश्यं कुरुकुरु वाराहि भक्तवत्सले ॥ २५ ॥

What more needs to be said of Her abundant ways of trouncing the enemies and eradicating evil? One only needs to pray very sincerely to Her and obtain Her grace, to banish all evil internal and external to themselves and dwell in everlasting peace.

etat-kirāta-vārāhyaṃ stotram-āpan-nivāraṇaṃ ।

mārakaṃ sarva-śatrūṇāṃ sarva-abhīṣṭa-phala-pradam 26

एतत्किरातवाराह्यं स्तोत्रमापन्निवारणं ।

मारकं सर्वशत्रूणां सर्वाभीष्टफलप्रदम् ॥ २६ ॥

This kirāta vārāhi stotram is the hymn, that needs to be recited for getting rid of all enemies, internal and external and also for obtaining all desired results, with the grace of Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī.

trisandhyaṃ paṭhate yastu stotrokta-phalam-aśnute ।

musalenātha śatrūṃśca mārayanti smaranti ye 27

त्रिसन्ध्यं पठते यस्तु स्तोत्रोक्तफलमश्नुते ।

मुसलेनाथ शत्रूंश्च मारयन्ति स्मरन्ति ये ॥ २७ ॥

Reciting the stotram at dawn, noon and dusk, will enable the unlocking of it’s energies and benefits for the benefit of all devotees. One’s enemies are destroyed, by mere thought of the divine pestel that Śrī Kirāta Vārāhī holds in Her hands.

tār‍kṣya-arūḍhāṃ suvarṇābhāṃ japat-teṣāṃ na saṃśaya ।

acirād-dustaraṃ sādhyaṃ hastenā-kṛpya dīyate 28

तार्क्ष्यारूढां सुवर्णाभां जपत्तेषां न संशय ।

अचिराद्दुस्तरं साध्यं हस्तेनाकृप्य दीयते ॥ २८ ॥

The Divine Mother with a brilliant hue, that lights up the heavens and the entire universe, will dismount from Her horse and will undoubtedly, fulfill all the desires of Her devotees. She will instantly resolve the most difficult and near impossible tasks, with a mere blessing from Her raised palm.

evaṃ dhyāyej-japed-devīm-ākarṣaṇa-phalaṃ labhet ।

aśvārūḍhāṃ rakta-varṇāṃ rakta-vastrādy-alaṅkṛtām  29

एवं ध्यायेज्जपेद्देवीमाकर्षणफलं लभेत् ।

अश्वारूढां रक्तवर्णां रक्तवस्त्राद्यलङ्कृताम्  ॥ २९ ॥

By recitation of this stotram and by deeply meditating upon Her, the Divine Mother grants all the wishes and desires that one may have. The Divine Mother in the form of Aśvārūḍhā, the chief of all cavalry under Śrī Vārāhī, riding Her red horse Aparājita and wearing red colored clothes and ornaments, surges in instantly in aid of Her devotees, to fulfill all their wishes.

evaṃ dhyāyej-japed-devīṃ jana-vaśyam-āpnuyāt ।

daṃṣṭra-adhṛta-bhujāṃ nityaṃ prāṇa-vāyuṃ prayacchati 30

एवं ध्यायेज्जपेद्देवीं जनवश्यमाप्नुयात् ।

दंष्ट्राधृतभुजां नित्यं प्राणवायुं प्रयच्छति ॥ ३० ॥

By deeply contemplating upon Her form, One easily obtains all the power, to attract all beings, objects and desires. She protects ceaselessly with Her tusks and arms and stays with us in every breath we take and lifelong.

durvāsyāṃ saṃsmared-devīṃ bhū-lābhaṃ yāti buddhimān ।

sakaleṣṭārthadā devī sādhaka stotra durlabhaḥ 31

दुर्वास्यां संस्मरेद्देवीं भूलाभं याति बुद्धिमान् ।

सकलेष्टार्थदा देवी साधक स्तोत्र दुर्लभः ॥ ३१ ॥

By remembering and praising Śrī Vārāhī through this stotram composed by the sage Durvāsa, The wise devotees obtain unlimited land holdings and every desire that they seek. As difficult as it maybe, One must try their best, to obtain and recite this stotram, to realize all their heartfelt wishes, dreams and desires!

iti śrī kirāta vārāhī stotram samāptaṃ ॥
इति श्री किरात वाराही स्तोत्रम् समाप्तं ॥

Thus ends the stotram of śrī kirāta vārāhī

The above article is written by Krishna Vallapareddy and he can be contacted at Krishna@manblunder.com