This is part IX of kundalini series. Synchronization of various activities is important in making kundalini ascend through the central canal of the sushumna or the spinal cord. We will now look into one more exercise to pull the kundalini up from the lower chakras. When you inhale, push back your shoulders and immediately raise your shoulders and visualise that prana is entering through the sushumna. In other words, you have to visualize that you are breathing in and out through the sushumna. It is not that you are breathing through sushumna, but this visualization is just to concentrate on the kundalini and its path. Your shoulders should move like (. When you inhale, you should do moolabhandha, your stomach should bloat, your shoulders should rise as shown above and your mind should concentrate on the chakra with its associated colour. All these four should be synchronized while moving the kundalini from one chakra to another chakra.

Possibly, you may find it difficult to visualise the change of colour from chakra to chakra. But it is not that difficult. For example, when you move your kundalini from the muladhara chakra to swadishtan chakra, the deep red colour of muladhara chakra will get diluted to orange colour and will be further diluted to yellow in the naval chakra. The concept of colour will go off with your persistent practice and by experience you can move your kundalini from one chakra to another. It is not enough to move the kundalini from one chakra to another, but to activate each of the six chakras. We are going to discuss more about activating chakras later. Proper activation of the chakras may possibly give you some sort of super human powers. But mostly this may not happen to most of you due to the lack of adequate practice. When chakras are activated, you can feel the energy radiating from the chakra both from and back sides. In the last series we have learnt to penetrate the brahma granthi. Once kundalini pierces the brahma granthi it goes to swadishtan chakra easily. From swadishtan it moves next to naval chakra or manipura chakra. Let us now discuss swadishtan chakra. This is situated just above the coccyx.

This chakra is associated with orange colour and hence you have to meditate on this chakra with orange colour. When this chakra is activated, you will feel the pressure above the coccyx. This chakra is associated with water. You are now in a stage where you can think of getting liberated as this chakra is associated with mind. Now the situation is slightly different from your association with muladhara chakra. In the base chakra you are totally attached to the worldly things and activities. In swadishtan also you are still attached to the worldly things and acts, but the only difference is that you are now inclined to think about divinity. In muladhara chakra you had no time to think about your spiritual progress. In this chakra, you have some time to think about spirituality. The change in your attitude is because of your willingness to understand the evil effects of ego. Water has the capacity to purify. Since this chakra is associated with water, you get purified in this chakra. Your desire for sex comes down, if this chakra is fully activated. This chakra also continues to be associated with tamo guna, as this chakra is just about couple of inches away from the muladhara chakra. Your level of consciousness increases. You have commenced your spiritual journey from this chakra.