Tantra and Five Elements is part VI of tantra series. After performing all the ceremonies discussed in our earlier postings on tantra, the sadhaka will now be ready to help others. When the sadhaka is approached for help, a true practitioner will weigh the consequences of redressing the problems. Normally a study of the horoscope of the person on whose behalf of the remedy is sought. Generally there are two types of afflictions in a horoscope. One is called gross affliction and the other is called subtle affliction. This study is made not merely on the basis of the natal (D 1) chart, but also with the navamasa (D 9) chart. No proper interpretations can be given by an astrologer without studying these two charts together. The gross afflictions in a horoscope can be generally removed by performing certain remedies. But it is extremely difficult to remove subtle afflictions in a horoscope. The unending sufferings of certain persons are because of these subtle afflictions. A true tantric practitioner will find out whether the afflictions are removable. Generally he will not entertain requests to remove the subtle afflictions. He knows that the person is suffering due to huge accumulation of his karmas. However the intensity of the sufferings can be reduced to an extent, by performing certain remedies.

The gross afflictions in a horoscope can be easily rectified over a period of time. Once the practitioner accedes to a request of rectifying the gross afflictions in a horoscope, he has to recite the mantra of his deity for a certain number of times spread over a few days. Once the prescribed number of recitation is completed, he has to perform a series of rituals for invoking the deity. If the deity is satisfied with the rituals performed, she grants the boon sought by the practitioner. The boon granted by his deity is then passed on by different means to the person who sought his help. If the boon or blessings of the deity is properly passed to that person by the practitioner, one can be confident of 100% cure. The sadhaka is then monetarily compensated. The misconception arises only in performing the rituals discussed above. Now let us analyze the significance of these rituals, why they are important and the misconceptions about the practice. We have discussed about the creation of the universe in Lalitha Sahasranamam 249 and 250. The universe was created and sustained only by the five basic elements ether, air, fire, water and the earth. These five elements are effectively administered by Shakthi, who is considered as the Supreme authority. That is why She is called the Divine Mother. Further, as for as the ritual worships are concerned, She manifests in different forms, each form representing different activities in the universe.

For example oceans or any other water bodies are worshiped as Lord Varuna, the air as Lord Vayu, etc and all these gods are mere representatives of Her. That is why when there is no rain, Lord Varuna is invoked; to extinguish fire, Lord Agni is invoked, etc. The basic cause of sufferings of a person is due to his karma. The karma makes a person to suffer by causing changes in the combination of these five elements in a human body. Every living being is made up of these five elements in a prescribed proportion and if any of these elements exceed or decrease the limit prescribed, the particular element then is the cause for affliction. Such afflictions manifest in the form of decease, sufferings, miseries or even death due to that element. If we could analyze deeply, we can understand the concept karma unfolding through the five elements. (to be continued)

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