Gita series – part 18. Bhagavad Gita Chapter II - Verses– 35-37:

Irrespective of Krishna’s sermons, every conflict that is happening today in this world is provoked with the ill-gotten ego of religious fanatics. God never created humanity based on religion that is rabid. For Him, Jesus, Krishna and Mohamed are not different. This thought is to be sown at least in the younger minds now, which could pave way for the universal brotherhood. Krishna continues to address Arjuna; “Those who held you in high esteem will now assume that you have shunned this battle out of fear. Your enemies will make contemptuous comment on your capability. What could be more distressing than such comments? If you are killed in the battle, you will reach the Heaven. If you are victorious, you will enjoy in this earth. Kaunteya! Therefore rise up, by firmly deciding to wage this battle” (verses 35-37). Kaunteya means son of Kunti. The warriors are respected on the talent of their ability and capacity to fight.

Arjuna is considered as the best amongst the warriors, therefore he was held in high esteem by everybody. If a warrior of Arjuna’s caliber refuses to fight, out of love for his kith and kin, he will lose his credibility and fame and his enemies will view him as a man of disrepute who fears for his life. He will be jeered and mocked and nothing could be worse than this for a warrior of Arjuna’s caliber. There can be only two results in a battle, victory or defeat. Krishna says that Arjuna would go to the Heaven if he is killed in the battle. Krishna knows the great qualities of Arjuna. If Arjuna wins this battle, he will enjoy all material comforts of being a kind. Going to Heaven or hell depends upon one’s thoughts than actions as the latter arises only out of thoughts. Propagation of good thoughts depends upon the mind, which functions based on the data provided by the sense organs. That is why it has been stressed time and again to control the sensory perceptions. Bondage, desire, anger, ego and lust arise out of attaching more importance to the sensory organs. Happiness and sorrow are the products of mind and body, the former being the source of the latter. If one has a balanced mind, uninfected either by happiness or sorrow, the mental conflicts do not arise giving no room for physical infirmity.

Arjuna happened to be in this situation due to his afflicted mind. There are certain noteworthy points in these verses. Life itself is full of conflicts that have to be fought with determination and conviction. When one learns to endure the difficult times, he is better tuned to reap success in future. Crumbling under pressure does more harm than good. If one learns to fight against the odds in this birth, his soul gets endowed with capacity to fight in future births. Unless persistent efforts are made to fight against the evils of the sensory organs and ultimately win over them, the final liberation of his soul could well be a distant possibility. (to be continued)

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