The enlightenment is caused by modification that involves our spine and the brain. The modification cannot be done over night. It should be a continuous process beginning with rituals. Rituals could be anything like visiting places of worship, fire rituals, prayers, etc. For enlightenment, knowledge is paramount. The stage of samadhi can be reached not just by knowledge alone, though knowledge is the key ingredient. Internal exploration is equally important to reach the stage of samadhi or trance. Internal exploration coupled with knowledge and prana (combination of consciousness and breath) leads to metaphysical experience, which we call as siddhis. When this combination is formed in right proportion, kundalini begins its ascent from the base chakra, towards the brain. There is a distinct difference in the arousal of kundalini by way of yoga and by way of devotion.

The main difference between the two is in the paranormal state of mind. The kundalini that was aroused by means of devotion leads to bliss and this bliss is to be experienced to explain. We are not discussing about the awakening of kundalini through yoga here. Experience of bliss differs from one person to another and the cause of difference is due to the intensity of devotion. The final liberation is achieved only through devotion and not merely by practicing yoga postures. The pure devotion alone causes modification in the level of intellect. Only in the case of devotion, we can talk about the triad – the knowledge, knower and the known. When knower and known merges, the enlightenment is achieved. It is the union of cosmos with the self. Whenever we talk about realization, enlightenment or any other spirituality related issues, we have to understand that mind is a major player. From the initial stages of ritual worship to the advanced stages of metaphysical experience, mind plays an important role.

The all powerful mind uses its creative power by transforming itself into universal consciousness, which is called infinite. This is a stage beyond time and space. One of the products of the mind, intelligence is a process of inference gained through worldly experience. Someone who believes (the cause of belief is his intelligence) in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension believes in the union of self with the cosmos. His belief is not attained in a single day, but over a period of time by consistent inputs to his mind. Due to this process his perception about mystic quality undergoes a change which leads from duality to unity. This is the stage when he enters the fourth stage called turiya, the other three being awake, dream and deep sleep. The knowledge is further refined in this fourth stage where the past impressions of the mind are totally destroyed and eradicated, resulting in the creation of a fresh and new self. He realizes that he was created from Him and to be dissolved in Him. Material universe does not bother him anymore. Mystical ecstasies do not disturb him. He is now in the stage of samadhi and ready for final liberation.