Friends: We have been together through this blog for sometime. One of the main ideas of promoting this blog is to create awareness about our own self. We are now a divided lot on the basis of cast, creed and religion. These are the worst enemies of mankind. Mankind is huge and vast. It should be bound only by love and affection for each other. By developing hatred, we are digging our own grave. I am saying this in literal sense, as anger will shoot up your BP and associated health issues. The bondage of love is eternal and wonderful. Think for a while. Why we should develop hatred? There is no valid reason. If you thought about it seriously, the cause for hatred will be inexplicable. Somebody would have used an impolite word against you. He would have said that in a fit of rage or due to his bad mood at that time. If you choose not to retort, he will realise his mistake one day and repent for it. On the contrary if you choose to retort, permanent hatred develops between both of you. If you keep your cool for a few seconds, there is no room for hatred. Who knows, one day he may become your well wisher.

There are various instances which can be cited as examples. So hatred is our enemy number one. Stop hating and develop love and affection. After all, our life is not ever lasting. A beginning should be made from your home. A cordial atmosphere at home improves your productivity as your mind remains calm and composed. We have already discussed that mind and thought are interdependent. A calm mind will increase your creative power. Secondly, do not attach importance to material gains alone. No doubt, money and power are needed in this world. But beyond a certain point, they become your enemies. If you start chasing them, you loose your health. When your health is lost definitely something is lost. Money should not become more important to you than your family and well wishers. Your parents are living Gods for you. Learn to respect all the elders. This again should be started from your home. Your aged parents do not need money from you. They need your love and care. Tomorrow, you will also become old. You will also long for care and attention. Your children will have more love for their grandparents. Your kids know that they receive unstinted love from them.

Teach your children the importance of love and care. Teach them about God in the form of universal love and truth. You cannot buy happiness from the market. You can derive happiness from your family, friends and the humanity as a whole. Don’t you cry for somebody unknown to you who got killed in bomb blast? Don’t you cry for a kid who was murdered by his teacher? Don’t you cry for the passengers who died in an air crash in another part of the world? This is called as the love for humanity. Without realising, you love the humanity. You are not born bad. You are being made as bad. Your greed and anger make you bad. The situation and environment around make you bad. Avoid such situations. Avoid those things that make you bad. For example a bad company, a tempting offer, a violent movie, a lousy television serial and all that kind of stuff. Never allow your children to watch TV that shows violence. Your money cannot give you happiness. If you are addicted to money, it will destroy you one day. God is not different from us. He is within you and the same God is within me too. He does not discriminate. All of us are equal to him. God is one, for rich and poor. God is one for all religions. God lives in the world of love and truth. He is an embodiment of universal energy, the energy of every living being in this universe. When individual energy is so powerful, just imagine the power of universal energy called God. Only you can realise the God. Others can only show you the path to God.

If you are a loving and caring person, you need not search for God. He will come to you. Feed the poor. Feed the animals and birds. God loves them more. Friends, I conclude my writing on ‘God unplugged’. Please spread the message universal love to those who value these principles. Let us build a world full of happiness, love and care. Let us eradicate poverty, corruption, laziness, anger, hatred. Let us give education to everybody. Let us grow together in prosperity. You may in a corner of this world. I am in another corner of this world. Let the distance not be a constraint for our togetherness. I will continue my writing for universal love, peace and prosperity. Please continue to visit this site. Please feel free and write to me at Yours, V.RAVI