When God finished his press meet, media are asked to leave the enclosure. There is a hectic movement of people. It appears as though all of them want to have liberation immediately. Security guards moved in and the enclosure is cordoned off. The parked trucks are ready with their ignition on. TV crew continued with their live telecast. The man who brought the God here is making frequent announcements. Several people are offering prayers. On one side, pandits are chanting veda mantras. On yet another side verses from the Holy Bible are being recited. On another side, verses from the Holy Koran are being recited. There is total ecstasy everywhere. Movement of people increases with the passage of time. Members of families are seen hugging together, crying and shedding tears. They realised the bondage between them, which was not realised earlier. Those couples who had misunderstanding between them realised their love for each other now. The elderly people are seen talking to their grand children that they would love to see them getting married and begetting children. The average of these elders would be around 75.

It appears that they never wanted to die and live eternally. Small kids never realised what is happening around them. They are seen playing with each other. Their parents who never allowed their children to mingle with other children now realised what their children have missed all these days. They become too emotional on seeing their children being so happy. The crowd started moving slowly towards the enclosure. There are two openings to the enclosure. One is meant for entry and another for exit. Then came the announcement from Shakthi “Please listen carefully. Now it is time for liberation. Those who need liberation should enter the enclosure through the entry gate. I would like to repeat that liberation means squaring off all your karmas which leads to your death. There will be no more births for those who are liberated. Now, it is time for you to decide. All the members of the same family can be liberated together, if they so desire. The final decision purely rests with the individual concerned.”

The moment the announcement was made the government officials swung into action. Now they are fully prepared to remove the bodies and shift them to the waiting trucks. Stretchers with men to handle them are ready just outside the exit gate of the enclosure. Security men took their positions to ensure order. People could see some movement in the self illuminating light of the God. There was absolute silence in the venue. The movement of people came to standstill. Suddenly there is a huge rush towards the exit gates of the venue. People are seen running away from the entry gate to the enclosure. People are in such a great hurry to get out of the venue and in the unprecedented rush elderly people fell down. The crowd did not care. Many families were split and each member was running in different direction. They never even turned back. Children started to cry and are running in search of their parents. Not one, not even a single person amongst this million people is seen anywhere near the entry gate to the enclosure. People are running and running till they reached a safe place from the venue, fearing that God would give them liberation compulsorily. It was so pathetic to see old people testing their running abilities. Finally the whole venue became empty. One could see thousands of dead bodies scattered around. The light of God was not there.