We have now consciously decided to cut salt, chilly and pepper intake, to tame our taste buds. From our health point of view also, reduced intake of salt and chilly is good. Controlling our taste buds is a tough job! But we have to practice by sheer perseverance. If we do not develop perseverance, we cannot accomplish our goal. Having controlled our taste buds, the next step is to control our hunger. Controlling hunger does not mean fasting. There are contrary opinions about fasting. Let us not go into those details. Controlling hunger means two things. Let us not eat when we feel the hunger. Postpone eating initially by 10 minutes and gradually increase to an hour. Drink water if you are really not able to tolerate hunger. Drinking water is very good for health. It will cleanse the whole system. We will also realise what hunger is. Millions of people are suffering from hunger even without one meal a day. This serves two purposes. One is that we are controlling our hunger and second is that we feel for our fellow men and women.

We can develop our concern for those poor peoples. Do not eat a full meal. Stop eating when our stomach is half filled. Our digestive system requires some empty space for quick and proper digestion. It is always said that when we eat a meal it should fill up our stomach only 50%. Out of the balance 50% water should be filled for 25% and the balance 25% should be left for air circulation. Avoid eating spicy and junk food. Apart from being bad for health, they will increase certain physical desires. Having come to this stage, it is time for us to sacrifice those items, which we like most. Assume that you like potatoes, reduce your intake of potatoes. This is beginning of sacrifices, as we may have to sacrifice a lot more when we advance. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables. At least twice in a week have only salads and fruits for dinner. Yoga postures play an important role in keeping our body healthy. Learn from a guru simple yoga postures. Let us not do yogasanas on our own. Do not go in for tough postures. Stretching and relaxing are the most important exercises. Breathing exercises should be practiced early in the morning in clean air and with empty stomach. Therefore it is imperative that we should rise up from the bed early in the morning. When we practice early rise, we will feel the freshness all day long.

Normally, we need seven hours sleep. Accordingly we have to plan our schedule. A small nap in the afternoon is very good. But not all can enjoy this luxury! We have to derive some energy from the nature. Early morning sun gives plenty of energy. Expose medulla oblongata (back head) to the sun. Natural energy enters our body through the back head chakra, where medulla is placed and through the top head chakra. Energy from sun will cure all diseases and improve our immune system. We can derive natural energy by standing under big trees. The rich foliage produces a lot of oxygen during day time. Doing deep breathing exercises under a tree is always good. Our intake of oxygen increases thereby nourishing tissues of our body. Another important aspect is to keep our body always clean. Occasional bathing in sea water is extremely good and it removes all bad energies from the body. Those who cannot take sea bath can add some sea salt to bathing water. Whether it is sea water bath or salt water bath, always end up bathing in clean water. Two or three baths in a day is very good. We will now proceed to know about certain simple postures, concentration, breathing etc in the next few postings.