This is part XXVI of kundalini series. Like OM for ajna chakra there are alphabets for other chakras as well. As you are aware that the five lower chakras are associated with five basic elements and each element has its own akshara which is called bijam. Normally bijam means a single alphabet with bindu on top. Bindu is a dot on the top of a Sanskrit alphabet. For example if you put a dot above the letter A it should be pronounced a AM. If the bija mantras pertaining to the five elements are pronounced in the same way like OM which we have discussed in our last posting, the particular chakra will get activated. These bija aksharas certainly work well in activating the chakras.

For muladhara the bija akshara is LUM (earth), for swadishtan it is VUM (water), for manipuraka it is RUM (fire), for anahat it is YaUM and for vishudi it is HUM (akash). If you chant these bijas aloud in the same way that we have discussed about OM, this practice along with your concentration, bhandhas and exercises aid in activating the chakras well. You need to have fully developed lower chakras before leaving ajna chakra to enter the sahasrara or the crown chakra. As a matter of fact we should not call sahasrara as a chakra and this is not included in the chakras, but for our convenience we call this as the top head chakra or crown chakra. In the same way when your ajna or third eye is fully developed, your back head chakra gets automatically activated, though you have to put in a little efforts. When the kundalini enters the ajna chakra, it divides into three parts, the major portion goes up to the crown, a part goes to the back head chakra and the remaining goes to the portion between the eyebrows, all the three to merge with the atmosphere. This is the reason for feeling certain vibrations in front of evolved souls.

When kundalini pierces the Rudra granthi, it moves up to the sahasrara, where Shiva is said to reside. Shiva and Shakthi are the general names that signify masculine and feminine genders or static and kinetic energies. There are certain small yet powerful chakras between ajna and sahasrara. When kundalini traverses beyond ajna, she controls every activity of yours before she conjoins Shiva. She gives you the boon of controlling your mind as she is not far away from her dear Shiva. She also transforms you into a great human being and gives you authority to bless others. But please remember, you can never work against the law of karmas laid down by God as God himself does not break the laws made by Him. Blessing here means that your prayers will have more effect as you are closer to God. When kundalini reaches the sahasrara, you are out of your physical body for all practical purposes as you are now guided by higher energy levels. You develop consciousness of the divine. It is difficult explain beyond this point. Over a period of time, an invisible cord connects to the cosmos. Now you remain well connected. You need no bhandha, no exercise, no breathing techniques, as a matter of you do not need get any aid or assistance from any source when your kundalini crosses ajna.

In the initial stages, you can see indigo colour and with your regular practice you see all the colours and after certain point you see only the colour of the sun, the bright white. When you are able to see multi colour stars in your meditation, it means that your sahasrara is getting activated. These multi coloured stars will appear like dots, totally different from visualization of colours that you have experienced in the lower chakras. The level of energy you draw from cosmos through sahasrara depends on your karmas. A well developed sahasrara illuminates your entire skull. Due to the heat and pressure produced by kundalini when she reaches your skull, a nectar like fluid flows through the soft palate area of your mouth.