The third eye is normally associated with Kundalini yoga. The present day kundalini meditations do not teach anything about raising of Kundalini. I have already written about this in this blog. Kundalini cannot be raised in a matter of few days. It can be raised by sheer practice under the guidance of a highly advanced Guru, who had attained siddhi in kundalini yoga. It is said that raising kundalini energy from the base chakra to the top head chakra takes somewhere between six to 12 years of practice. Without the guidance of a proper Guru, self practice will lead to disaster. The third eye is situated between the two eye brows. As all of us know, it is called ajna chakra.

The third eye represents one’s spiritual Guru. Ajna also means directions or orders of the Guru. His orders are received through this chakra. Scientifically the third eye is Pineal gland. This is located deep inside the brain. This is also called spiritual eye or mystical eye. This gives inner spiritual vision. The size of the pineal gland is said to be the size of a pea nut. It is situated behind our eyes and behind the root of the nose. Otherwise dormant, pineal gland can be activated by light. This pineal gland is associated with hypothalamus gland. These two together control our ageing process. Once the third eye or ajna chakra is activated the ageing process will slow down. By yoga and meditation, the pineal gland can be activated. If activated, we will feel the pressure at the back of the head. Incidentally, the back head chakra will also be activated. Back head chakra is situated just behind the ajna chakra. An activated pineal gland connects physical body to the higher frequencies. The pineal gland secretes melatonin.

Normally this is secreted while we are resting and during deep meditation. During deep meditation, divine energy enters through the crown chakra and reaches the pineal gland. By proper practice, the astral body can be raised. Astral body can be separated from the physical body, if the pineal gland is properly activated. This is the basis of astral travel undertaken by our ancient saints. The third eye can be activated only if pineal gland and pituitary gland pulsate at the same time. The pituitary gland is situated just below the pineal gland. Only if both these glands are activated the ‘light’ can be seen. In other words, pineal gland is our physical self and the pituitary gland is divine atma. When both these glands work jointly, a magnetic field is created. This is the cause for vibrations seen near highly evolved souls. Visualization is very important for activating the pineal and pituitary glands. When both these glands vibrate together, kundalini energy passes through the ajna chakra to the crown chakra or sahasraram. Once the third eye is activated, our karmas will get reduced. Finally we become spiritually evolved souls, with no rebirths. To achieve this regular practice is important.

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