This is part XXI of kundalini series. There is one interesting chakra about which we have not discussed as the ancient scriptures never made a mention about it. This is called solar plexus chakra and is located at the end of the sternum, which is below the heart chakra. Out of all the chakras, this chakra is quickly activated, particularly when you become conversant with abdominal breathing. As we have discussed earlier, the main advantage of abdominal breathing is the movement of the diaphragm. As this chakra is located near the diaphragm it gets activated quickly. If this chakra is well activated, most of your health issues would be resolved. In most of the cases, without any efforts this chakra gets activated.

When you are advancing in kundalini meditation, Nature takes care of your health issues by activating this chakra! When your heart chakra is well activated, you can move the kundalini to the next higher chakra called throat chakra or vishudi chakra. This is located in the spinal cord just behind the cavity of the throat. This is also associated with rajo guna, like naval and heart chakras. Blue colour is predominant in this chakra. This colour can be called as greenish blue, as green, the colour of the heart chakra merges into blue colour of the throat chakra. This is associated with akash or ether. This is the last chakra to be associated with the five basic elements. When this chakra is well activated, you will occasionally see star like dots when you meditate.

The love which you have developed in your heart chakra becomes more pronounced in this chakra. If you are still attached with individual love, that gets transformed into universal love. You develop purity in your thought and action. As your purity grows, the ether chooses to cleanse you. Once you are purified by the akash, you need no more purity. You are now devoid of anger and hatred. The process of your detachment commences here. You do not use the words ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Your close relative is no way different to you from a man on the street. You are not willing to identify any object as your own. Your ego is ready to leave you, as your mind is purified by akash. You are being shaped to show the spiritual path to others. You can deliver an excellent ex-tempo speech. You have to follow the broad guidelines already discussed to bring your kundalini to the heart chakra. Hold your breath here for a few seconds for activating this chakra. Please refer to earlier postings for holding breath in a chakra.

Doing all the bhandhas, particularly jalandra bhandha is of great help in activating this chakra. The other two bhandhas, viz. mula and uddiyana bhandhas should be used to move the kundalini from heart chakra to throat chakra. If you are not able to activate this chakra by any of the means that we have discussed earlier, you can place the tip of your fingers for some time to activate this chakra, about which we have already discussed. By persistent practice, particularly by doing jalandra bhandha, the throat chakra can be easily activated. In the initial stages, you will be visualizing more of blue colour and as you progress, the blue colour will start fading gradually giving way to the colour of indigo. Since you are in entering into the final stages of kundalini meditation, you are now introduced to a mudra called kechari mudra. Fold you tongue and make your tongue to touch your upper soft palate. Do not try hard by exerting undue pressure on the tongue. Over a period of time, your tongue will become flexible so that you can easily touch the hanging portion of the soft palate. This portion does not have any bony structure. Breathe normally a few times with this mudra and take back the tongue to its normal position.

You can repeat this as many times as you like without exerting any pressure to your tongue. When you do this mudra, your concentration should be on your throat chakra. Your mind will be calm and peaceful if you do this mudra. This mudra can be done in combination with all the bhandhas and exercises or can be practiced alone. This palate is situated very close to the portion of the spinal cord that enters the skull. It has extensive links with the nervous system and glands. This is a very simple mudra with huge benefits in kundalini meditation.