Identifying a certain event is a horoscope is of utmost importance. There are several methods by which an event can be predicted. The most important among them are dasha and bukthi (main period and sub period) and planetary transits. One need not attach greater importance to transits than dasha and bukthi. In fact one can look into sub-sub dasa periods than relying upon transits. Generally, moon is taken as ascendant for transitory effects. This may not give the correct result. One has to go by the powerful of the following – ascendant lord, atmakaraka planet, sun and moon. It is always advisable to make a study from atmakaraka planet along with the powerful planet amongst the other three. The transitory effects also depend upon the strength and nature of the planet in the natal chart. The study of transit can be used only to supplement the interpretation on the study of dasha and bukti and should not be used as the main tool to identify an event. There is tedious but accurate procedure for timing of an event called ‘saham’. It is point in a horoscope, calculated based on the longitude of various planets and houses. To cite an example, to find one’s punya, deduct sun’s longitude from the moon and add the longitude of the ascendant. If the figure arrived is strong, punya is more. The placement of the lord of saham is also important. If it is placed in 6, 8 or 12th houses, one’s experience will be bad.

However there are only 50 sahams available in ancient scriptures. In general, it is better to make a prediction after studying all the planets and all the houses in the natal chart. The placement of dasa lord in other divisional charts is also to be studied. One has to study the holder of the dasa lord and its sub lord. The placement of the dasa lord and its aspects are also to be considered. But if transit and dasa period give contradictory results and if the dasa lord is powerful in shad bala, well placed and well aspected one can ignore the effects of transit. If the dasa lord is debilitated and ill placed, then study of transit is important. In such cases effect of transit should be studied from Sun and atmakaraka planet as well. As a general rule planets that are powerful, well placed and well aspected do not cause difficulties during transits. To offset any affliction on the dasa lord or if dasa lord is ill placed, certain remedies have to be performed. The best remedy is to chant mantras of the dasa lord and the planets afflicting them. Each planet has its own bija and if these bijas are recited along with atma bija and certain other bijas depending upon other afflictions in a horoscope, the ill effects can be gotten over effectively. Poor feeding and animal feeding will supplement the effects of the mantras.