In our routine life, we come across three states of consciousness. They are awake, dream and deep sleep. Awake is the stage where we carry out all our actions with the help of our senses. In this stage our consciousness is fully active and alert. Dream stage is where dreams unfold when the awareness or consciousness of the mind is not fully rested. In the third stage of deep sleep, our mind is fully rested and our level of consciousness is zero and this level can be explained as the state of unconsciousness as during this stage, we are not aware of anything and the mind is rested and becomes inactive totally. Mind is an exclusive property of mankind and it is subtle and yet the most powerful instrument in human life. Consciousness can be explained as an alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation. Cognitive state is the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning which in simple term is known as knowledge. Based upon these definitions, consciousness can now be explained as the alert state of mind influenced by knowledge. Consciousness is the universal energy endowed with immense power capable of transcending the factor of time. Without consciousness, life is not possible. Therefore, consciousness is an essential component of existence. Meditation is a process that mainly deals with manipulating the level of consciousness. The level of consciousness can be modified only with the help of knowledge. In our normal life, we have only the mundane level of consciousness. The mundane level of consciousness can be evolved to higher levels with the help of knowledge during the process of mediation. Meditation is a process that happens only in the arena of the mind.

Meditation not only helps spiritually, but also plays a positive role in working environment. It changes one’s attitude towards life. It removes all negative elements in life, primarily negative thoughts that are responsible for failures. It transforms a pessimistic person as an optimist. Optimism gives rise to positive attitudes and positive affirmations. If mind is bombarded with positive thoughts and positive affirmations, mind has no option but to turn itself as a positive influencing factor. When a mundane mind or negative mind turns into a positive mind, everything that happens around that person becomes positive. It is only the mind that becomes primarily responsible for experiencing the pleasure or pain that unfolds as per one’s karmic account. One cannot get away from the influence of his karma. But, if the mind is well trained, tamed and brought under our control, it does not feel the difference between pleasure and pain. A well trained mind does not get influenced by the sufferings or otherwise that the body undergoes. If the mind is able to disassociate itself from frequent sensory influences, it signifies that the mind is being brought under control. During the process of meditation, the mind is made thoughtless by focusing on a single object. Focusing on an object becomes an absolute necessity in the initial stages of meditation as the mind needs something to concentrate, otherwise mind will digress. The first step is to make the object of meditation perfect. Conceptualising an object is important as we progress in the process of meditation we establish a connection with the object.