Sri Chakra Book

As mentioned earlier, the following three series, “Journey to Śri Cakra”, “Śri Cakra Navāvaraṇa Pūjā” and “Śri Chakra and human body” (Bhāvanopaniṣad ) are combined together and brought out as a print book. The contents of the book were edited by Shri. AUM Raviji with the sole aim of bringing out the book as flawless as possible. After hectic job, the book is now made available for sale outside India through Amazon. Indian edition is available in the following link. 

Book can be previewed here in Google Books

INDIAN EDITION Of Worshiping Sri Chakra


Following errors have crept into this book inadvertently. These mistakes are highly regretted and I request you to make these corrections in the book. If any further corrections are there, they will be updated here. 

1) Page 14: In the contents section serial number 34 is repeated twice. The second 34 should be changed to 35 and subsequent numbers up to 58 should be added with one.

2) Page 286:  Numeric inside should be from 1 to 10. But after 8, number 10 is given. Following changes need to be done. After 8, numeric should be 9 and 10.

3) There are certain pages where it is said that numeric are marked in red, blue or black color. All the numerals are marked only in black color. 

4) Page 263: Under in Parameṣṭhiguru mantra it is wrongly mentioned as ह्स्ख्प्रें(hskhpreṁ). The correct word is ह्स्ख्फ्रें (hskhphreṁ). It should be second फ (pha) instead of first प (pa).

5) Page 263 (same page as above): Under Paramaguru mantra it is wrongly mentioned asह्ख्फ्रें (hkhphreṁ). The correct word is ह्स्ख्फ्रें (hskhphreṁ).

6) Page 264: Under Śrīguru mantra it is wrongly mentioned as ह्ख्फ्रें (hkhphreṁ). The correct word is ह्स्ख्फ्रें (hskhphreṁ). (This is error is similar to error in page 263)