This article is in continuation of the previous posting. There are two marma points called ‘krikatika’ one on each side of the neck. In majority of the cases, these two marma points need proper massaging. The energy gets blocked in this area due to bad postures. Regular neck exercises remove the energy congestion here. This congestion happens on two counts. One is the inappropriate position of holding the head while doing kundalini meditation, whether the head is kept straight or pushed towards front of the body. The correct posture is to keep the head slightly tilted backwards. Second reason is not keeping the spine straight. There should be no bend in your spine area while doing kundalini meditation. These two ‘krikatika’ marma points are situated at the meeting point between the neck and the head. This can be felt by their protrusion. Strong pressure can be used for massaging these points. Sesame oil with a few drops of eucalyptus oil can be used to lubricate this area for massaging. Treating these marma points remove all the blockades above the throat chakra and clears the path for kundalini to ascend without any difficulty to the third eye chakra.

There are two very important marma points in the body, one at the ajna chakra and another at the orifice of the sahasrara. The first marma point is called ‘sthapani’ situated exactly between the two eye brows, just above the nasal bones. From Ajna chakra kundalini has to cross a few minor yet powerful chakras to reach sahsrara. Congestion of prana and blockades are often found in the ajna chakra, as this is directly related to mind. Partially activated ajna chakra or third eye gives more problems than a dormant ajna chakra. One’s spirituality comes under the control of kundalini at the ajna chakra. Further guidance is received by the sadhaka from higher planes. Therefore there should be no blockages anywhere from ajna chakra onwards. If any blockages are developed around ajna chakra, there will be health problems like stiff shoulders, pressure in the forehead area, pressure in the back head area, pressure in the eyes (glaucoma), etc. While meditating focus should be on this marma point. This marma point is the cause for developing concentration. This is well connected to the pituitary gland. Lubricate this portion as explained earlier and massage this area for about five to ten minutes with circular movements applying pressure. This will relieve all the congestions and blockades from ajna chakra to sahasrara.

The most important marma point in a human body is called ‘adhipathi’ which is located in the top of the skull. This is connected to the most sacred pineal gland which is the cause for internal illumination during meditation. There is an orifice in this area through which cosmic spiritual energy is received. Congestion and blockage in this area will prevent the cosmic energy entering our body. There is specific oil by name ‘tullia narayana taila’ which is very beneficial for massaging this area. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to this taila which make a perfect combination for activating the crown chakra and also removing all congestions and blockades in sahasrara. Use only the index figure to massage this marma point. You can also use your palms by applying moderate pressure. Maximum pressure that is possible with the index finger can be used. Massage this area using circular movements for five to ten minutes. Due to kundalini meditation, heat will be generated in the body.

Normally this heat will come down once the mediation is over. In case of heat not subsiding use ‘neela bringadhi tailam’ in this area instead of tullia Narayana taila. If you can spare ten minutes daily, you can massage the last two marma points, sthapanii and adhipathi before bath continuously for about 15 days. If you are not able to get the mentioned oils, you can use either sesame oil or almond oil with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Basically, sesame and almond oils are called carrier oils and are used to avoid friction. Any aroma oil should not be used without a carrier oil as that will cause damage to the skin.