Vijnana Bhairava Tantra Part 8. Verses 34 – 35

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra Verse: 34. Skill: 11

One has to concentrate within the skull by disconnecting his consciousness from the external world. He should keep his eyes closed. Bhairava uses the word ‘kapala’ in this verse. Kapala means the skull bone or cranium and the brain is situated inside the cranial cavity. The gland of divinity, the pineal gland is situated here just behind the third eye. If one practices to fix his consciousness inside the skull, the pineal gland gets activated paving the way for the higher level of spirituality. If consciousness is fixed within the cranium, ajna chakra and sahasrara automatically get opened one after another. During this process, if one is able to visualize a bright light, the pineal gland gets activated much faster as it responds to light. The word kapala means the union of Shiva and Shakthi. Their cosmic union takes place in sahasrara, leading to enlightenment.

There are two important aspects in this verse. The first one is concentrating within the cranium and the second one is closing the eyes. Concentrating on the cranium or fixing one’s awareness inside the cranium is to activate the spiritual eye. Once the spiritual eye is activated, sahasrara automatically gets opened establishing a direct link between the self and the cosmos. Closure of eyes is recommended to disconnect external world, making the consciousness as pure as possible. Eyes should be closed as mildly as possible and pressure applied on the eyes could affect the optic nerves. If one trains his biological eyes to look within through the third eye, his consciousness gets purified. Purification of consciousness means, elimination of all thoughts by fixing his consciousness on the self-illuminating Brahman or Bhairava within.

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra Verse: 35. Skill: 12

Currently Shiva teaches on kundalini meditation. After having taught about the awareness on cranium, Shiva proceeds to explain about the sushumna or the spinal cord. He uses the word ‘madhya-nadi’. There is a central canal in the spinal cord through which Para-Shakthi, in the form of subtle kundalini energy moves up and down. Shiva means this central canal as ‘madhya-nadi’. This nadi or canal is compared to a fibre of a lotus stalk that is extremely subtle. The entire spinal cord is to be concentrated to activate it. Activation of sushumna means that individual consciousness is being taken over by the divine consciousness. If this change in the perception of consciousness does not take place, it signals that the sushumna is not activated. Bhairava is revealed by Para-Shakthi during this process. In this stage there is absolutely nothing, no mantras, no consciousness, literally nothingness except Bhairava and Bhairava alone. The individual consciousness stands merged with the Supreme consciousness, the Absolute.

The important aspect in this verse is the level of concentration on the subtle canal of the spinal cord. If one is able to fix his concentration on this subtle canal, rest unfolds on its own. In spirituality, the level of concentration is very important. If one could develop the ability to concentrate, he can make significant progress in spirituality.

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