Uttarabhagaḥ उत्तरभगः

Great Scriptures like Viṣṇu Sahasranāma will have Pūrvabhāga, introductory section and Uttarabhaga, concluding section, wherein benefits arising out of recitations are provided. There are thirty three verses in Uttarabhaga, also known as Phalaśruti. A brief of Phalaśruti is given here.

One thousand sacred names of Lord Keśava has now been told. Those who recite this or those who listen to this will never have miseries either in this birth or in future births. The knower of Vedas attains the knowledge of Vedānta (knowledge about liberation). Those who rule and protect the country become more powerful. Those who are engaged in business become prosperous. Those who are in service, attain all sorts of comforts. Those who seek dharma attain dharma. Those who desire for material wealth, get immense wealth. Those who want comforts, get all sorts of comforts and luxury. Those who want progeny, get best progenies.

The one, who, by fixing his consciousness on Vāsudeva recites this Sahasranāma in the morning after taking his bath, with absolute devotion not only becomes rich and famous, but also attains mokṣa.  He will have no fear and will become valorous. He will always be happy. He will never have disease. The one who is affected by disease will be cured. The one who always contemplates on Him, attains the eternal Brahman. All the devotees of Vāsudeva will never face difficulties. They will not have fear of transmigration. His devotees will not have anger, jealousy, desire, and evil thoughts.

The entire universe including luminaries is held by Him. The whole universe comprising of gods, demons, etc is held by Kṛṣṇa. Sensory organs, mind, intellect,  sharpness, valor, body and jīva belong only to Vāsudeva. Dharma arises from ācāra (established rule of conduct) and He is the upholder of dharma. Sages, ancestors, gods, five principle elements, comforts, sentient and insentient things originate from Nārāyaṇa. All arts and science originated from Janārdana. Viṣṇu in the form of Supreme Light, manifests as different beings and pervades the entire universe. He does not undergo any change and remains eternal and infinite.

The one who wants to become famous should recite Viṣṇu Sahasranāma composed by the great sage Vyāsa. Those who worship the Lotus eyed Viṣṇu is never defeated.

Arjuna said, “O! The lotus eyed Lord, the one who has a flower from His navel (from which Brahmā originated), the best among all gods, O! Janārdana! You should become the Abode for all Your devotees.”

Bhagavān (Nārāyaṇa) said, “If one wants to worship me through this Sahasranāma, he gets all benefits even if he recites one verse of this Sahasranāma.”

Vyāsa said, “You pervade the entire universe in the form of Vāsudeva. You live in all beings. Salutations to You.”

Pārvatī said, “I want to listen to Viṣṇu Sahasranāma the way in which it is recited by great jñānin-s”.

Īśvara said, “O! Beautiful faced! I feel immense happiness when someone repeatedly recites the name of Śrī Rāma. Single recitation of “Śrī Rāma”is equivalent to the complete recitation of Viṣṇu Sahasranām. There is nothing equal to the recitation of “Śrī Rāma”.

Brahmā said, “O! Infinite Lord, Lord of thousands forms, thousands of feet, thousands of eyes, thousands of shoulders and the Lord of thousand nāma-s, ruler of infinite number of worlds (universe), the Lord of eternity, salutations to You.”

Sañjaya said, “Wherever Śrī Kṛṣṇa, the Lord of Yoga is and wherever there is Arjna, the wielder of Gāṇḍiva bow, goodness, victory, glory and unfailing righteousness are there.” (Bhagavad Gītā XVIII.78)

Bhagavān (Viṣṇu) said, “The devotees, however, who loving no one else constantly think of Me and worship Me in disinterested spirit, to those ever united in thought with Me, I bring full security and personally attend to their needs (Bhagavad Gītā IX.22). For the protection of the virtuous, for the extirpation of evil doers and for establishing dharma on firm footing, I am born from age to age (Bhagavad Gītā IV.8).”

Vyāsa concluded, “Those who are suffering from mental agony, fear and serious disease are cured of their sufferings by mere recitation of Nārāyaṇa and live happily. Whatever I do through actions, words, mind, organs of action, organs of perception, due to the inducement of Nature, I submit all these to the Supreme Puruṣa Nārāyaṇa.”

Viṣṇu Sahasranāma concluded.