One human was meditating very seriously. Suddenly, the God appeared before him. Following is the conversation between the human and the God. Human: Godji, thank you very much for appearing before me. God: Why you are adding ji after God. Human: You are the God. You know everything. At least that is what people say. But still you do not know about this suffix. God: Really I do not know. Things are changing very fast in your world. Yesterday I appeared before an American. They never used this ji while addressing me. Human: Oh God! You travel so fast. God: I do not travel. I am everywhere. But you are not answering my question. Human: Godji God: Please do not address me ji. Human: We are used to addressing leaders like this. It is slip of the tongue. But our people always like addressing them like this. If some name is suffixed with ji, it indicates that the person is respectful.

God: When I was born as Rama , Krishna, Jesus and Allah I was not addressed with ji. Am I to understand that my above incarnations were not respected? Human: It does not mean that. We are making money using those names. There is a liquor brand called Rama wines. Krishna cigarette is a famous brand in cigarettes. God: What is wine and what is cigarette? I heard that humans now-a-days do not consider my existence. But Narada told me that everybody is talking about yoga and meditation in order to visualize me. Why this contradiction? Human: God! Please do not believe in what Narada says. You know very well that he always creates confusion and chaos. We have seen Narada in a lot of movies and we know about him well. God: You have Narada in movies? What is movie? Is it another world? How another world can exist without my knowledge? Human: You do not know about cinema world!! This is the most important world for us. This is the richest world. God: You are giving me too many surprises. This is the first time I am hearing about cinema world. I think I have to learn so many things from your world. Human: Would you like to visit a cinema house? You can meet a lot of people. But I do not want other people to see you. That is why I am hesitating. God: On seeing me they will also be blessed. Is it not good for them? Human: It is good for them. That is why I am hesitating. I only did the penance for such a long time. You have appeared before me, because of my penance. Why should others be benefited out my dedicated penance? Human saw God shedding tears. God did not speak for a long time. Human got worried, as he has not yet asked for boons from God so far. Human: Please forgive me if had said anything wrong.

Why you are crying and not speaking to me anything? God: I pity myself. I never thought that you would so selfish. Human: You have not visited us for a long time. You were born as Krishna, Rama, Jesus and Allah. All these incarnations were long time ago. Our world had undergone a huge change after those incarnations. Those times kings were there. Their administration was good. Now-a-days, administrators have no time for their citizens. They have no time even to administer their own assets and cash and bank balances. God: I do not understand what you say. You told me that you would take me to a cinema hall. But you are now taking me through these palaces. Human: We are going to a cinema hall only. These are not palaces, as we do not have kings now. These are called houses. Top administrators live here. God: Even I do not have such huge buildings. How did they get such palaces? Human: I have already told you that these are not palaces. These are simple houses. They have such houses because they have income from different sources. God: How a person can have income from different sources? You know, Narada has made a proverb ‘one work at a time’. Is it not applicable to them? Human: Do not speak in a loud voice. Some security guard might be hearing what you are saying. God became angry. God: Lots of people are waiting for years to hear my speech. You are now saying that I should not talk loud. Human: God, please do not shout. If you shout, you will be arrested and along with you I will also be arrested. You have not yet given me boons. If you are arrested, then how I will get my boons? These places are categorized as ‘Z’ security zones. In these zones, you should not speak in a loud voice.

You should not carry bags like what you carry. God: Why? Human: The people living here do a lot of service to the humanity. So, they expect threats for their lives. These guards in black dress are there to protect their lives. God: Protecting their lives! I only decide about birth and death. Who are these black dressed people to protect their lives? Human: God, please do not shout. You should not have bought such a big bag for you. If the black dressed people see your bag, they will start searching it. God: Why they should search my bag? There is a book in my bag which contains the dates of various events to take place in the universe. I will not show my bag to anybody. Human was praying with folded hands looking at the sky forgetting that the God is by his side. God: What did you at the sky with your hands folded? Human: I was praying to God. For a moment I had forgotten that you are by my side. When in fear we always think about you. This has become a habit for all of us. Please forgive me. God: Every second I am forgiving somebody or other. (continued in part II)