Human: Thank you God. We have at last crossed ‘Z’ security zone. God: Where we are going now? Human: We are presently passing through a famous temple. You can see that serpentine queue. They are all waiting to have a darshan of God. God: It is good to know that people are patiently waiting to see me. But what is that second queue? Human: That is special darshan queue. God: What is special darshan? After all, I consider everybody one and the same. Human: Special queue is for rich and famous. They pay money and buy special tickets. Majority of us do not have enough money to buy tickets to have your darshan. God: It is very sad. Human: But it is your mistake. You have not given everybody enough money. You are also partial in your attitude. God: How you can say that? Every person created in this world is born with his karmas. So being rich or poor depends upon their karmas. So, you should learn to do good karmas. Human: What is karma? Can you explain that? God: Did you not see manblunder blog regarding karmas? If not, why can’t you read the blog? Human: I do not have time to read that!! A friend of mine has told me that he does not understand anything written there. God: What is there to understand? The blog says that I reside in every living being. This is a simple concept. What is there that you do not understand? Human: There are a number of spiritual preachers. Their lectures are well attended. Some of them raise kundalini in a day or two. God: What? Raising kundalini in days! Do you know anything about kundalini? Human: No God. But, everybody is saying that you are kundalini. God: Yes, I am the kundalini energy. No body can raise your kundalini. There are certain procedures by which one can raise kundalini over a period of time. Since my wife was very keen to know, I have only told her. Human: But how that is every alternate person is talking about kundalini? God: I think I will form a committee to find out whether there was any leakage of secrets from my world to your world.