Human: God! You are also forming committees. God: Why? Why are you surprised? Human: We do not get result out of committees. In case our king is not able to find a solution for any sensitive issue, he forms a committee. First there will be deadline for the committee to submit its report. The time given to the committee will be extended several times. Initial extensions will be given for a period of six months. After three or four such extensions, another set of extensions will be given each for a period of three months. After six or seven years, the committee will submit its report. By then, the king would have died. The new king will simply receive the report and will give it to his minister. God: What the minister will do with that? Will he go through that and take a decision? Human: The minister will give it to his assistant. The assistant will keep it along with several thousand such reports. At this time God’s mobile phone started ringing. God: Excuse me for minute. I am getting a call from Indra. Lord Indra called the God and briefed Him about the report he has received from the committee which was formed to find out whether any divine secrets are being passed to the humans. Indra told God that divine secrets are not being passed on the humans. God appeared tense. Human: God! Is there any problem? You are appearing tensed. God: Indra told me that divine secrets have never been passed on to humans. I was just wondering, about the kundalini. Alright, can both of us attend some kundalini class? Human: Of course we can. But why do you want to attend a class? God: I just want to find out what they are teaching in the class. Human: Alright. We will join here (pointing at a name board of a yoga centre) tomorrow. God, normally we first go to a temple before starting anything new. Can we go to that temple (showing a temple) now. God smiled for a moment. God decided that these humans will never change. He was taking pity on the human by his side. Knowing fully well that He is by his side, the human still wanted to go to a temple. God: Alright, let us go. Both God and human entered a temple.