On entering the temple God looked around the temple. He saw a stall selling eatable items. God: Why they are selling eatable items in a temple? Temples are built only to worship me! Human: Yes, of course. This stall is selling your “Prasad”. God: My Prasad! What is Prasad? Human: Prasad are the eatables offered to your idol, for you to take. God: What? Who said I am hungry? I think you humans are treating me very badly. I am God. I am above everything. I only provide you food and all that stuff. How is that you are feeding me? Human: After you are done with, the left over is sold here. That is why these items command a premium. Beyond this I do not know. If you want further clarification on this, we can ask the priest. God: I would certainly like to know. Please ask the priest to come here. Human: He will not come here. We will go there. God: (Looking at the human) as you please. Both human and the God went closer to the priest. God asked the human to clarify with the priest. Human: Swamiji!! Can you tell me the importance of Prasad being sold in that shop? Priest: These are the eatable items made out of pure ghee. These items are offered to God. The left over is given to that shop to enable the devotees to enjoy the food offered to God. Do you want to go near the God inside and seek his blessings? Human looked at God. God nods his head. Human: Yes! I would love to have a closer darshan!! Priest: It will cost you 100 bucks. Human: Okay. Priest: Do you want an archana to be performed? Human: Yes!! What is the cost of the archana? Priest: Another 50 bucks. Human: Fine. Take these 250 bucks. Entry for both of us 200 bucks: archana 50 bucks.

A surprised priest looked at the human. He could see only the human. God is invisible to all except to that particular human. Priest did not bother to ask the human about this. He took the human through a special entrance, where lots of devotees were waiting in a queue holding special darshan tickets of 500 bucks. The human was made to stand very close to the idol. God was standing next to him. Priest started his archana. Half way through the archana, priest’s mobile phone started ringing. He stopped the archana midway and started talking over the phone. He was talking over the mobile phone for more than ten minutes. He was talking so loudly, everyone inside were getting annoyed. A few were cursing the priest. Others were saying that God would not stay in these temples, as even in the places of worship, people were mainly after money. God was hearing all this. God was terribly annoyed and started leaving that place. The human got tensed and told the priest to continue the archana. Priest immediately disconnected the phone and performed arathi, saying that archana is over. God was terribly annoyed and fuming with anger. Terrible heat waves were emanating from Him. Everyone was sweating profusely. To be continued.