Indra now understood why the Goddess wanted more than one human to listen to the God’s speech. He stood confused for the first time. He thought that he should do something now as he had promised to the Goddess that he would take care of the arrangements. He also decided that he should not trust this human. Indra disappeared from the scene to discuss with ancient rishis and to find a solution. He met the “saptarishis” (means seven rishis) who are said to be alive physically even today. Indra told them about the behavior of this human and wanted a solution. Saptarishis told Indra that they would descend to the earth and speak to this human. Indra was wondering what these rishis can do with this human. Look at Indra’s ego, though he is a god himself. Saptarishis accompanied by Indra met this human. The rishis spoke to the human thus. “Look human, we are Saptarishis. We are called realised souls. Our thoughts are always with God. When we eat, when we breathe and whatever action we do, we think only about the God.

Normally, we do not come to earth, and that too will never appear before a person like you. You are a blessed person as the God and the Goddess appeared before you in person. This looked very strange to all of us as in today’s environment they never give darshan to anybody. This is because you have been seeking them in your past births. You have accumulated a lot of good karmas as a result of good deeds. As per your karmas, you will have no more births. Most unfortunately, you have chosen this great moment to make money. In this kali yug, God delivering speech to the humanity is unheard of. Even after having darshan of the divine couple, you are still selfish. Presently, the world is drifting away from spirituality. If this continues, entire humanity will perish. For the destruction of the humanity you will become responsible. If you become responsible for this, all your good karmas will be lost and you have to take innumerable births. You are thinking that the divine couple is not aware of what you are doing now. Probably you are not aware that every breath of yours and every living human being are counted by them. We hope that you understood what we have told you and the veracity of the problem you are creating. Money cannot take you to God and only your good deeds will. Let us know your decision right now.” The human was speechless and prostrated before the rishis and spoke thus: “This is the difference between a learned Guru (meaning Saptarishis) and Indra. When I said some thing out of my ignorance and greed, Indra could have pointed out my blunder. Had he pointed out my blunders, certainly I would have corrected myself. I am fortunate in having Saptarishis darshan also. Now I promise you that I will ensure that God’s speech reaches every part of the world.

Once again I request you to kindly forgive me for the blunders committed by me.” The rishis blessed him and left. Indra: Look human! Now I will tell you what you have to do. Find out an appropriate venue to hold the function. Inform all the TV channels for live coverage. His speech should be telecast live through out the earth. Invite top reporters, from leading news papers and magazines. Though the time is too short, I expect a few million people to be present at the venue. All devatas, rishis and enlightened souls will be present in person. Make appropriate seating for them. Take care of transport, water and other amenities for the participants. Please ensure that you directly coordinate with everybody. No mess up at all.” Human: Indraji! Please forgive me for what I have done. I will do whatever you say. I am just leaving right now to make arrangements. Indra: One minute. I have forgotten to tell you one important thing. The function will have two sessions. In the first session God will make his speech. Nobody should interrupt his speech. In the second session, he will meet the press. So make arrangements accordingly. Human: I will take care of that too. By saying this, the human rushed out to attend his duties. In the next day all the news papers carried headlines about this. Each paper had given its own caption. All the TV channels flashed ‘Breaking News’ about this programme. The whole world was talking about this. There were discussions and debates in all the channels. This has become the hot topic in the blogs. The programme was named as GOD UNPLUGGED (To be continued as God Unplugged)