The human was terribly scared. He wanted to take the God out of the temple. But he could not go anywhere near the God. Everyone in the temple was rushing out, in order to save their lives. The situation was noticed by Shakthi (wife of God). She descended from the sky. Skathi is always cool. That is why She is always compared to Moon. In breathing exercises, ida and pingala nadies are compared to the Sun and the Moon. On seeing His Vimarsha, His Shakthi, His better half, God has cooled down. God started walking out of the temple along with His Shakthi. Both of them were visible only to the human’s eyes. God: (addressing to human) What is happening in your world? The priest who performed the archana was talking to somebody over phone. How he could do this? He has to say all my 108 names. (Archana is a procedure by which the priest chants 108 names of the God by placing 108 flowers at His feet). The first mistake was speaking over phone. The second mistake was he did not recite all my 108 names. After all, chanting 108 of my names will not take more than five minutes. Can he not spend at least that much time before me? Shakthi: My lord, this is what is happening here? Except a very few, nobody in this universe honestly think about you.

There are a number of centers, where in they teach how to realise You. In fact, what they teach is nothing. These centers are only trying to make money using your name. Most of the humans are in trouble in someway or other, because of their karmas. These institutes utilize this opportunity and enroll these poor humans and make them still poorer. God: Devi! How do you know all these things? Shakthi: My lord, I am discharging my duties faithfully. You only handed over all these duties to me. I know for certain that you will burn me, if I fail in my duties. That is why; I closely monitor the situation here. Poor humans, they are not aware that they are being watched by me. God: But, you have too many temples. To get your blessings they even walk on the fire. Why you are not blessing them? Shakthi: My Lord, you know better. I never asked them to walk on fire. I never asked them to build so many temples for me. Only thing I wanted was that they should understand that YOU reside in their conscience. I do not count their trips to temples. But, I certainly count the good and bad deeds done by them. Most of them speak one thing and do exactly the opposite. God: What you are going to do to set things right? Shakthi: My lord! I have already planed what I should do. I am going to use this human standing before us, as a tool. I do not how far I will succeed in my endeavour. I am also noticing a person who is regularly writing about self realisation. But nobody takes his writings seriously. Most of them do not even look into what he has written. God: Possibly, people may not have time to read that. Human: Mataji! (Mother of a person is addressed as mataji. Goddess is also addressed as Mataji, as they are placed on par with one’s own mother) where I can find his writings? Shakthi: There is one blog site called Visit that site and you will find all the details there. To be continued.