Shakthi: I can give some body a delicious sweet. I give them a desire to eat that too. In spite of this, he does not take that sweet, what I can do? My lord never gives darshan to anybody that easily. But He has chosen to give darshan to you, which means that you were only thinking about Him all the time. Human: Yes, Mataji. I was thinking all the time about Him only. Even for a moment I never thought about a second to Him. Shakthi: Yes, I know. Lord had given darshan only to a select few. All cannot see Him or me even. Lord does not have a form. In whatever form you see Him today is the result of your manifestation. People manifest me in several forms. My darshan to my devotees also depends upon the form they manifest.

Normally people manifest me as the most beautiful personality in the universe, with diamond studded crown, necklaces, bangles, flowers that are not found in your world. Since they want riches, they manifest me in such a form. If a person wants knowledge, they manifest me with a Veena (a musical instrument), with palm leaves (present day print) etc. So the form of manifestation depends upon what you want. Human: Is it right to pray to you asking for something. God: My dear human! I will answer your question. You need not ask anything from us. We decide what to give you and what not to give you. But in your desire to acquire richness, honour etc you are falling as a prey to Devi’s maya. Maya is an elimination process devised by Her. Human: Lord! Do You mean to say that Devi is preventing us to have your darshan. God: Devi has already told you to go through “manblunder blog”. Had you done that, you will not ask this question. Devi never prevents you to have my darshan. Secondly, Devi is in no way different from me. We are not different entities. For those who are ignorant, we appear different.

Shakthi: My Lord! I told you that I have plans to set things right in this universe. Whatever You say now, let that reach the universe. I humbly suggest that You wait for a few more days. I will get a few more people to listen to you. God: Why can’t You make this human to teach others. Let him first learn from us. Shakthi: No your lord, do not trust one human alone. After learning from us, he will go out and tell everybody that he had our darshan. He will charge a hefty sum to share what we had taught to him. Let us not take chances. Human: Mataji! I am not that type of person. Why should you call others? I will teach everybody else, without charges. Shakthi: See my Lord! This is what I said. This human has still ego. Humans in general, cannot get rid of their ego. That is why I want more people to learn. At least, there will be a healthy competition with regard to charges!! God: Alright Devi. Do whatever you like. Till then where do we stay? Human: Mataji and God! Why can’t you stay with me? Goddess looked at God for His consent. God nod his head. To be continued.