The God, the Goddess and the human reached the place of the human. It was a small house. His elderly parents were there. The human’s father was very sick and he could not even walk. His mother walked with great difficulty. On reaching his house, the human knocked at the door. His mother opened the door. The human touched the feet of his mother. She became very emotional as she was seeing his son after a long time. Human welcomed the divine couple inside. His mother thought that his son had become a lunatic, as she did not see anybody. On seeing his father, the human touched the feet of his father. The divine couple was pleased with his parental devotion. Human told his parents, that his penance became fruitful, as a result of which the divine couple is with him. He requested them to give darshan to his parents. Shakthi: My dear human, we cannot give darshan to them. They are not spiritually evolved souls. Since you have requested, from now on they will get rid of all their ailments.

The moment these words were uttered by Shakthi, his parents became alright. Human’s father got out of the bed with ease. His mother became energetic. Shakthi: (addressing the human) Right. You now take rest. We will again appear before you in four hours from now. At that time, we will evolve a strategy. We need your help from this moment. I have already summoned “Indra” (please refer to my postings on Vedas). He along with a few others will be here tomorrow. After saying this, the divine couple disappeared. The human was so excited. He was particularly happy about his parent’s recovery. He shared his experience with them. They were in a very elated mood. The human, wondering as to how things would happen the next day, went to sleep. Indra was getting ready to go to the earth. He summoned his ministers to find out whether everything was alright in the planet earth. His ministers told Indra how the God and his Shakthi went to the earth and incidents there after. Indra became nervous after knowing why he had been summoned. He started his journey towards the earth and he was the first person to arrive at the human’s house.

The human could not identify Indra and therefore Indra introduced himself to him. At this time, the God and his Shakthi appeared. The time was exactly four hours from their departure. Shakthi came to the point straight. Shakthi: Indra, my Lord started telling the secrets of divinity to this human. I told him that it would be better if He tells the divine secret to more than one person. What do you say Indra? Indra: Yes Mataji. It would be better if the Lord communicates to more than one person. Human: Indraji! I requested the divine couple to share the secrets with me. I promised them that I would teach others. But they do not have trust in me. Indra: Oh human! I have nothing to say in this matter. They only decide. At this point, the God and the Goddess went aside and held discussion. Shakthi: Indra, God wants the entire earth to listen to His speech. Do you think it is possible? What do you say human? Human: It is possible Mataji. In today’s world the TV and print media have major reach. People are addicted to television channels. They always make ordinary information into spicy news. (To be continued)