Indra: Mataji! I will coordinate with this human to organize. When is the God going to deliver his speech? Mataji: Indra! Two days from now. Indra: Human! Is it possible to organize in two days? Human: (thinking that he could make money in sponsorship) Yes, it is possible. God: Devi! I am convinced that this human can organize this. Let us go back to our place. I will commence my speech at 6.00 pm. Is that alright? Shakthi: That is fine My Lord. Now let us go. I will be in touch with Indra and to ensure that things are in place. The God and the Goddess vanished into the thin air. Human: Indra! You give the entire responsibility to me. You take rest and go around the world for sight seeing. Indra: I cannot do that. I will accompany you wherever you go. Human: No Indra! You take rest in my home. I will go and meet a few people to organize things. But Indra. . . . . . . (human was hesitating to complete the sentence) Indra: Why you are hesitating? Human: I am planning to make huge money out of this event. The money I will get will be in millions. I will give rights to a few TV channels. I can share this money with ……. Indra: With? Human: Do not mistake me. It is the practice in this world to share commission with everybody involved in such programmes. I do not know how to discuss these things with you as you are the lord for wealth. Indra: I do not understand.

What is sharing? You humans never share good things with others. I think whatever you are willing to share should be bad. Human: Indraji! To be frank with you, what you say is correct. We never want to share good things with others. You take this present case. I told you that I will make millions of money. I will bargain with many firms and I will give the rights to that firm, which gives me more money, even if the quality of audio is poor. Indra: If audio quality is poor, how people will listen to His speech? Human: Please do not mistake me. Generally we do not worry about others. Our intention is to make a lot of money and enjoy all the comforts. You can also buy properties in this planet, though you have a huge palace in your world. Out of the money earned from such transactions, we normally buy properties in various places. But we do not buy in our names, but in the names of our relatives. Like this, you can also buy properties in your wife’s name. Indra: Listen human. I do not like all this. If Mataji comes to know about this, she will destroy you. I too will loose my job. After all God is willing to give His speech to this world after several centuries. Human: Indraji! Do not be angry. But this is happening in this world now for decades. I am not talking about something new. This is prevalent for decades. (To be continued)