We have been discussing that the Brahman is in the form of self-illuminating light and this light can be realised in the higher levels of our consciousness. Those who have gone through the postings on kundalini meditation or gone through e-book ‘Kundalini Unraveled’ of this blog should be familiar in realizing this very small dot of light. You can try this small experiment to find out whether you are able to realise this light. Sit comfortably. Concentrate on your third eye. Your concentration should be within, beginning from the third eye towards the back head chakra, situated just opposite to the third eye at the back of the head. Now, keep the middle and index fingers of your right hand just above your third eye.

Keep the ring finger (on the left eye) and thumb (on the right eye) just below the superciliary arch (the bony arch behind the eye brows) at the exterior corners of the eyes. Increase your concentration in the third eye chakra where you are keeping your index and middle fingers. Ring finger and thumb should not apply great pressure on your eyes and should be placed in such a way that the fingers are in contact with the eyes as well as the bony arch. Continue to concentrate for a few minutes. You will find a dot of light. Be with it as long as you can. At this time you will be totally out of your consciousness.