1. Our sufferings are our own making and not thrusted on us by God. What we sow, so we reap.

2. The world is the most beautiful place to exist. But due to our mistaken cerebration and consequent mistaken understanding, our mind is percolated with mistaken notions. Unless these mistaken notions are eliminated, understanding the Self is not possible.

3. Ultimate Truth is not revealed to everyone, as it is the crux of understanding the Self. Wrong believes in falsity is spiritual ignorance. Hence ancient sages and saints took extensive care not to reveal the Truth to underserving ones, ever-suspicious ones and ever- argumentative ones. Buddha refused to answer repeated questions as he thought he could be mistaken or misquoted. Truth that is misunderstood and misrepresented is more dangerous than inherent ignorance.

4. A spiritual seeker should not have preconceived notions after possessing Scriptural knowledge. It is better to teach a person with innate ignorance rather than teaching someone with Scriptural knowledge. Religious faiths and believes (duality) take us farther away from the Self.  

5. We believe that we are Self-realized, just because of reading some Scriptures. We do not understand that every Scripture reveals the same thing, but in different ways. Destination is one, but the paths are different. When we think that we are learned and we have complete knowledge, it is nothing but the reflection of our ego. A realized person will never say that he is complete or realized.

6. A true yogi will be always be hiding himself or will not be revealing his true identity. He will not clamour for pomp and vanity. He will teach by sitting under a tree and will not charge a poor spiritual seeker to make him poorer still. Gurus are extremely rare to find today.

7. Body is not the Self as the body is perishable. Only the Self within is imperishable. Attachment to body gives rise to desires and subsequently greed. Self’s existence is perpetual, unlike human body. Self is like someone occupying a house, for a predetermined time. The same tenant moves to another house for another period of time. The individual soul is like the tenant under reference, moving from one body to another body till all karmas are exhausted.

8. Only experience can lead to realization and no amount of bookish knowledge will lead to Liberation. More and more one reads, more and more one gets confused. There will be only questions with no answers in sight. On the other hand, with basic knowledge if one enters into the phase of sādhana, he or she will begin to observe the path to Liberation. He will be able to distinguish between the real and unreal.

9. Body experiences karmic afflictions and mind experiences the essence of sādhana. The worst enemy of mind is ego. When Self is omnipresent, where is the question of ego? Ego belongs to mind or body or both? Who are we to take pride? Is not everything happening due to the Law of the Lord? Ego is the worst enemy in spiritual life and very difficult to get rid of. A bit of ego in a spiritual man will make him to plan for a posh ashram. This is known as pampering of mind, which is millions times worse than pampering the body. Ego arising out of bookish knowledge is worse than innate spiritual ignorance. Teaching is different and guiding is different. Teaching comes of out of bookish knowledge and guidance comes from one’s own experience.

10. Self is seated royally within and all we need is our own efforts to know the Self. No medium is necessary between the seeker and the sought. One book leads to another book and one question leads to another question and there is no end to this duplicity of conveyances.   Even if we repeatedly read all answers for the question “Who am I” we will get an answer that we are Self. But where is that Self? Within heart? If yes, how can the Self be omnipresent, as It is situated only inside heart (heart chakra)? Unless the Self is really realized, all such questions arise only out of innate ignorance. Unlearning is a prerequisite to realization. Only after unlearning, the mind becomes clear. It is best advisable to leave these mundane queries aside and look within to know the Self. Trying to find out the exact location of the Self is an indication that we are still associated with our mind and body combine.

11. The Self that we are looking for beyond shapes and forms. Self has no name, it is not Shiva, it is not Vishnu, it is not Śakti and still Self is anything and everything. That is why it is called omnipresent. Spiritual knowledge is not gained through text books but through experience. One, after having attained the Knowledge and having had the revelation of Truth attains the Self. There may be multiple philosophies, texts and Scriptures and if we spend reading each of them, this birth is not enough to realize the Self.

12. We have to shed our innate spiritual ignorance and move towards Truth to understand and realize the Self within.